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10 Best Email Marketing Softwares of 2021

Saffa Faisal

If you think email marketing is dead, then think again.

The rise of social media stands nowhere near the benefits produced by email marketing. According to a research, 60% of customers have made a purchase in response to marketing emails as compared to 12.5% of customers who would consider buying through social media. 

The scope of email marketing is not limited to just sending emails. From designing the email’s content to segmenting your audience - you can’t harness the full power of email marketing without a sophisticated software in place. 

This article discusses the top 10 email marketing softwares (along with an exclusive cheat sheet at the end), so you decide which one meets your needs. 

What is an Email Marketing Software and Do I Need One?

If you want to create a strong online presence and build viable customer relationships, then yes, you need an email marketing software. 

Such systems offer tools that enables one to plan, execute, and monitor email marketing campaigns. An email marketing software takes control of the wheel while you relax in the backseat. 

A competent email marketing software lets you; 

  • Automatically send emails to a large number of people 
  • Avoid the much-dreaded spam folder 
  • Design without having to employ a full-time designer 
  • Determine the success of a campaign through advanced analytical tools 

What to Look for in an Email Marketing Software? 

With so many options available, choosing a quality software can be overwhelming. Fret not as we discuss those features that are vital to the system you invest in. These are; 

1. Visual Editor 

Opt for a software that lets you design beautiful-looking emails. Look out for a drag and drop editor, pre-built templates, and image editing tools. 

2. Segmentation

A quality email marketing software must enable you to segment your audience based on specific factors. 

3. Integration 

Choose a software that integrates with a variety of eCommerce platforms, ESPs, apps, and tools. 

4. Analytical Tools 

You should consider a system that tests your email campaigns before and after execution. 

5. Automation

Select a software provider that engages customers through automated emails sent to them against defined triggers. 

Email Marketing Software Must-Have Features Infographic

Top 10 Email Marketing Softwares of 2021 

1. Mailchimp 

With a sizeable clientele to its name, Mailchimp is one popular email marketing software. Not only does it allow users to execute meaningful campaigns, but also enables them to build a website - completely free!

Personalized transactional emails are sent to customers instantly. With an inbox acceptance rate ranging between 96-99%, you can find yourself permanently dodging the spam folder. Mailchimp seamlessly integrates with your e-commerce store and social media profiles to execute campaigns across all platforms. Our favorite feature is the efficient marketing calendar. The latter displays all activities in one central location and allows users to directly schedule emails and social media posts. 

Key Features
  • Design and execute email campaigns 
  • Choose from 100+ email design templates
  • Targeted emails through automated Customer Journey builder
  • Integrated with CRMs, e-commerce stores, social media, and developer tools 
  • Real-time analytics 
  • Choose pre-built segments or create your own
  • Marketing calendar 

One reason behind Mailchimp’s popularity is its free services. Emails can be sent to 2,000 subscribers without costing you a penny. Paid solutions start from $9.99 per month. The latter allows users to include their brand elements and perform A/B testing, among other features. 

2. Unlayer 

Once an underdog, Unlayer has successfully paved its way as a prime email design tool. 

With its user-friendly editor being used by 100,000 people daily, beautiful-looking emails are now made an achievable dream. Perfect for both freelancers and established entities, the drag-and-drop editor can be used online or embedded in your application. 

No need for coding and design skills! Users can conveniently choose from a vast library of free and premium, professional email templates. From Black Friday promotional deals to the launch of a new product, there is a template available for all your needs. If you want your own personalized spin, then you can create emails and landing pages from scratch. Use the drag and drop editor to add elements, change font style, and save custom blocks and tools for future use. 

Collaborate with team members from the software and ask for their feedback. Changes can be made then and there, so you’re always on track. 

Key Features
  • 260+ professional templates to choose from
  • Use online or embed in your application
  • Mobile-responsive emails and landing pages 
  • Dynamic content through merge tags 
  • Reuseable, custom blocks and tools 
  • Integrated with multiple email marketing platforms 
  • Collaborate with team members as you go

Both Unlayer Studio and Embed offer free tools to their users. Paid services are defined by user type and start from $15. You can opt for the 14-day free trial without having to add any credit card details.

