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Email Marketing Content: The Masterclass Guide [+Expert Tips]

Sunila Javed

You may have heard many times that “content is king.” And you have probably heard that email marketing is one of the secret marketing sauces that bring in a giant ROI. Spending $1 on email marketing means getting $36 in return. 

Impressive, right?

So, don’t you think that email marketing and content are a match made in heaven? 

But how to create captivating email marketing content? Here is the ultimate guide for you.

B2C and B2B Email Marketing Content: What’s the Difference?

  • Business-to-Consumer (B2C) email marketing content: It’s consumer-oriented and simpler. B2C email content focuses on your service or product’s features and benefits while connecting to the target audience emotionally. The content tone is usually casual and engaging, and the email copy is shorter. The end goal in this case is to make the brand offering relatable to the consumer. 
  • Business-to-Business (B2B) email marketing content: It is business-focused, comprehensive, and technical. B2B email content has data, stats, and industry-specific terminology, focusing on thought leadership and solving customer pain points. The content tone is professional, and the email copy is a bit longer. The end goal in this case is to make the business communication useful for the audience.      

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7 Game-Changing Email Marketing Content Types You Must Try! 🚀

Craft relevant content to make your email marketing game go “wow.” Here, we have selected seven types of killer email content for your marketing campaigns. 

1. Welcome emails

It’s the very first “hello” you greet the fresh subscribers with once they sign up. You can introduce your subscriber to what your brand is all about, what’s coming up next, or give any useful information about your product or services. 

Welcome emails perfectly do your email marketing job as they have the maximum open and Click-through Rate (CTR).  

Welcome email example from Smyths

Isn’t this welcome email from Smyths the coolest ever? Brief content to welcome the subscriber, minimal design, pretty loud, and quite clear CTA. We can say it’s a perfect blend of content and design. 

Want to have a look at the best templates on the block? Check out our ready-to-use welcome email templates

2. Promotional emails

Promotional emails have straightforward and easy-to-skim content. The email contains sales information, limited-time deals and offers, etc. You actually promote your product, and adding proper CTAs really guides your audience on what action you want them to take. 

Promotional email example from MOO

MOO is not coming slow when it comes to email marketing, and the above email example says it all! Great color combo and perfectly structured content, and the digit in bold clearly shows that it’s a limited-time offer. The right balance between the ingredients of the mail really helps promote your product in the way it deserves.

Curious about what cool templates are? Have a look at our most loved email templates for product promotion

3. Guides and blog posts emails

Such emails contain valuable pieces of information from your company’s blog. It includes either one publication or more on the selected topic. The email shouldn’t have the whole blog post and must include a Call to Action (CTA), directing the audience to the website to continue reading. 

Guides email example from Førs Studio

This email from Førs Studio is our favorite. Catchy and brief content. A clear CTA directing the user to the website to read more. If we talk about the email design, it’s freaking cool. 

You can browse some of the stunning email designs for blogs from our templates library

4. Newsletter emails

Email newsletters contain company news, product announcements, etc., to stay in touch with the email subscribers. Such emails do not only market your product to prospects but also nurture existing clients. That’s why newsletters are the most popular type of email marketing, with welcome emails securing second place.

Newsletter email example from Readdle

That’s a pretty good product announcement by Readdle. Briefly announcing the update, easy-to-skim content, proper CTAs, and visuals speaking even louder than words.   

Still, confused about how to get one designed with no coding skills. You can use our free email templates for newsletter.

5. Survey emails

Survey emails are follow-ups sent to customers once they are done with purchasing your product. Why is there a need for survey emails? Well, they help you see your product through the lens of customers, and that’s how you get to know their preferences better. 

Survey email example from Google

This is such a nice survey email from Google. Beautifully designed, perfectly optimized subject line, brief and concise content, and a great call to action. 

Thinking of sending one but don’t know how to design it? Fret not! Explore our best survey email templates and choose which works best for you.

6. Reviews emails

After getting customers’ feedback, put them to use with reviews. Testimonials and reviews are powerful tools to not only promote the product but also foster loyalty. This strategy only works when you use genuine and relevant reviews. 

Review email example from MAGIC SPOON

This email review example by MAGIC SPOON will surely fulfill your daily dose of laughter. These funniest customer reviews and mouth-watering donuts leave you craving for more. 

7. Trigger emails

These are automated emails sent to your audience in response to their action on your platform or certain behaviors for your product. Trigger emails basically assist your users to navigate through your product, and/or encourage the customers to take action.

Trigger email example from Uniqlo

This stunning email by Uniqlo speaks quite well about what a trigger email is. The clothing brand has just restocked its most loved item, and the content conveys it perfectly. The design is perfect, and CTAs are doing their job quite well.  

So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to your customers using our best trigger email templates

A Good Email Marketing Content Strategy Does Wonders: But How?

Creating a good email marketing content strategy is just as important as the key to a lock. Here’s how an effective content strategy does wonders:

  1. Boosts customer trust and loyalty: Authentic, comprehensive, and personalized email content shows you care for your clients. It does not only include offers and deals but also a piece of valuable advice. 
  2. Builds a positive brand image: Telling your audience what makes your company a go-to option for customers helps improve your brand reputation. 
  3. Drives sales: An effective email marketing content strategy engages and nurtures your audience. Not only does it build lasting relationships but also encourages conversions and drives sales.

