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15 Email Marketing Blogs That Are Actually Worth Following

Filip Nikoloski

To be the best at email marketing, the most important thing is to walk in the right direction - the direction followed by subject matter experts that have continuously made them successful. 

The easiest way to learn from the industry best is by subscribing to valuable email marketing blogs. However, there is a lot of unhelpful fluff out there. 

To ensure you read the best, we’ve compiled a list of 15 email marketing blogs that are actually worth reading. Plus, we’ve included our favorite article from each blog, so you start on a good note.  

1. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is an email marketing solution in addition to being a highly well-liked email marketing blog. What sets their blog apart from others is the wealth of informative material it contains. 

Their blog includes infographics and premade chapters of different email marketing concepts, like deliverability and list management, which is super helpful for people new to the world of emails. 

Our favorite post from Campaign Monitor: 

50 Newsletter Ideas to Engage and Inspire Your Subscribers

2. Unlayer 

Unlayer offers a premium drag and drop email builder, which can either be used online to design emails or embedded in your application to be offered as a solution for your customers. Their blog revolves around email marketing with a greater focus on design. 

Unlayer’s blog features well-researched articles backed by relevant studies, helpful illustrations as well as table of contents in each article for you to skip ahead and go to the section you’re interested in. 

Our favorite post from Unlayer: 

Email Design: The Complete Guide + Free Templates

3. EmailOctopus 

The blog of EmailOctopus is mainly geared toward those who write emails for certain objectives. The articles cover an extensive range of subjects, are helpful, well-illustrated, and take a step-by-step approach to explaining concepts. Their blogs have professional formatting in terms of naming authors and properly linking sources.

Our favorite post from EmailOctopus:  

5 Common Email Marketing Problems and How to Solve Them

4. GetResponse

GetResponse is a marketing automation tool that offers an email marketing solution as well. 

Instead of putting their blogs under a single category, their articles are classified, allowing readers to cross-reference and locate other comparable topics. Also, their writers take a much more informal and enjoyable approach when it comes to writing.

They utilize a lot of graphics/screenshots to break up articles that might be between 2,500 and 3,000 words long. 

Our favorite post from GetResponse: 

8 Advanced Email Marketing Techniques You Can’t Miss in 2022

Email Templates That Convert Crazy Good

Attractive Designs. Responsive Format. White-Labeled.
Email Templates

5. ActiveCampaign

This top CRM automation software publishes articles under multiple strands, which are mentioned on their main blog page for easy scanning. Their blog is divided into ‘Updates,’ ‘Culture,’ ‘Growth,’ and ‘Spotlight.’ 

Apart from the articles being well-researched, the blog features a good reader experience with plenty of negative space, so it’s easier for people to consume heaps of information.

Our favorite post from ActiveCampaign: 

Email Sequence: What It Is And 5 Sequences Ideas To Help You Boost Your Revenue

6. Mailchimp 

Mailchimp is a prominent email marketing platform around the globe that needs no introduction. 

Its blog is well-designed, with images accompanying each story and headlines in an elaborate style. The Mailchimp blog is categorized into ‘Topic Explainers’ and ‘Business Tips’ for easy access when sifting through the webpage looking for useful information. 

Our favorite post from Mailchimp:  

Transactional Emails: Learn When and How to Use Them

7. Klayvio

Klayvio, a prominent e-commerce email marketing platform, uses vibrant images and dramatic headlines on its blog. 

The articles are comprehensive without becoming overpowering, and there are featured statements from industry professionals to emphasize essential points. Their "how-to" articles are easy to follow, and the sections on brand examples are a nice touch.

Our favorite post from Klayvio: 

How to Use Email Segmentation to Personalize Your Marketing Messages and Improve Email Marketing ROI

8. AWeber

AWeber offers marketing solutions for small businesses, including email marketing. Naturally, their blog features exclusive information to help small businesses achieve their strategic goals. 

Apart from the basics of what makes their blog great, their articles are categorized, considering your goals and level of expertise in email marketing. They have different blog posts catered toward beginners and experts. You can also filter articles based on different goals, like growing your mailing list or increasing opens. 

Our favorite post from AWeber: 

Email Subject Line Best Practices To Get More Opens

9. Keap

Keap's email marketing blogs are a subset of their marketing blog as a whole. But that doesn’t mean they aren't any good since all email posts are filled with interesting information and insight - definitely worth a read and referring to.

Moreover, their editorial tone is approachable and simple to understand, and the alternating heads of stories with related themes will take you down interesting rabbit holes.

Our favorite post from Keap: 

What is a Drip Campaign & Why Should You Automate Yours?

10. Printify

Printify is a print-on-demand business that includes a well-researched blog for companies of the same nature. From marketing tips to the latest updates on design trends - there is something in store for everyone. 

Their blogs on email marketing are especially helpful for ecommerce companies hosted on Shopify and Etsy. 

Our favorite post from Printify: 

Holiday Email Marketing: Tips for a Successful Campaign

11. SendX

The articles from SendX are simple to read and explore a variety of subjects. This is one of the simplest blogs to explore since you can filter by post writer as well as topic or category. 

The tables of contents, which allow you to go right to the important information, are another helpful feature. The only significant issue we have with this extensive blog is that the posts aren't dated. It's difficult to tell how often the blog is updated. 

Our favorite post from SendX: 

12 Best Practices To Improve Email Marketing For Higher Education & Scholarships

12. Mailjet 

Mailjet’s blog features exclusive information to help you achieve your strategic goals. The articles are divided into different sub-topics that’ll help you understand email marketing more holistically. You can filter articles based on email best practices, deliverability, and development, among other categories. 

Our favorite post from Mailjet: 

Top Email Marketing Trends for 2022

13. Email on Acid 

Many blogs concentrate on the tactical aspects of email marketing but not on content development and design. This is where Email on Acid’s blog stands out. You’ll find tons of well-written articles on email UX, formatting, and animated content. 

Another area where Email on Acid excels is testing content. From A/B testing to unique product trials, these articles will show how you can unleash the power of testing to win from your email marketing strategies.

Our favorite post from Email on Acid:

7 Rules to Follow for Email A/B Testing Done Right

14. SendGrid 

Twilio's SendGrid, an email automation solution, has its own branded blog, "The Full Send." There are some articles on well-targeted topics like how to use emojis in email campaigns and exactly how to write an invoice email.

There is a significant emphasis on how to build effective emails for certain marketing objectives, which is quite valuable for email marketing newbies.

Our favorite post from SendGrid: 

How to Create Effective Email CTAs [7 Best Practices + Examples]

15. Vertical Response 

One of the most well-known email marketing blogs is Vertical Response, where you can discover several articles and surveys on the same subject. 

Their blog is divided into multiple sub-topics, like email list building, email design, and subject lines, for easy scanning. Additionally, you can even filter articles based on your expertise in email marketing. 

Our favorite post from Vertical Response: 

7 Email Analytics Concepts You Should Get Familiar With


One thing’s for sure; subscribing to these email marketing blogs will bring you tons of helpful information while cutting the unnecessary fluff. Hence, reducing your email marketing cost, and improving your overall ROI. 

Got any blogs you’d like to suggest? Comment below.


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