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The 6 Best AI Image Generators to Transform Your Visuals ✨

Samavia Malik

In the realm of visual content creation, AI image generators have emerged as powerful tools, revolutionizing how images are produced and manipulated across various industries. 

But before getting into the nitty-gritty of the best AI image generators for different industries, let's first discuss the top three contenders currently leading the field of AI.

Among the top players in this field are DALLE-3, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion. 

  • DALLE-3 excels in generating diverse and high-quality images from text prompts, making it a valuable asset for creative industries like advertising and design. 
  • Midjourney focuses on enhancing images by upscaling and improving details, catering to photographers and digital artists. 
  • Stable Diffusion, known for its stable and high-quality results, finds applications in industries requiring precise and realistic images, such as e-commerce and gaming. 

Navigating Controversy: DALLE-3, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion and Artist Rights

Study anime gif.
Source: Writey McWriteface

However, there’s controversy surrounding DALLE-3, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion. It revolves around allegations that these AI image generators steal from artists. 

Critics argue that these technologies, while offering impressive capabilities to generate and manipulate images, often rely on existing artwork and photographs as training data. 

As a result, there are concerns about potential copyright infringement and ethical implications regarding the use of these generated images. 

Artists and creators fear that their original work could be used without proper attribution or compensation, undermining their rights and livelihoods. 

While proponents of these AI technologies argue that they provide valuable tools for creativity and innovation, the controversy underscores the need for ethical guidelines and regulations to address the intersection of AI and intellectual property rights.

This article will explore six leading AI image generators that are considered somewhat safe to use, particularly in light of the controversies surrounding DALLE-3, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion. 

Plus, we’ll examine their impact on industries like marketing, graphic designing, emails, landing pages, popups, etc.,  and how they transform visual content creation.

So, without further ado, let’s dig in.

Table Example
AI Image Generator Pros Cons Pricing

Saves time with AI tools Generates stunning images Seamless social media integration

Limited customization options Pricing might be high

Pro: $36/month, Business: $76/month, Custom plan


Speeds up visuals for emails, landing pages, and popups Cost-effective Intuitive editor Copyright-free images

Requires specific prompts Limited styling options

Free plan, Studio and Embed pricing options


Intuitive interface for all skill levels Vast template library Experiment with design elements

Slight learning curve Limited customization

Free plan with basic features and templates


Generates stunning AI images within seconds Royalty-free images User-friendly interface

No reference images Full version cost Average image quality

Pro: $59/month/seat, Business: Custom pricing

Generative AI by Getty Images

Trained on high-quality content Seamless integration with Getty Images’ libraries Supports content creators

Relies on Getty Images library Limited customization Unclear pricing

Tailored pricing for businesses


Adjustable image ratio “Negative prompt” feature Intuitive interface

Requires technical skills Advanced features for paid users

Free version available

1. Best AI Image Generator for Social Media - Narrato

So, let's talk about Narrato. It's like your secret weapon for creating eye-catching visuals that really pop on social media. 

Seriously, this AI image generator is top-notch when it comes to making content that grabs attention. Plus, it's super easy to use – even if you're not a design pro. 

With its smart features like AI images, automated content workflows, and tons of templates, you can whip up stunning images that match your brand vibe in no time. 

Homepage of Narrato AI image generator.


🔸 It saves you heaps of time. You can say goodbye to hours spent tweaking images because Narrato handles it all with its AI tools. 

🔸 It generates stunning AI images with simple text prompts.

🔸 And when it's time to share your creations, it seamlessly plugs into your social media accounts, with custom integrations using their API or Zapier to any CMS, making posting a breeze.


🔸 Some folks might wish for more customization options to really let their creativity shine.

🔸 The pricing might make you raise an eyebrow compared to other options out there.


Narrato gives you three options to choose from. You’ve got the Pro plan starting at $36 per month, then there’s a Business plan at $76 per month and a Custom plan for those who want more or less of something.

2. Best AI Image Generator for Emails, Landing Pages & Popups - Unlayer

Adding images to your emails can significantly enhance their message and visual appeal. 

With Unlayer's AI-powered image generator, incorporating eye-catching images has never been easier. 

Simply type a word that best represents the image you have in mind, and voila! Captivating and clever images will be at your fingertips. 

Want to see how Unlayer's AI-powered image generator works? Here’s how:

Unlayer’s AI image generator.


🔸 It speeds up the process of creating visuals for emails, landing pages, and popups, saving you valuable time.

🔸 It is cost-effective because you can avoid the expense of hiring a designer or purchasing stock photos.

🔸 Its intuitive editor makes creating emails easy-peasy.


🔸 You have to give multiple prompts to get your desired result.

🔸 Plus, there are limited image styling options as compared to other tools.


Unlayer offers a free plan that includes all the basic features, such as access to drag and drop editor, an option to download the designed template, etc. 

However, it offers different pricing options for Studio and Embed. You can pick the one that suits your needs best and can start designing stunning emails, landing pages, and popups with its AI image generator.

