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How Netflix Reduced Email Building Time From 2 Days to 2 Hours With Unlayer


Using Unlayer Embed, Netflix benefitted from a unified email solution with a simple user interface and the ability to create custom tools - all while keeping their data secure.
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    1,500+ Employees
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    Entertainment Services Company
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    Los Gatos, USA
  • Product Used
    Unlayer Embed
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For a company to retain its clientele of more than 200 million users, customer trust is pivotal. And the fundamental of unbreakable customer trust is timely communication. For the latter, Netflix was on the search for an email builder that enabled them to create emails faster without jeopardizing their security. 

This is how their quest for Unlayer began. 

The Challenge

Netflix sends countless emails daily to its subscribers and partner teams. With a strong brand presence and reputation, their email design needed to be of the same quality. However, their current email design process wasn’t as efficient as they were aiming for. 

Their in-house email builder and custom HTML code not only took longer to create emails but also featured a complicated user interface. 

When asked if they considered building a professional email builder, La Baik (Senior Software Engineer at Netflix) says, “We didn’t have enough resources to build and maintain builder UI.” Even if they embarked on this tough journey, it would take their engineering team 3 months to create the builder. The latter was simply not an option. 

The Solution

2 things were clear; a) Netflix was looking for an efficient email builder with a user-friendly UI, and b) they didn’t want to raise any security concerns. 

A simple search engine query landed them on Unlayer’s page and that of other email builders. After a thorough competitive analysis, La Baik and her team chose Unlayer because more featureful options were offered. 

Since security was a major concern, Netflix’s team was pleased to know that Unlayer enabled them to host the builder on their own server. This meant that Netflix controlled access to their data and had it hidden from everyone at Unlayer. 

After using the free trial, Netflix joined hands with Unlayer, and so began the journey towards their mutual success. Onboarding was quick and stress-free, and it didn’t take long for the team at Netflix to have a strong grasp of the email builder.

“The onboarding was great. Unlayer’s team has been very responsive.”
La Baik
La Baik
Senior Software Engineer | Netflix

The Results

The team at Netflix witnessed positive results after embedding Unlayer’s email builder in their application. For starters, they saved 3 months of development time and numerous months of maintenance using Unlayer’s prebuilt and fully maintained email builder. 

The email designers at Netflix benefitted from a simple and user-friendly UI, all the while saving their time spent on creating emails. In fact, they brought their email building time down from 2 days to under 2 hours. La Baik further adds, “We experienced better user experience for email building users.”

With the email builder in place, Netflix’s team created their own custom tools to improve their design process and ensure all emails are in sync with their branding. 

“Email building time cut from a couple of days to within an hour or 2 using Unlayer.”
La Baik
La Baik
Senior Software Engineer | Netflix

From improving email builder UI to creating emails faster, Netflix experienced great wins using Unlayer. Ready to experience positive results for your company?

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