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How Keap Saved 1 Year Worth of Development Time with Unlayer


Unlayer freed Keap from the hassle of creating and maintaining an email and landing page builder while they focused on what they do best - empowering entrepreneurs.
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Keap, formerly Infusionsoft, is best described as a small business’s knight in shining armor. With CRM, marketing and sales automation, and payments combined in one platform, entrepreneurs don’t need to look anywhere else. Keap enables businesses to focus on growth while it completes all the hard tasks for them.

The Challenge 

Feature development and quality maintenance are challenging tasks for any company, but when you’re a business like Keap with an experience of 20+ years and a clientele of 200,000+ entrepreneurs, the margin for making mistakes is little to none. Keap faced such challenges with its email builder. 

Rich says, “We had multiple custom template builders throughout the different editions of Keap, all built in-house with different features and a different user experience.”

With 8 different versions in the past, Keap found the pressure to consistently redesign email builders ineffective and laborious. That’s when they realized things had to change.

The Solution

In the debate of build vs. buy, Keap decided to look for an email design tool that was easy to embed and provided the same quality that its clientele was used to. 

An aggressive analysis of 12-15 email builders was performed, and Unlayer was given the green signal after a detailed proof of concept. Keap decided to try the free trial, which further reinforced why Unlayer was the right choice. The vast collection of templates, developer-friendly integration process, user-friendly drag and drop editor, and the freedom to design any feature contributed to Unlayer standing out amongst its competitors.

"Unlayer was ultimately more user-friendly plus had the benefit of a new landing page builder."
Rich Sharpe
Rich Sharpe
Senior Product Manager, Keap

The Results

After using Unlayer’s email and landing page builder, Keap witnessed instant positive results. 

Unlayer enabled Keap to save 1 year’s worth of development hours from creating the email and landing page builders from scratch. Not only that, but the tasks of quality maintenance and new template creation were straightaway eliminated. With such time-taking and skill-intensive tasks out of the way, Keap could focus on helping small businesses grow.

Keap’s clientele was also fond of its new email and landing page builders, particularly the extensive gallery of well-designed templates. With the maintenance expertise of Unlayer, Keap was able to provide a smooth experience to its customers.

“Using an integrated solution allows us to focus on what we are experts in, helping small businesses succeed while leveraging the benefits of builder expertise of Unlayer, allowing our customers to get to value faster.”
Rich Sharpe
Rich Sharpe
Senior Product Manager, Keap

The Experience 

“Great product, great people. Onboarding was excellent. We have had regular update meetings during implementation, and we have a shared Slack channel with Unlayer so any issues/questions can be submitted directly and responses are very fast in real-time.” That’s what Rich Sharpe said when rating Unlayer 5 stars.

Keap has trusted Unlayer to be its ally in helping small businesses thrive. When will you? 

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