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Perfect for freelance designers, marketing teams & agencies.

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Reduce email production time with smart design tools

Create emails with great design flexibility and little effort. Save custom templates and blocks. Tag, search, & organize campaigns for different projects and brands.

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Better team collaboration

Add new users and set their role to control what they can and cannot do. Like disallowing edits to portions of a message, preventing asset removal, or restricting access to certain clients.

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Build email templates
that will work anywhere

Insert merge tags, unsubscribe links, and other special links compatible with your favorite email software. Save a list for quick access later. Store different merge tags by client.

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Ask for feedback.
Get to approval. Fast.

Easily invite clients or colleagues to review an email and pin comments to it, visually. Save everyone time. Get to consensus and approval faster, with no messy email threads.

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Direct export to many ESPs
Mailchimp, SendGrid, HubSpot, etc.

Push your messages directly to a growing list of email programs. Connect your account, select the ESP, & export with one click.
Amazon SES
Campaign Monitor
Constant Contact
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