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12 Best Email Marketing Examples to Idealise for 2023

Rida Ali Khan

Did you know that an average human’s attention span has fallen to 8 seconds

Ouch, that’s shorter than the attention span of a Goldfish. 

So if you wish to create an email that stands out in your user’s inbox and encourages a response out of them within 8 second, then your email must be top-notch. 


Well, no need to be because, in this article, we have gathered the 12 best performing emails that will inspire and give you creative ideas to draft outstanding emails in 2023. 

Sounds interesting? So let’s look at some of the finest email marketing examples that can fill your next year with successful campaigns.

12 Jaw-Dropping Emails to Inspire You for 2023

There’s wisdom in taking inspiration from the best. And we know you’re wise. 

Cutting the chase, we have mentioned below the 12 best email marketing examples that we felt were outstanding. 

1. Unlayer

Best email marketing example from Unlayer

We might get a little biased here, but honestly, that’s only because we wish the best for you.  

This is a spooky-looking holiday email that Unlayer sent out to all its users on Halloween. This email consisted of a Halloween-themed blog, Unlayer’s Halloween templates, and adorable GIFs. 

We love this design because of the excellent choice of colors, i.e., a dark background and a contrasting color for written content. The images and Call To Action (CTA) button in email stand out perfectly against the background.

It’s a pretty visually appealing design to take inspiration from.


Best email marketing example from PEEL

A little mystery does great wonders, especially in the marketing world. PEEL understands these psychological tricks in emails very well. 

We loved how they showed just a glimpse of their new collection in this email design - followed by an eye-catching CTA button that revealed their new collection.

The curiosity gap is a famous and pretty fruitful strategy, and you must try it out in your campaigns. Take notes from this email about how to instill curiosity in your readers through your email’s content. 

This email was designed in a single-column layout which is perfect for promoting a new product. 

Did this email get you a little excited to see the new collection as well? We’re sure it did. 

3. Ritual 

Best email marketing example from Ritual

It would be rude not to acknowledge that whoever designed this campaign was smart as a whip. 

This email instantly grabs attention with its vibrant yellow color and a picture of a reluctant hand trying the pills. Below this appealing image is a text that all their customers can relate to.

The cherry on top is their promotional offer to convince them to buy the pills, followed by a vibrant CTA button. 

Email content like this feels very personal and relatable, encouraging their users to take positive action. 

4. Klarna

Best email marketing example from Klarna

With so many emails cluttering the user's inbox they prefer to receive emails that are straight to the point.

This email above from Klarna is an example of that. 

This promotional email introduces Klarna, so they wisely chose not to add more elements or lengthy content to distract or confuse their users. 

They advertised their offer with simple, short written content and a relatable image. 

There’s a CTA button right beneath it that encourages readers to make whatever purchase they want in this holiday season and pay later. It’s simple yet effective.

This one should definitely inspire you to design emails that introduce something. 

5. Carhartt

Best email marketing example from Carhartt

Carhartt sent this email to promote Black Friday sales and is one the best email sent out this year. 


Well, we’ll start by saying that GIFs in emails are always a show-stealer. And, this email used a GIF very smartly, i.e., showing ‘Black Friday’ in one blink while the curtain reveals ‘starts now’ to excite their reader.

This email background goes perfectly with Black Friday’s theme. Also, they were careful enough not to overdo the elements, as below are 2 CTA buttons that lead to their main collections. 

Let’s say we praise their minimal content because the quicker the reader is introduced to the CTA, the quicker s/he might take action.

6. Judy

Best email marketing example from Judy

Judy sent out a different kind of email last New Year. This email has one of the best-written content. 

It feels personal enough to engage the reader, while it is factual enough to raise eyebrows as well. It encourages the reader to be a part of the limited number of people that can keep their New Year resolutions. 

It’s captivating because it sounds like a challenge. 

Below the motivating written content, there's a CTA button that directs the readers to take further action.

Needless to mention that the orange color not only instantly catches the readers’ attention but also goes well with their brand identity. 

7. Apple 

Best email marketing example from Apple

Apple sent out this email to invite all developers to attend WWDC 21 (WorldWide Developers Conference 21).

What we love about this email is the right balance of information and animation. The black background color gives a hint of a cyber theme. 

Moreover, the written content along with the graphics stand out perfectly against the dark background. We loved how they clearly mentioned the highlights of the event with the two-liner information and relatable emoji. 

They, too, added a bright little CTA button that directs the reader to a site where they can learn more about this event.

It was the best event invite email we saw this year. 

8. Zapier

Best email marketing example from Zapier

This email from Zapier is perfect to create FOMO amongst its readers. 

The email intends to show a limited-time offer. For that, they wrote an attention-grabbing heading to show that the offer is for a short time and supported it with a countdown timer embedded in the email.

