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Merge Tags

Merge tags allows users to dynamically add content to their email. Merge tags can be inserted into a block of text by clicking on the "Personalize" button in the text editor toolbar.

We support all types of merge tags. Whether you use curly brackets {{...}} or square brackets [...] or any other format.

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Personalize Emails
Reusable Custom Blocks

Custom Tools

Custom tools can help you add your own content blocks to the editor. We know that every application is different and needs different tools to reach it's full potential.

It's super simple and easy to create custom tools in Unlayer.

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Custom Blocks

Custom blocks are pre-built design blocks that can help your users design content faster by reusing existing blocks.

It's very easy to create and manage custom blocks in Unlayer.

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Team Workflow

Streamline template design workflow between cross-functional teams. Different teams in your company can collaborate on perfecting your email templates.

Marketing, Product and Development teams can now collaborate on your template designs to give your users a kickstart.

Template Management

Templates are pre-built designs that make it easier for your users to start modifying and creating their content.

There are two ways for you to manage templates in Unlayer. You can either use Unlayer's template manager, or you can save the templates on your servers.

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File Storage

We have file storage support built-in with Amazon S3 that can be configured without any coding.

If you need to store files somewhere other than Amazon S3 such as your local data centre or your own cloud, it can be done too.

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