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How TargetBay’s Customers Saved 8,000+ Hours Using Unlayer


Unlayer ended their users’ dependency on designers and developers by enabling them to design beautiful emails efficiently.
  • Company
  • Founded
  • Company Size
    51-200 employees
  • Industry
    Marketing Software
  • Location
    Atlanta, USA
  • Product Used
    Unlayer Embed
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TargetBay was founded to set ecommerce stores free from using multiple software for their marketing needs. By offering diverse products like BayReviews (online reviews & ratings), BayEngage (email & SMS marketing), and BayAds (retargeting ads), TargetBay provides a one-stop marketing cloud for ecommerce businesses.

It’s because of their top-notch solutions that 6,000 brands trust TargetBay when marketing their services.

The Challenge

For a SaaS company to succeed today, it needs to make the lives of its customers a whole lot easier. Stepping into the domain of email marketing, TargetBay knew they needed a solution so user-friendly that their customers could design emails in a matter of minutes. 

However, building a state-of-the-art email builder requires a massive investment and time commitment. And the engineering team of TargetBay didn’t have the required bandwidth to develop one. Hence, they decided to leverage the expertise of an email design company.  

The Solution

TargetBay was on the hunt for an email builder with advanced features, like drag and drop, image editor, and timer, among a few. 

A quick look on social media and search engines made it clear that Unlayer was what TargetBay was looking for. In fact, their team was so confident in the email builder offered by Unlayer that they didn’t look at any other companies. 

Embedding the email builder in TargetBay’s interface was a streamlined process. Narendar says, “Good experience, we got on-time assistance from your team.”  

“With Unlayer’s drag and drop editor, our users can simply click on an element, drag and position it anywhere on the workspace.”
Narendar Rajagopalan
Narendar Rajagopalan
Director of Marketing, TargetBay

The Results 

TargetBay and their users experienced positive results straight away. Narendar says, “We got higher productivity, and email designs are made much more efficiently now!” 

With the user-friendly drag and drop, TargetBay’s users were able to save 8,000+ hours in designing attractive emails. This convenience offered played a significant role in creating a happier and loyal customer base for TargetBay. 

“Unlayer is a game-changer for business owners or marketers because it can significantly cut down the dependencies on developers or designers.”
Narendar Rajagopalan
Narendar Rajagopalan
Director of Marketing, TargetBay

It was because of a solid product and a helpful team that TargetBay rated their experience with Unlayer 5 stars. 

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