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Beefree Alternatives: Explore the Best Option to Design Emails

Rida Ali Khan

Considering all available options to design the best-looking emails your subscribers have ever received? 

Interesting. 🥸

Since you've landed here, we’re taking this as a sign that Beefree wasn’t the perfect match for your business. But the good news is that there are still a bunch of cost-effective, customizable, and user-friendly Beefree alternatives you can choose from and we’ve listed their details below. 

So let’s discuss their details one by one. 

Beefree Review

Beefree’s homepage. 

Beefree is a drag-and-drop email editor and a product of the MailUp group that enables its users to design newsletters and emails. The name BEE stands for Best Email Editor, and Beefree is the free version of the software.

Beefree offers a decent editor with many necessary features. Let’s discuss its strengths and weaknesses in detail and learn why people want to discover its alternatives. 


  • Comprehensive interface 
  • Dynamic content creation
  • Customization features
  • 1200+ pre-built email templates
  • Preview option to view the final version of the design
  • Integration with 15 ESPs
  • Team collaboration features
  • Re-usable content blocks 
  • AI assistant for email’s copy


  • Complicated organization of projects/folders 
  • The mobile version is not supported across some email clients 
  • Issues while uploading images 
  • Lacks the ability to create email with own HTML 
  • Costly in comparison to other alternatives


The pricing for Beefree’s team plan is $25/month, and enterprise clients can consult the support team for details. Beefree SDK’s price is $250/month for essential, $800/month for core, and $ 2000/month for Superpower plan. And enterprise clients can book a call for more details. 

5 Beefree Alternatives to Accelerate Your Email Marketing Efforts

It’s only natural to keep your search on for the most reliable and pocket-friendly email design solution to create emails. And we’re here to help you pick the best option available. All we’ll do is mention the strengths and weaknesses of each, and you’ll automatically realize which one is the best choice. 

So let’s unveil the pros and cons of the top 5 Beefree alternatives. 


Unlayer’s homepage. ‍

Unlayer is the top-performing Beefree alternative for enterprise clients and stands tall because of its performance for SMBs, too. 

Unlayer’s drag-and-drop email builder makes email creation easy for email designers, agencies, email marketers of SaaS companies, freelance designers, or anyone who wants to design beautiful emails without prior coding or design knowledge. 


  • A user-friendly drag-and-drop editor 
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • 1500+ HTML email templates
  • Custom tools 
  • Custom blocks as re-usable elements
  • Mobile responsive content 
  • Code samples and demos
  • Merge tags for email personalization 
  • AI features to help with email copy (smart headings, smart buttons, magic images, and text generator)
  • The choice to hide or display items on the mobile version
  • No limit on the usability of tools 
  • Team collaboration to streamline the workflow process 
  • Custom cloud storage or self-hosted storage
  • Language support 
  • Playground to see how the product works
  • Roles and access management
  • Ability to design emails using own code
  • Dark mode
  • Integration with 28 ESPs
  • A 17-hour window for customer support 

Watch the video below to learn how incredibly easy it is to design emails with Unlayer. 


  • Limited AMP features 
  • Email sending is not included (you have to send emails through integrated ESPs)


Unlayer offers a 14-day free trial to its users. 

The pricing for Unlayer Studio is $20/month for the Designer and $40/month for the Team plan, whereas the pricing plan for Unlayer embed is $149 for Startup, $299 for Business, and $599 for Growth plan. 


Stripo’s homepage. 

Stripo is a drag-and-drop email editor that allows users to create emails quickly and easily. It’s another solid alternative for Beefree. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of using Stripo so you can judge if it is a good choice. 


  • 1300+ ready-made email templates 
  • Integrated with 70 ESPs/CRMs. 
  • AMP features 
  • Easy team collaboration 
  • Content storage 
  • Automated design flows
  • Dynamic content creation


  • Complicated interface
  • Frequently changing pricing plans
  • Difficulty enabling/disabling elements in the mobile version
  • A short window for customer support


The pricing for Stripo is $15 for Basic, $45 for Medium, and $95 for Pro plan. Whereas for Stripo’s plugin, the pricing is $100/month for Startup and $550/month for Business plan. To know the details of their Enterprise plan, you can contact them. 


Chamaileon’s homepage. 

There are only enough options for you to choose from. 🤭

Chamaileon is a free email builder that enables its users to design emails easily. It’s a project by and another competitive alternative to Beefree. 

Let’s shed some light on Chamaileon’s strengths and weaknesses to help you decide whether choosing them over Beefree would be a wise choice or not. 