Crafting Engaging Email Marketing Content: 10 Tips and Best Practices

Email marketing content should be crafted to appeal to the reader rather than put them off. Here, we have selected top expert email marketing tips and best practices to spice up your game of writing compelling content.

1. Define your ‘who’ and ‘what’ they need

Well, the very first thing to do is select your audience. That’s not it. Once you are done with defining your target customers, consider what they are actually looking for based on their information: demographics, shopping habits, etc. 

For example, if you run a store of cute scented candles. People buy your product to gift their loved ones on their birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or any big day of their life. Craft promotional emails with big-day deals, and that’s how you can get the most out of your email marketing content.

2. Come up with a crispy subject line

Write a snappy subject line that hooks your customer. Make it attention-grabbing, but avoid overdoing it, as it’s one of the common mistakes that email marketers make. 

Hacks to write subject lines that readers can’t resist clicking on:

  • Be brief
  • Use emojis
  • The subject line must justify the subject of your email. 

Here you go with some inspirational subject lines:

  • Open the door. Your parcel is ready to be delivered! 🛍️
  • 30% off on your favorite brand on the new year's Eve 🌌
  • Knock Knock! The biggest sale of the year is ending in a few hours ⏳

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3. Personalize, personalize, and personalize

Personalization simply means using your client’s first name in the email’s subject line. It is one of the best email marketing practices that boost your engagement as well as conversion rates. 

If we look back at 2022, 47% of marketers from all across the globe sent more than 50% of their email campaigns using the “subject line personalization” strategy. And 36% didn’t use personalization at all. 

Why does this practice work? We humans like to be called by our name, and we like it to such an extent that we end up responding to that call or email subconsciously.   

You can personalize your emails like:

  • Weekly update for Ashley 📩
  • Hey Elif, why not try leather shoes this winter? 👞
  • Noam, welcome to the reading club! 📚

The personalization game does not end here. It also means offering your customers tailored content that not only best meets their needs but also leaves them happy and satisfied.  

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4. Speak your readers' language

Craft your email content that goes well with the established tone of your brand. Remember that your customer’s native language might not be English. So, the best practice is to use clear and easy language. 

5. Say a big no to spam words

You definitely don’t want your email to be marked as spam. Do you? Well, let’s have a quick glance at global spam email trends and their impact:

Global spam email trends and their impact
Source: Statista

There are many words that trigger spam filters in emails. They include time-pressing words (urgent, do it now or never), overblown claims (win extra cash), and scam-like phrases (not spam at all). 

It doesn’t mean removing them from emails completely, but using them wisely. Another tip to stop your email from landing in the spam folder is to clean your email list, give the unsubscribe option, and avoid all caps, non-functional HTML, as well as any links to shell companies.  

6. Let visuals do the talking

Sometimes, saying less and showing more through visuals is what gets your email marketing job done perfectly. 

Back your email copy with jaw-dropping visuals. Let your customers not only read about your product but see it. Visually attractive emails complement your email copy, and there are more chances that the customer ends up buying them. 

You can embed:

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to include alt text for inclusivity.

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Design Creative Emails With Unlayer

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7. Stick to less is more 

The best practice is to be brief! Do not write in 100 words which can be conveyed in just 10. Would you believe that readers spend almost 10 seconds only on brand emails? Look at this graph: 

Time spent reading brand emails
Source: Statista 

So, it’s good to figure out what you want to convey and then convey it concisely.  

8. Make the content skimmable 

With the average human attention span at 8.25 seconds, it’s no mystery that the majority of people just want to skim-read the content. Structure your emails in a way that helps your readers skim the content and digest it easily.  Then and only then can you expect your reader to take the necessary action. 

Here are a few tips to make your email copy skimmable:

  • Make each paragraph two to three sentences long.
  • Write short sentences. 
  • Use bullet points or numbers.
  • Break sections into headings and subheadings. 
  • Leave a good space between paragraphs and different sections.

9. Avoid the most hated email jargon

Our main goal is to turn our readers into a happy customer. The first step to this would be ensuring that we reach out to them on a good footing. A golden rule of thumb is to avoid using phrases like “as discussed earlier” and “re-attaching the file for convenience,” etc. 

Let’s have a quick look at some of the most hated email jargon that must be avoided:

Most annoying email phrases
Source: Statista

10. Make your CTA loud and clear

Congratulations, as you have hooked your reader till now. It’s time to make them act. So, this is where the CTA comes in.  

Your CTA tells your audience what action you want them to take: enter a lucky draw, make a purchase, etc. As it’s an instruction as well as a persuasion, it should be bold and simple. 

Here you go with some common CTAs that you can use:

  • Book now
  • Learn more
  • Contact us
  • Get X% off

In a Nutshell,

Crafting crispy email content is the key to opening the doors of customer trust and increased sales. So, now you are very clear on how to craft email marketing content right. Why not put it into practice?

Good luck! ✌🏻


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