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How a Mobile Marketing Company Boosted its Sales With Unlayer

Mobile Marketing Company

By embedding Unlayer’s no-code drag and drop editor, this leading B2B company enabled its customers to create emails, web pages, and HTML mobile content, simpler and faster.
  • Company
    Mobile Marketing Company
  • Founded
    10+ Years Ago
  • Company Size
    200+ Employees
  • Industry
    Mobile Marketing Software
  • Location
    West Coast, USA
  • Product Used
    Unlayer Embed
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In a competitive B2B environment, those companies seal the deal that offer a stable product to their customers. This brand, specializing in mobile app user experience, was no different. To create a solid email product, they needed a reliable email editor, and this is how their quest for Unlayer began.

The Challenge

With any product-level change, there exist 2 options; either you develop it yourself or take the help of a specialized company. 

The former was never an option since the Mobile Marketing Company would require a whole year to create the email editor from scratch. Not to forget the opportunity cost of putting their engineering team towards such a demanding and ongoing project. 

Even if they could develop one, they couldn’t reach the intricacies of an email builder, especially since emails need to render properly across multiple email clients. Their Product Manager says, “We’d likely never get to the point where we’d be able to support as much as Unlayer or other companies that specialize in HTML editors.”

The Solution

The answer was clear; a solution like Unlayer was needed. A thorough analysis of different companies was performed, out of which 3 were shortlisted. Unlayer was selected after free trials were compared of the top contenders.

Onboarding was a smooth process. Unlayer’s team was hands-on in case assistance was needed, or issues were to be resolved. The requested features by the company were developed within the agreed timeline so that their launch was on track. 

Unlayer was so versatile that multiple use cases were discovered. Currently, our no-code drag and drop editor is being used by their customers to seamlessly create content for emails, web pages, and mobiles.

“Unlayer had the best combination of an advanced, user-friendly interface and the ability to give our company the attention needed should we run into any issues.”
Group Product Manager
Group Product Manager
Mobile Marketing Company

The Results

Desirable results have been witnessed ever since Unlayer was embedded into their application. The Mobile Marketing Company experienced positive outcomes in 2 main ways: 

Increased customer satisfaction and utility 

Their customers are fans of the user-friendly drag and drop editor. 30% of their customers with access to Unlayer’s editor use it to effortlessly create HTML messages without touching any code.

Their customer satisfaction is on the high since they now have greater freedom to develop messages as they prefer.  

Improved sales and customer base

Embedding Unlayer’s editor played a monumental role in growing their email program. The editor impressed potential leads in sales demos, which led to greater revenue and a larger customer base.

“Unlayer has significantly improved our email product, and likewise sales.”
Group Product Manager
Group Product Manager
Mobile Marketing Company

This leading B2B company is excited to leverage Unlayer for different use cases in the future, and we’re happy to be involved in their journey towards success. 

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