3. Sendinblue

If you are a small business looking to invest in a single marketing software, then Sendinblue is your knight in shining armor. From email marketing to creating Facebook ads, there is something in store for all your marketing needs. 

Transactional emails are Sendinblue’s flagship feature. You can choose from multiple setup options, like API, SMTP Relay, and eCommerce plugins. Emails can be designed from scratch or through pre-built templates. With real-time engagement and deliverability statistics, you can monitor the success of your email campaigns. 

A/B testing enables you to choose the best email message and design for your clients. The artificial intelligence tool highlights the optimal time to send emails so that you achieve maximum engagement. 

Key Features
  • Design emails, signup forms, landing pages, and Facebook Ads
  • Pre-built templates and drag and drop editor 
  • Automated marketing messages 
  • Segment audience based on interests, purchase history, and socio-economic status
  • Real-time analytics, including A/B testing and email heat map
  • Integrate with any product, irrespective of its technical setup 

The free version of Sendinblue enables its users to send 300 emails daily to unlimited subscribers. Along with pre-defined price bundles, the software provider follows a pay-as-you-go model. You pay only for the features you choose. 

4. BEE Free

With BEE Free, anyone can be a designer. The drag and drop editor allows you to create mobile-responsive emails and landing pages - no signup or coding skills required! Like Unlayer, BEE Free is available both online and embedded in your application. 

An impressive library of templates is offered. The latter are arranged into multiple categories so users can pick and choose the theme of their next campaign. The editor tool quickly adds and deletes elements, changes color, attaches stock images, and includes merge tags. Can’t find a template of your liking? BEE Free provides a blank canvas where you can design to your heart’s content. Once ready, the design can be exported and integrated with different email service providers, like Mailchimp and Hubspot.

Key Features
  • Vast library of templates 
  • Responsive web design
  • Collaborate with team members for their feedback
  • Save and reuse content blocks 
  • Test emails before sending them through a QR code 
  • Custom design services

As the name implies, BEE Free offers limited design tools completely free of charge. The paid services start from $15 per month and increase in cost as more advanced features are added. 

5. Constant Contact 

Constant Contact is a one-stop-shop-all solution for your complete marketing needs. With Constant Contact, you can; 

  • Send targeted emails based on segments,
  • Launch an online store, 
  • Build a website from scratch, 
  • And engage with your customers on social media.

This email marketing software segments your audience strategically. Say goodbye to generic and ill-fitted emails. With Constant Contact, you can filter emailing lists and create as many segments as you want. Differentiate your customers based on their engagement levels, geographic location, occupation, and how recently they’ve been subscribed to your mailing list. You can speed up the process of future campaigns by saving these defined segments.  

The automation tools are also a class apart. Determine event triggers and timely engage with your customers to achieve their attention and loyalty. Additionally, the service provider enables you to resend emails to non-openers automatically. 

Key Features
  • Customizable, industry-specific templates to choose from 
  • Segment audience based on different criteria 
  • Automated emails triggered on events 
  • Contact database management for emails 
  • Real-time monitoring of campaign results
  • Integration with up to 3,000 apps and tools

Unlike other email marketing softwares discussed so far, Constant Contact does not offer a free version. However, you can sign up for a free 1-month trial. The starting cost is $20 per month, which increases as more subscribers are added. 

6. Stripo

Gone are the days of ugly-looking emails and boring content. With Stripo, freelancers and businesses can design beautiful, mobile-responsive emails. Use as you please - Stripo can be operated online or embedded in your application. 

Stripo’s drag and drop editor enables its users to easily design emails without having any HTML skills. Develop from scratch or benefit from its vast library of free and premium templates. These templates have been categorized based on type, industry, seasons, and features for you to navigate through them easily. 

Our favorite feature from Stripo is its email testing tool. After designing the emails, you can test on 90+ mobile devices, applications, and web browsers. This ensures that emails are appearing to customers as you intend them to be. Designing emails when you have multiple product streams can be a time-consuming process. With Stripo, you can automate the development of daily emails by simply providing relevant content links. 

