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Last Chance Emails: Quick Guide for Getting More Conversions

Julia Serdiuk

“It is better to regret what you have done than what you haven't.” 

You must have heard this saying countless times. In fact, it’s not just a saying, it’s backed by scientific research showing that we, indeed, tend to remember things we didn’t do and continue to kick ourselves about them.

This phenomenon affects the way we shop, too. We enjoy and admire things we have bought, but we regret the things we haven’t for much longer and with more pain. This kind of behavior even has a name, i.e., Fear Of Missing Out, or FOMO for short. 

FOMO is what drives us to Black Fridays and seasonal sales, and it is due to FOMO that we enjoy our last-minute purchases so much.

In customer-facing businesses, FOMO helps to bring attention to offers and increase conversions. Often, it takes just a small push to convince a customer to shop with you, a smart reminder, an email… a last chance email!

What Are Last Chance Emails?

Last chance emails are sent when you want your subscribers to act on an expiring offer. The latter can include a short-time promotion, a reduction on a limited selection of products, a promo code with an expiration date - you get the picture. 

7 Tips for Designing Last Chance Emails That Get Attention

7 tips for designing impactful last chance emails

It may sound easy, but crafting last chance emails is an art in itself. 

Believe it or not, your email is not the only one dropping into your customers’ inboxes. You need to make sure that they will open it and not just disregard it as spam. And when they do open it, they must click on your email’s call to action button

There are techniques that you can use to ensure your emails get noticed and opened. Read on to learn how to design last chance emails that increase customer engagement and boost conversions.

1. Use catchy subject lines

The subject line is what makes 64% of recipients open the email or send it to the spam folder. It may be the shortest part of the message, but it is, by all means, the most important. 

While writing your most catchy subject lines, don’t overdo it. Just say what you want to say. The best subject lines give all the information the customer needs and stay away from giving any false promises. 

The following subject lines are best for impactful last chance emails;

  • 30% off everything - for 3 days only!
  • Only 24 hours left to use your exclusive offer
  • This sale won’t last forever ⏳
  • Grab it before it’s gone! 
  • Save 20% off on your favorite sunscreen ☀️
  • You deserve a break (and a special discount) 
  • 20% off only for today 
  • Free delivery if you buy in the next 24 hours 
  • Do you really wanna miss out on this sale? 😰
  • Ashley from LA saved $50 in this sale, and you should too 

2. Keep it simple and to the point

Now that you’ve attracted the customer enough to open the email, don’t waste their time with unnecessary information. Last chance emails are not meant to go on about your business and the effort you invest into creating your product. Just cut to the chase and present your limited-time offer.

Your email should contain the bare minimum of information - what you offer, how long your offer lasts, and what the customer needs to do to use it. We suggest keeping your email copy to 100 words or less. 

3. Create a sense of urgency

Use your email to inspire the FOMO that we mentioned earlier. It is one of the psychological tricks to make your recipient think fast and make a decision. When they get this sense of urgency and scarcity, they will want to act now rather than putting it off till tomorrow.

How to create a sense of urgency? 

  • Include a countdown timer. You can easily drag and drop countdown timers with Unlayer’s email builder. 
  • Use urgency-creating words, like hurry, ending soon, limited-time, now, etc.

4. Include graphics and animation

Make your last chance email more focused by including graphics. With visuals, you will get the person’s attention much quicker, as the human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text.

For example, instead of writing “50% off on all items,” just put a big bright “50%” icon in the middle of your message. It is sure to catch the reader’s eye immediately. You can even add an animated countdown timer showing the time literally slipping away. 

If you really want to catch your subscribers' attention, we suggest including interactive elements in your emails, like videos, animated buttons, and carousels. 

Design Last Chance Emails Easily

Add timers, embed images, check responsiveness, and more
Email Templates

5. Make the offer easy to use

Your customer should not waste time looking for a way to use your offer. It should be right there, front and center - a “Shop Now” button, a link to the store, a promo code that can be easily copied and pasted.

If you want customers to act fast, do all you can to make it easy for them. If they find the process of using the offer too complicated, chances are that they abandon you somewhere along the way.

6. Sync offers to holidays and events

This is an all-time classic - Christmas and New Year sales, vacation-related offers, special campaigns launched for national or international events. Send emails announcing your holiday special with warm wishes and a festive image. 

People are already in a shopping mood during the holiday or vacation season, and your offer will be well-accepted. During the holidays, your subscribers are looking for gifts for their friends and family, and your promotion will be just in time.

7. Use social proof

People like to know they are not the only ones to do something. This is why user reviews and customer testimonials are so popular, as they inspire confidence and make decision-making easier.

Last chance emails, though, are not well-suited to include testimonials and reviews, but they can serve as social proof, too. For example, you can say how many customers have already taken advantage of your offer. Then new customers will trust you better and be more confident about doing business with you.

5 Killer Last Chance Emails That Worked

The techniques we described in this post are used rather widely. Browse your inbox, and you will find many messages structured on the tips gathered here. And, let’s be honest, you opened most of them, didn’t you?

Let’s look at real examples of how last chance email techniques are applied.

Centauro Rent a Car

The message that Centauro Rent a Car sent before Christmas and New Year has it all - a bright, catchy image, an announcement of 40% off for a “limited time only,” and a visible “Book now” CTA button. If you were planning a trip and considering renting a car, this email would get you excited.

Last chance email from Centauro Rent a Car


We’re totally digging this simplistic last chance email. The harmonious color palette, standout CTA buttons, and concise copy - this email is a winner for us. The best part about this email is the “Last Call,” which instantly ignites one’s FOMO. 

Last chance email from Quizlet


This well-designed last chance email ticks all the right boxes. The bold color palette is in sync with their product which ensures brand recall. We also love the action-driven CTA button, which is too good to resist. 

Last chance email from Skydio

Good Pair Days

This last chance email features a simplistic design and the brand’s color palette. The headline puts the offer in the spotlight so that their subscribers know from the get-go what the email is about. 

Last chance email from Good Pair Days


This last chance email screams fun and sophistication at the same time. Even with minimal copy, Tally has successfully shared their soon-to-expire offer. 

Last chance email from Tattly

The Best Tool for Designing Last Chance Emails

The easiest way to design conversion-oriented last chance emails is through Unlayer’s user-friendly email builder. 

Here’s how you can design effective emails in a matter of minutes;

  • Choose a template from 1,000+ responsive email templates or start from scratch 
  • Drag different tools (image, text, button, timer, etc.) and edit them as needed 
  • Preview the final template on desktop, tablet, and mobile screens
  • Download the template or export to your favorite email service providers, like Mailchimp, HubSpot, and Campaign Monitor 

Should You Send Last Chance Emails?

Definitely, yes. The urgency they create can drive more sales for you and start customer referrals bringing even more visitors to your website. 

Include last chance emails in your email marketing campaign and use our tips to attract customers’ attention and boost interest in your products. Nobody wants to miss out - so help your customers to be aware of your special offers with smartly crafted emails.


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