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51 Exciting Email Marketing Statistics for 2024

Saffa Faisal

Marketing your brand in 2024 is a tricky business. 

From advertising in the metaverse to Elon Musk wanting to quit his jobs to become an influencer, marketing has branched out to multiple channels. Promoting your brand is no short of a rat race in today’s world. 

Amongst this chaos is one digital marketing channel consistently bringing in revenue and engaging customers. That my friend is email marketing. 

Hear me out on this, email marketing truly works. To prove what I’m claiming is no ordinary flim-flam, I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of 51 email marketing statistics. 

These are no ordinary stats; they are proven facts that’ll convince you to reserve a sizable portion of your marketing budget for executing email campaigns. 

Let’s begin.

51 Email Marketing Statistics You Must Know for 2024

For your ease, we’ve categorized these statistics into different sections. So go through them all or skip to your favorite one - you’re in control!

General email marketing statistics

1. In 2024, the total number of worldwide email users are estimated to be 4.48 billion. (Email Statistics Report)

2. The daily number of emails sent in 2024 are forecasted to be 361.6 billion. (Statista)  

3. Email marketing revenue is projected to be $12.33 billion by the end of 2024. (Forbes)

4. The lifetime value of a single email address has risen by 33%. (DMA)

5. 99% of users check their email every day. (HubSpot)

6. 41.5% of brands say that email marketing is very critical to their company’s success. (Litmus)

7. 37% of companies are set to increase their email marketing budget. (Litmus)

8. 73% of people say that email is their preferred marketing channel. (DMA)

9. The most popular email category amongst marketers is newsletters, followed by welcome emails. (Litmus)

Email design statistics 

10. 60% of brands use HTML email templates to design their email campaigns. (Litmus)

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11. Emails with graphics have a 1.65% higher click-through rate than emails without any. (GetResponse)

12. Including videos in emails can boost click-through rates up to 300%. (Biteable)

13. As per 20% of marketers, email design has improved their email engagement. (HubSpot)

14. When text in a call to action button is changed from second-person viewpoint to first-person viewpoint, clicks improve by 90%. (SwiftERM)

15. Sales emails with under 100 words witness the response rate of 32.2%. (Xoombi)

16. Email click-through rates improve by 200% when interactive elements are added. (Litmus)

17. Countdown timers in emails can boost conversions by 400%. (Upland)

B2B email marketing statistics

18. 77% of B2B marketers have seen an increase in email engagement. (Content Marketing Institute)  

19. B2B email campaigns witness a 2% higher average click-to-open rate than B2C campaigns. (emfluence)

20. 31% of B2B marketers consider email newsletters as the best way to nurture leads. (Content Marketing Institute)

21. 59% of B2B marketers say that email marketing is the most successful channel in terms of generating revenue. (WordStream)

22. 77% of B2B marketers use email marketing to drive sales and website visits. (SuperOffice)

23. Email newsletters are the most used content marketing type for 73% of marketers. (Content Marketing Institute)

24. B2B brands send one email campaign every 25 days. (SuperOffice)

B2C email marketing statistics 

25. B2C email campaigns experience 8% more unique opens than B2B campaigns. (emfluence)

26. 16% of B2C marketers believe that email newsletters are the highest-performing content marketing channel for securing leads. (Content Marketing Institute)

27. 59% of consumers have said that marketing emails have influenced their purchase decisions. (SaleCycle

28. 61% of consumers prefer brand communication through emails. (Statista)

29. Email marketing softwares are used by 72% of B2C marketers to assist them with content distribution. (Content Marketing Institute)

Mobile email marketing statistics 

30. 81% of subscribers prefer to read emails over their smartphones. (Campaign Monitor)

31. 1 out of 5 emails is not optimized for mobile devices. (SuperOffice)

32. 80% of people delete an email if it doesn’t display well on mobile. (CleverTap)

33. Apple iPhone is the most popular device for reading emails. (Litmus)

34. Responsive email templates can boost clicks by up to 15%. (Mailchimp)

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35. 25% of people who opened an email over their mobile device will view it once again. (Campaign Monitor)

36. 40% of people aged 18 years or below will always open the email first on their mobile device. (Campaign Monitor)

Personalization and segmentation statistics

37. 55% of marketers have made personalization a priority for their email campaigns. (Litmus)

38. Segmented email campaigns lead to a 760% increase in revenue. (Campaign Monitor)

39. The most common criteria for personalizing emails, as per 80% of marketers, is name, company name, and other profile data. (Litmus)

40. Segmented email campaigns generate 50% higher click-through rates than generic ones. (Help Scout)

41. Personalized subject lines account for 26% more email opens. (Campaign Monitor)

42. Personalizing messages is the top tactic used by email marketers to improve performance. (HubSpot)

43. Happy Birthday emails witness a 179% higher unique click rate than promotional emails. (Campaign Monitor)

44. 71% of subscribers claim that their interaction with an email is influenced by the level of personalization offered. (Dynamic Yield)

Email marketing KPI statistics

45. Friday witnesses the highest opens and clicks out of any other day of the week, while Saturday experiences the lowest. (Campaign Monitor)

46. While 8 am experiences the highest number of opens and clicks, 4 pm witnesses the greatest order rates. (Omnisend)

47. In 2021, the average open rate across all industries was 22.60%, while the average click-through rate was 1.40%. (Constant Contact)

48. Faith-based organizations had the highest open rate (33.06%) and click-through rate (2.56%) in 2021. Repair and maintenance companies had the lowest open rate (14.89%), and the transportation industry had the lowest click-through rate (0.54%). (Constant Contact)

49. 1 in every 6 emails is sent in the spam folder. (OptinMonster)

50. The average unsubscribe rate in 2021 was 0.10%. (Campaign Monitor)

51. Welcome emails generate 320% more revenue per email than promotional ones. (Invesp)

Final Words

There you have it - our list of the top email marketing statistics for 2023 that you must know. 

Let’s make one thing clear; email marketing is your safest bet for achieving high conversions and revenues. However, not every email campaign will bring in such good news. Nothing to worry about since beautiful-looking, responsive emails designed with Unlayer will surely make you a star in your audience’s inbox. 

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