Key Features
  • Design emails through the drag and drop editor 
  • Multiple premium and free email design templates available
  • Personal library of custom blocks and tools
  • Integrated with 60+ email service providers 
  • Email testing tool 
  • Automated generation of day-to-day emails

Different price bundles are offered for both the online editor and plugin feature. You can benefit from the free versions of both variants with limited access to features. 

7. Hubspot 

How can we talk about email marketing softwares without mentioning Hubspot? With a network of more than 100,000 clients worldwide, Hubspot offers a complete marketing, sales, and customer service solution suite. A jack of all trades, you can surely find a tool for your marketing needs. 

Use the drag and drop editor to develop professional-looking emails. Add your logo, write a Call to Action, and include your social media handles - the choice is all yours. Once designed, emails are automatically sent at an optimal time. This lowers the chances of emails being left unread. You can further automate the email marketing process by enabling targeted emails sent against specific event triggers. So, if one purchases from your eCommerce store, they will be sent a Thank You email. 

Key Features
  • Professional emails and landing pages through drag and drop editor 
  • Segmentation based on defined criteria 
  • Automated trigger emails 
  • Real-time analytics, including A/B testing
  • Social media integration 
  • Free Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool

With Hubspot, you benefit from its free tools. Up to 15 features are offered free of charge, including email marketing, reporting dashboard, and list segmentation. The starting price of its marketing hub is $45 per month. 

8. ConvertKit 

Loved by bloggers and online content creators, ConvertKit offers simplified marketing tools. Anyone having limited marketing and design skills can successfully use this software to create compelling email campaigns. 

The people behind ConverKit believe that the focal point of an email is its content. Hence, it offers a clutter-free writing experience. Add text, include images and videos, and attach buttons that link to landing pages. 

Imagine designing a top-notch email only to find it in your audience’s spam folder. The latter is never the case with ConvertKit. With a delivery rate of 98%, you can be optimistic about reaching your customers’ inbox each time. 

Once an email is designed, it can instantly be sent to your customers or scheduled to be delivered later on. Simply select a date on the calendar and leave it to ConvertKit to comply. 

Key Features
  • Drag and drop email builder
  • Pre-built landing page templates 
  • Automated email through custom funnels 
  • Detailed stats on each email, including open and click rate 
  • Customized customer segments 
  • Targeted content delivered at the right time to the right people

The free version of ConvertKit sends unlimited emails to up to 1000 subscribers. The price escalates as the number of subscribers and advanced tools increases. 

9. Chamaileon

No coding skills? No designer on board? No problem! 

Chamaileon enables designers and marketers to create stunning emails without putting in much effort.

The user-friendly email builder seamlessly adds design elements through its drag and drop functionality. Choose from 100+ pre-built templates or include design pieces from 1000+ email blocks. You can even convert an HTML code into a mobile-responsive design within a matter of seconds. 

To speed up the process of email design, collaborative features are extended so that team members can give their feedback and approval. Emails can be designed with other coworkers simultaneously and changes made are shown live to all members.

Key Features
  • Drag and drop email builder 
  • Choose from 100+ templates and 1000+ pre-built email blocks 
  • Mobile-responsive design on all devices 
  • Organized templates and emails in different folders 
  • Integrated with multiple email service providers 
  • Collaborate with coworkers for their feedback

To satisfy its clientele, Chamaileon offers pre-built price bundles along with tailor-made packages. The free version of the email design software allows 5 email exports per month. 

10. Mailmunch

Want to generate leads and engage them through targeted emails? Look no further! 

Mailmunch combines lead generation and email marketing tools so you can take your brand to unforeseen heights. Grab your prospects’ attention through perfectly timed, compelling opt-in forms. Create captivating designs through customizable templates and choose from a vast library of templates to match your unique brand style. 

Through Mailmunch, you can send personalized emails that invite customer engagement. Welcome emails are automatically sent when a prospect subscribes to your mailing list. Drip campaigns can be executed as users automate email delivery in response to customer behavior. Use A/B testing to determine which emails, subject lines, and Call To Actions attract maximum engagement. Tweak your campaigns as you go to generate maximum utility from them. 

