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🥇 Top 13 AI Email Marketing Tools to Use in 2024

Rida Ali Khan

From AI art generators to self-driving cars, AI is revolutionizing the face of the earth with jaw-dropping innovations. And just like other fields, the advancement in AI has been bliss to the email marketing industry too. 

That’s true because some AI email marketing tools have enabled us to create emails faster, offer personalized experiences to readers, automate tasks, and optimize email campaigns for success.

Now the real question is, which AI email marketing tool should one use? 👀

In that case, we’re here to help you pick the best option. So, continue reading to learn about the market's 13 top-performing AI email marketing tools and understand how they can help you run a better campaign. 

But for starters, let’s discuss the advantages of leveraging AI in email marketing. 

Astonishing Benefits of Using AI Email Marketing Tools

Wondering why AI has become a buzzword, and everyone’s thinking about leveraging it in their business? Well, that’s because of its incredible results over the years. In fact, the global artificial intelligence software market will reach around 126 billion U.S. dollars in 2025. 

AI tools enable email marketers to put mundane tasks on autopilot and nurture relationships with subscribers through targeted emails.  

Overall, leveraging AI email marketing tools will drastically reduce your cost and time of email production, enable you to create high-performing emails, and result in a greater ROI. 

Too good to avoid? We thought so! 

Now that you know the benefits of using AI in emails, let’s help you make some dough. We’ve listed down different ways of leveraging AI in email marketing. Let’s have a look. 

Interesting Ways to Use AI in Email Marketing

If you’re contemplating how exactly you should leverage AI in email marketing, we’re here to demystify it. 

AI-backed tools enable you to:

  • Optimize email send or delivery time,
  • Write large volumes of emails efficiently,
  • Send hyper-personalized emails according to your subscriber’s interests and demands,
  • Automate tasks related to email marketing using email automation tools, and
  • Run multivariate tests to identify what works best for your emails.

In a nutshell, AI tools have made email campaigns more efficient, productive, and economical. So, let’s start discussing the 13 AI email marketing tools that’ll help you ace your future email campaigns. 

13 AI Tools to Make Your Email Campaigns Successful

We know this is what you came for. 

This is what you came for. 

So, without further ado, let’s quickly discuss the 13 AI tools that can help you bring more ROI through emails and improve customer relationships.

1. Unlayer

Unlayer as an example of the best AI email marketing tool. 

Considering the amazing advantages of artificial intelligence, Unlayer introduced three awesome AI-powered features that’ll make designing emails a piece of cake for you.

Introducing! 🥁 

AI-powered smart headings

Suppose your copywriters have a creative block or are looking for suggestions while writing email headings. In that case, they can use Unlayer’s AI-powered smart headings feature to write attention-grabbing email headers. 

To use smart headings, you must add a keyword, and a list of relatable suggestions will appear before you. 

Here’s how Unlayer’s smart heading feature works: 

AI-powered smart heading feature by Unlayer. 

AI-powered smart buttons

We all know a Call-To-Action in email is super important as it serves as a strategic prompt, guiding your recipient to the desired action, whether it's making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or visiting a website.

To help you write click-worthy CTAs, Unlayer has introduced an AI-powered smart button feature. All you’d need to do is add a relevant keyword, and a list of relatable options will be displayed in front of you. 

Here’s how Unlayer’s AI-powered smart button feature works: 

AI-based smart buttons feature by Unlayer.

AI-powered image generator 

Images in emails greatly reinforce your email’s message and make it more visually appealing. 

Thanks to Unlayer’s AI-powered image generator, you can now seamlessly add eye-catching images to your emails. All you need to do is type a word that relates the most to the image in your mind, and voila! 

Captivating and clever images will be available to you. Here’s how Unlayer’s AI-powered image generator works:

AI-powered image generator by Unlayer. 

Unlayer’s new AI features will drastically reduce your time and cost to create emails. Excited to try these features out? Then start your 14-day free trial and start designing high-performing and attention-grabbing emails immediately. 

You can also view the pricing for Unlayer Studio, and Unlayer Embed to pick a plan that suits you best. 