  • Drag and drop email editor
  • Built-in approval workflow 
  • Real-time team collaboration features 
  • Merge tag support
  • HTML codes that don’t break
  • Mobile-responsive designs
  • Re-usable content blocks
  • Unlimited email testing
  • 150+ pre-designed email templates


  • Lacks the option to hide content blocks on the mobile version
  • Lack of language support
  • No AI tools available
  • Limited AMP features


Chamaileon (APP) offers a 14-day free trial with $300/month for Standard, $300/month for Premium, and $1200/month for Scale plan. If you’re interested in using Chamaileon SDK, you can contact their support team for pricing details. 

Mailchimp’s Editor

Mailchimp’s editor. ‍

Mailchimp is an email marketing and automation platform that enables users to create and send emails in one place. It’s a good fit for beginners and small businesses. Mailchimp’s editor has gathered quite some praise for its features and functionality. 

Mailchimp provides two types of email builders, i.e., classic and new email builders. Both these builders have the same core functionalities but have different interfaces and few distinguished features.

But a good alternative to Beefree would be Mailchimp’s new builder with its more competitive features. So let’s discuss its strengths and weaknesses to analyze whether or not it’s a good pick as Beefree’s alternative. 


  • 100+ pre-designed email templates. 
  • Collaborative tools for feedback on design
  • Content blocks
  • Merge tags for personalization
  • Option to import from other tools 
  • AI features to assist design creation
  • Option to preview and test emails
  • Excellent customer support 


  • Limited flexibility or customization features
  • Does not provide language support
  • Complicated to set up
  • Limited AMP features 
  • High cost


Mailchimp’s editor is an additional feature that comes with other services provided by Mailchimp, such as email automation and marketing campaigns.’s homepage. ‍ is a relatively new email builder in comparison to other Beefree alternatives. Let’s discover its strengths and weaknesses to help you decide whether it’s good enough to choose. 


  • Drag and drop builder
  • AI-features for assistance
  • Team collaboration feature 
  • Re-usable custom blocks 
  • Merge tags for email personalization
  • Custom HTML codes 


  • Limited email templates to choose from
  • Minimal AMP features 
  • No option to send emails 

Pricing offers a 14-day free trial. 

The pricing is $10/month for Pro and $15/month for Team plan. And for’s plugin, the pricing is $60/month for Startup, $300/month for Business, and $600/month for PluginUnlimited. 

Comparing Beefree and its top alternatives

8 Must-Have Elements To Find In Your Email Builder 

Must have elements in an email builder. 

Wondering how to pick the most suitable email editor for your business? No worries. 

Just ensure your selected email builder has the following features:

🟠 User-friendly interface for a smooth experience. 

🟠 Customization features to have complete control over your design. 

🟠 Responsive designs that display well on all devices. 

🟠 Pre-built email templates to find inspiration or use. 

🟠 Seamless integrations to send your designed emails. 

🟠 Excellent customer support to answer any questions you may have. 

🟠 Easy collaboration process for your clients/colleagues to share feedback. 

🟠 Interactive features to make your email look more attractive. 

Software like Unlayer will go to lengths to provide you with additional features to help you create designs easily. This means in addition to these core features, they’ll offer you additional ones to meet your demands and needs, and that’s when you know you've found the perfect solution. 

Why is Unlayer the Best Beefree Alternative?

As a smart user, you must pick an alternative that provides you with the maximum features at the best price to increase your business’ ROI, and that’s pretty evidently Unlayer. 

Unlayer is incredibly easy to set up and enables all users and teams to design the most beautiful-looking emails in a matter of minutes. Plus, it has a 17-hour customer support window, whereas alternatives like Bee or Stripo offer support for 7-8 hours only. 

All you have to do is follow these five simple steps to design with Unlayer.  

Step 1: Go to Unlayer and click on sign up

Step 2: Once you enter the editor, click on the option to create an email. 

Step 3: Drag and drop features like images, video, or text to create your emails. 

Step 4: Once you’ve designed your email template, preview it and preview to see how it looks on different devices. 

If needed, you can make alterations to the mobile version. 

Step 5: When you’re satisfied with your email design, export it through our integrated ESPs. 

And that’s about it. You’ve created your one-of-a-kind and drool-worthy email design. Isn’t it quick and easy? Then start your free trial now!

Design Beautiful Emails With Unlayer

- The best Beefree alternative
Email Templates

Final Thoughts!

Beefree itself has given amazing performance over the years. But in case you are in the market looking for alternatives that save you time cost, while also bringing you more versatile features in that price range, it may be smart to consider the options we compared here.

So what’s stopping you from choosing Unlayer? Start your free trial and unleash the wonders yourself. 


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