Key Features
  • Drag and drop editor for emails, forms, and landing pages 
  • Vast library of pre-built templates and stock images 
  • Segment audience through advanced tools 
  • Drip campaigns to send targeted emails 
  • Integrated with multiple email marketing services and eCommerce platforms 
  • Real-time analytics, including A/B testing

Both the lead generation and email marketing tools are available free of cost. The free versions include 1 autoresponder and unlimited subscribers, among other features. Paid services start at a monthly charge of $6.99. 

Best Email Marketing Software For Different Features

Email Design - Unlayer

Unlayer takes the cake when it comes to the best email design software. With more than 260 mobile-responsive templates spread across 20+ industries, you can be positive about grabbing your customers’ attention for long. 

The drag and drop editor is the best in the industry as it swiftly adds design elements. Choose from high-quality stock images, add captivating videos, and include your social media handles. Save time when designing your next campaign through reusable custom blocks and tools. 

Segmentation - Constant Contact

While almost all email marketing softwares offer segmentation tools, those offered by Constant Contact stand victorious. Users can choose between pre-built segments or can create their own. 

Customers can be segmented based on their engagement on past campaigns, job roles, geographic locations, socioeconomic status, and how long they’ve been subscribed to your mailing list. The contact list is updated in real-time so that no customers are left behind. These segments can be reused in the future to timely launch email campaigns. 

Automation - Hubspot

The automation tools provided by Hubspot surpass its counterparts both in terms of quality and quantity. Automated emails are sent based on defined triggers. This ensures that no opportunity is left in timely engaging with customers. 

These automated emails are made personalized by integrating contact details and context from the in-house CRM. The sales team receives automated reminders when a customer takes a distinct action, like a product purchase or cart abandonment. This enables them to maintain timely follow-up with these customers. 

Integrations - Mailchimp

We believe that Mailchimp is the best software for integrations since it connects with more than 200 web services and apps. From design tools to social networks to eCommerce platforms, the integration directory covers up to 20 different categories. These integrations save time, generate leads, maintain healthy customer relationships, and achieve your marketing goals. 

Affordability - Mailmunch

Mailmunch is a clear winner when it comes to affordability. Almost all email marketing softwares discussed above feature a free version, but Mailmunch offers more tools even with zero charges. You can expect to receive unlimited subscribers, forms and popups, and 1 autoresponder in the free version. Mailmunch is reasonably priced even in its paid options. For 1000 contacts, Mailmunch charges $13.99 per month, while Hubspot and Constant Contact are priced at $45 on a monthly basis. 

The Bottomline 

Email marketing is pivotal for the success and growth of any online brand. Without a competent software in place, you will deprive yourself of its true potential. 

This article discussed the top 10 email marketing softwares of 2021. From design tools to segmentation features, this list covered it all. Take the leap and choose the system that works for you - not the other way around. 

Which email marketing software will you invest in? 

Bonus - Cheat Sheet for Selecting the Best Email Marketing Software 

You now know, thanks to this article, about the best softwares for email marketing. But how do you narrow it down to one single choice? 

Easy. Take a paper and pen, or open your notes app if you’re a computer geek, and follow along. 

1. Pricing that works for you

Often the most crucial factor behind choosing an email marketing software is your budget. Let us tell you a secret. Don’t choose the cheapest system but opt for one that gives you the best value for your buck. 

If you’re a freelancer and can’t afford paid bundles, choose a software that offers the most relevant tools in its free version. Similarly, opt for a package that caters to your actual number of subscribers, not one that you aspire to have. 

2. Features you need, not want 

It can be tempting to fall into the marketing gimmicks of software providers. Be more intelligent than that. Enlist all the features you need and require from an email marketing system. You’re better off investing in a software that specializes in a few tools than a jack of all trades. 

3. Software the grows with you 

Growth is the reason why you considered opting for email marketing in the first place. Choose a software that is flexible enough to grow with you. Ideally, you should invest in a service provider that follows a pay-as-you-go approach. Similarly, your preference should be towards a software that allows integration with other apps and tools. 

4. An ally, not an enemy 

Not everyone is a born marketer. We all go through phases of learning and implementing. An email marketing software should be your friend that grows with you. Choose one that offers impeccable customer support and extends helpful content to augment your knowledge. 


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