They were clever enough to mention the 4 advantages of upgrading which was another wise element of this email. It had the power to convince the readers to upgrade to Zapier’s paid plan ASAP. 

It's the perfect email to convince your readers to avail an offer.

9. Miro

Best email marketing example from Miro

If there was an award to convey the right amount of information without trying too hard, we would definitely give it to Miro. 

This was an introductory email sent out to subscribers to summarize what Miro is all about. They used their brand colors in their design and mentioned important features alongside respective icons. 

We feel it’s the perfect email for newbies looking for ways to schedule their tasks. 

10. reMarkable 

Best email marketing example from reMarkable

They say an image speaks a thousand words, and reMarkable's marketing team showed us how. 

This is a promotional email sent out by reMarkable to introduce their next-generation paper tablet.

In this email, they showed a tablet so thin that it didn’t overlap the written content at all. And below it, they have mentioned features that make their tablet one of a kind.

Notice how they didn’t mention their product a lot because the imagery was impactful to engage their users. 

In this email, they sent a simple yet powerful message that what they are offering is 100% unique and that their readers can benefit greatly from it.

11. Arlo

Best email marketing example from Arlo

We adore when brands create campaign-themed promotional emails, it shows that a certain email is exclusive and unique for an event or holiday. 

Just like this one from Arlo.

Their design shows a brown-colored background with orange-colored leaves signifying the spirit of the fall season. They placed a prominent CTA button right in the beginning of showing a limited-time offer to entice the readers to take action. 

Moreover, they also mentioned the products that are on sale to attract their user to it. This was another clever attempt to encourage the reader to make a purchase. 

12. Armadillo

Best email marketing example from Armadillo

Here’s another promotional email that caught our attention. 

This is one of the most aesthetically pleasing email design that we came across. The design itself speaks for the brand identity. 

The stone-like color of the background makes the pictures of their products pretty eye-pleasing. Also, it has minimal and necessary written content so that the readers don’t get distracted from the impressive images. 

Excited to create impressive emails? We're sure you are! But before you start creating, please ensure that you follow the below-mentioned best practices to create high-functioning emails. 

Best Practices to Run Outstanding Email Campaigns 

All geared up to have your name in the best email marketing examples for next year? 

We have your back. 

Just ensure that you follow these best practices and you’re all set. 

Best practices for running a successful email campaign

Smart strategy

Did you notice how smartly the emails mentioned above were planned and executed? 

They demonstrated the intent of each email campaign wisely by supporting it with images and their written content. 

Make sure that you, too, plan out your email campaign strategy extensively and thoroughly. You must be pretty clear about what elements or aspects of your emails can result in your brand’s and email’s success.  

Catchy subject line

There’s one question that revolves around every email marketer’s mind, i.e., “How will my email stand out among so many others?” 

The answer is catchy subject lines. 

According to statistics, 47% of recipients open emails based on their subject lines. Make sure you give your subject lines the attention they deserve. 

Some of the most famous subject lines are either curiosity-inducing, humorous, or highly personalized. Try to use these in your future campaigns. 


According to the statistics, 75% of recipients delete non-responsive emails. 

Did this give you chills? 

If yes, then make sure that your email is responsive on all devices and displays perfectly on every screen that it reaches. By doing this, you ensure that any of your recipients don’t ignore your email. 

Create Responsive Emails In a Few Clicks

All templates at Unlayer are professional-looking, attractive, and responsive. Curious to use?
Email Templates

Personalization and segmentation

Segmentation refers to dividing email lists according to demographic, social, or behavioral factors. It allows you to send more relevant and purposeful emails to your readers.

Ensure you segment your email list to maximize your campaign's success because segmented campaigns result in a 760% increase in revenue.

On the other hand, personalization refers to designing your email in such a way that it seems like it’s targeted to a specific individual. 

One way to do this is by adding the name or location of your reader in the email content with the help of merge tags. The second way is by shaping the content of your emails according to your users’ actions and behaviors - also known as trigger emails. 

Personalized emails deliver 6 times higher transactional rate

Your email campaigns can benefit a great deal with the help of personalization and segmentation. Make this a common practice for your future campaigns. 

Engaging content 

Have you noticed how interactive elements in emails instantly steal the show? 

So, try to embed as many interactive elements like GIFs, CTA buttons, videos or CSS animation, etc., in your emails as possible. Just ensure that they are relatable, and you’re not just adding them for the sake of it. 

Statistics say that interactive email content increases the click-to-open rate by 73%. This statistic alone should be convincing enough for you to embed them in emails. 

Final Thoughts

Well, that’s a wrap. 

Hope you gained much-needed inspiration from these best email marketing examples. Notice what elements made each email special, and try to add them to your next email campaigns. 

We hope that next year, it’s your email campaign that becomes the epitome of success!


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