2. Optimove

Optimail as an example of an AI email marketing tool. ‍

Optimove offers an email personalization software, Optimail, that can be integrated with Optimove, a relation marketing software.

Optimail uses AI-powered machine learning to track commercial emails. Plus, it incorporates eDataSource to ensure email deliverability, gather performance insights, and track email campaigns’ performance. 

Optimail leverages data collected by Optimove through activity tracking and predictive analytics to create and send hyper-personalized emails and targeted emails to each subscriber. 

Overall, Optimail, together with Optimove, enables you to send personalized emails that subscribers are most likely to engage with. 

They offer a customized pricing plan according to each customer’s requirements. 

3. as an example of the best AI email marketing tool. ‍

Sources reveal that 81% of marketers believe email newsletters are the most used type of content marketing. And what if you could create a newsletter that is customized for each subscriber?

Well, with, you create smart newsletters that include content based on your subscriber’s past behavior and interests. Enabling you to send highly personalized newsletters with minimum effort. 

For example, if subscriber A likes to read tips and watch tutorials, the content of their email newsletter will include tips and how-to videos, keeping their interest in mind. 

If you want to create smart newsletters, you can view’s pricing here for information. 

4. Drift 

 Drift email as an example of the best AI email marketing tool.

Drift email’s software helps identify and separate human replies from autoresponders, enabling you to efficiently reply to clients’ queries or demands. 

In addition to this, Drift email automatically cleans email lists, which helps to improve email deliverability rates. You can also integrate Drift’s email management tools to run your email campaigns effortlessly. 

So if you’re planning to use a tool that’ll enable you to send timely follow-up emails and clean your email list timely, Drift email is what you’re looking for. 

You can check their pricing plans here and choose what suits you best. 

5. Seventh Sense 

Seventh Sense as an example of the best AI email marketing tool. ‍

Seventh Sense is a tool designed to drive maximum email engagement once paired with an existing email marketing platform. It uses machine learning algorithms to detect fraudsters and eliminate any issues that can trigger spam. 

Additionally, Seventh Sense offers deep integration capabilities specially designed for HubSpot or Marketo. 

By using Seventh Sense’s AI features, you can optimize email send times, frequency, and delivery time. So, for instance, if user X is most likely to engage with your email on Monday before midnight, you can identify it and optimize email send and delivery times accordingly.

As a result, your email’s engagement and conversion rates will increase drastically. You can visit Seventh Sense’s pricing page for Hubspot and Marketo for more information. 

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6. Zeta Global

Zeta as an example of the best AI email marketing tool. 

Zeta has made quite a name with its AI-based email personalization solution. 

Zeta offers real-time personalization in emails based on demographics, individual interests, etc. And with 55% of email marketers prioritizing personalization, Zeta looks like a tool you can take advantage of. 

It also offers result-driven customer acquisition and retention using AI. So if you’re looking for a tool to help you build and nurture leads, Zeta is what you’re looking for. 

Reach out to learn details about their pricing plan.  

7. Phrasee 

Phrasee as an example of the best AI email marketing platform. ‍

Phrasee uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyze the tone of your brand and optimizes your email copy, subject lines, and CTAs accordingly. 

In addition to that, it leverages AI to predict hundreds of emotional cues and sentiments to analyze what your subscribers are most likely to interact with. As a result, you can create emails according to your subscriber's interest. 

If you’re interested in their tool, you can reach out for more information, as Phrasee offers pricing according to customers’ needs and demands. 

8. Omnisend 

Omnisend as an example of the best AI email marketing tool. 

Omnisend is an e-commerce email marketing platform that enables email marketers to nurture relationships with new and existing customers using AI features. They offer a library of pre-built HTML email templates to design emails without coding. 

They also offer an automation library with a number of pre-built email automation workflows designed for customers in different parts of their customer journey. These workflows can help you push your clients further down your sales funnel. 

In addition to this, they offer features like email list segmentation and integrations with the market’s leading e-commerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. 

You can find the details about Omnisend's pricing plan here

9. ActiveCampaign 

ActiveCampaign as an example of the best AI email marketing tool.