Unlock the Power of AI in Your Designs

With the AI Magic of Unlayer.
Email Templates

3. Best AI Image Generator for Graphic Designers - Canva

Let’s talk about Canva’s AI image generator now. It is one of the best AI image generators - powered by Stable Diffusion - for graphic designers due to its user-friendly interface and robust features. 

It offers a wide range of features and templates that make it easy for users to create stunning visuals for various purposes. 

Whether you’re using Magic Media, DALL-E, or Imagen, it lets you create photorealistic images within no time.

Canva’s AI image generator.


🔸 Canva's interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, making it accessible to people of all skill levels.

🔸 It has a vast library of templates for various design projects, from social media graphics to presentations and more, where its AI image generator comes in handy.

🔸 It gives you the liberty to experiment with various design elements, from choosing the right typography to the perfect visual effects.


🔸 There is a slight learning curve compared to the standard Canva software suite.

🔸 Some users may find the customization options more limited than other graphic design tools.


The free plan includes basic features and access to a limited library of templates and design elements.

Canva Pro is priced at $6.49 per month with additional premium features, while Canva for Teams is for $12.99 per month.

4. Best AI Image Generator for Content Marketers - Jasper

We all know Jasper is a great tool for writing top-notch content; to reinforce that content, you need visuals. 

This is precisely where Jasper’s AI imager generator comes in to help you quickly and easily create visually appealing images to complement your written content. 

All you have to do is drop in a few keywords and select additional details, like style or even a medium like watercolor, and watch it transform your prompts into beautiful AI images.

Jasper’s AI image generator.


🔸 It lets you generate stunning AI images within seconds, setting it apart from other tools out there.

🔸 The AI-generated images are free of watermarks and royalties, making them suitable for immediate commercial use.

🔸 Its user-friendly interface simplifies the whole process, where you can generate images with just a few clicks.


🔸 The inability to utilize reference images can restrict your creative expression, as you are solely relying on text descriptions.

🔸 While Jasper offers a free trial, the full version can be costly for some.

🔸 The image quality is sometimes pretty average, which may not align with your expectations.


It provides a free trial for users to explore the platform before committing to a paid plan.

However, the AI image generator is included in Pro and Business Jasper plans, starting at $59 per month/seat.

5. Best AI Image Generator for Businesses - Generative AI by Getty Images

Generative AI by Getty Images stands out as the best AI image generator for businesses due to its unique features and benefits tailored for commercial use. 

It's the perfect solution for those looking to generate high-quality visuals efficiently, regardless of the volume.

Generative AI by Getty Images.


🔸 The AI is trained exclusively on Getty Images' best-quality creative content and data, ensuring the images are commercially safe to use.

🔸 From ideation to execution, Generative AI integrates seamlessly with Getty Images' pre-shot content libraries and solutions.

🔸 Getty Images has implemented a model that compensates its world-class content creators for using their work in the AI model. 

🔸 This approach supports creators and ensures a continuous flow of high-quality pre-shot imagery, which businesses can leverage for their projects.


🔸 Relies on the Getty Images library for additional resources, which may incur additional costs.

🔸 While offering customization options, some may find the level of customization limited compared to other design tools.

🔸 The pricing options are unclear.


Generative AI by Getty Images offers several pricing options tailored to various business needs. Pricing may vary based on the level of customization and usage requirements. More Specific pricing details can be found here.

6. Best AI Image Generator for Customization - DreamStudio

Stability AI has developed Stable Diffusion, a widely used, open-source text-to-image generator. While you can download and use Stabe Diffusion for free, it typically requires technical skills.

That’s why Stability AI introduced DreamStudio, which makes this technology more accessible to a wider audience.

One of the standout features of DreamStudio is its customization options, including a "negative prompt" that allows you to specify what you want to avoid in the final image. 

AI image generator by DreamStudio.


🔸 You can easily adjust the image ratio, which is a significant improvement over other AI image generators that often deliver images in a fixed ratio. 

🔸 The inclusion of a "negative prompt" feature allows you to specify elements you want to avoid in the final image.

🔸 The platform features an intuitive interface, making it easy for you to create stunning images regardless of your skill level.


🔸 While DreamStudio aims to be user-friendly, some technical skills may still be required to utilize its features fully.

🔸 While it offers a free version, some of its more advanced features may only be available with a paid subscription.

🔸 You also need to create an account to use this platform.


DreamStudio offers a free version with limited features. Paid options are based on credits, which are priced at $10 per 1,000 credits. Find out more here.

Key Takeaways

So, let’s wrap things up with a quick recap of the six best AI image generators that you can use to transform your visuals. 

🔸 Narrato stands out for its user-friendly interface, making it ideal for social media marketers. 

🔸 Unlayer streamlines the image creation process, saving time and resources for email marketers. 

🔸 Canva caters to many users, from design pros to businesses and social media agencies. 

🔸 Jasper offers unique and vibrant images, although its reliance on text descriptions may limit creative expression. 

🔸 Generative AI by Getty Images provides commercially safe images backed by Getty's best-quality content and data. 

🔸 DreamStudio offers extensive customization options, although some technical skill may be required. 


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