ActiveCampaign is one of the most competitive email marketing platforms. It uses AI to offer services like email list segmentation, personalization, and automation, enabling users to send dynamic, personalized, and triggered emails effortlessly. 

A drag-and-drop email automation workflow feature is their biggest pro. It makes designing and running automation workflows quite convenient. 

Using ActiveCampaign, you can also send timely follow-up emails and identify the best email open times. As a result, you can send and create emails that will be opened and interacted with successfully. 

You can find the details for ActiveCampaign’s pricing here

10. Brevo 

Brevo as an example of the best AI email marketing tool.

Brevo is another tool that makes email marketing easier with its AI features. 

It’s an intuitive marketing platform that encourages email marketers to put tasks related to email campaigns on autopilot with their automation process. Also, Brevo offers a drag-and-drop editor that allows you to create customized emails. 

You can opt for their email list segmentation and advanced personalization features to offer your subscribers a better email experience. 

You can also run an A/B test to identify which email campaigns were more successful and why. 

If Brevo has caught your interest, you can find details for their pricing here

11. Twilio SendGrid

Twilio SendGrid as an example of the best AI email marketing tool. 

There’s no such thing as too many good options, so here’s one more. 

Another email marketing tool that leverages AI for running email campaigns seamlessly is Twilio SendGrid. It offers features to create engaging emails, like dynamic email templates and email validation to remove invalid email addresses using real-time API. 

In addition to this, it also offers deliverability insights using AI scans to show real-time analytics, enabling you to track any ups and downs there and then. 

If Twilio SendGrid interests you, their pricing plan can be viewed here

12. Mailmodo 

Mailmodo as an example of the best AI email marketing tool.

It’s 2024, and if you’re not using interactive emails, you must focus on it ASAP. 

Mailmodo offers users to create interactive and engaging emails using their amazing AMP for email features, leading to higher in-mail conversions.

You can also run time-sensitive drip campaigns and track their performance using Mailmodo’s automation process. 

Plus, you can leverage user data and behavior history to offer personalized email experiences to your subscribers. So, if you’re planning to create fun and high-performing emails, Mailmodo is your jam. 

You can check Mailmodo’s pricing here for more information. 

13. Jasper

Jasper as an example of the best AI email marketing tool. 

In emails, how you write your email copy makes or breaks your deal. 

And you can trust Jasper, an AI copywriting tol, to write large volumes of high-converting email copies for you. A cool thing about Jasper is that you also set the tone of the copy you want according to your choice. 

And this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on creativity since Jasper can write content for your emails in 25+ languages. 

Writing email copies through Jasper will drastically reduce your time to craft emails, which means more ROI and time to focus on other stuff. If you're wondering about its capabilities and user feedback, consider reading a Jasper AI review to get more insight.

Future Developments in AI That’ll Benefit Email Marketing

Keen to know what’s the next big thing in the world of AI? You’re not alone. 

Just like you, we also have our eyes glued to the news to see what's coming next. And as far as we figured out, the email marketing industry is predicted to benefit from the following AI features: 

Better language processing:

Even though AI has made remarkable attempts with NLP, there’s still much more room for improvement. And in the coming five to ten years, AI can write email copies as well as if by a good human copywriter. 

No-code or low-code AI:

Our lives have become tremendously efficient and convenient with the help of no-code or low-code tools to build websites and software. Similarly, in the upcoming years, we will be able to create our own AI using simple no-code and low-code tools. 

Creative AI at its finest:

You might have seen the art created by AI on the internet. But before we judge, we must accept that AI developments are in their infancy stage and will improve over time.

And when it does, we’ll be able to add pleasant-looking and unique art pieces in our email designs as well. 

So, keep your hopes up because things are only about to get better with time. 

Create Captivating Emails With Unlayer

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Email Templates

Wrapping Up

The future of email marketing looks promising with AI, doesn’t it? 

If you love innovation, you must try the AI email marketing tools that best suit your requirements. 

And oh, before we forget! Stay tuned to see more AI-powered features with Unlayer because we have decided to redefine email designing for you. 



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