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11 Swoon-Worthy Exit Intent Pop ups for E-commerce + Tips

Rida Ali Khan

They’re about to leave. 

What are you going to do? Watch them leave? 🥹 Na-uh! Please don’t. 

If your website visitors are leaving your page, it’s time for you to entice them with an exit intent pop up. 

Because exit intent pop ups work wonders at generating leads, boosting conversions, and keeping readers hooked. This article is here to help you know all the hows and whys of creating ravishing exit intent pop up, along with inspirational examples. 

So, let’s hop on to learn more. 

What Is an Exit Intent Pop up, and Why Do You Need One?

An exit intent pop up is a small window that appears when a website visitor is about to leave your page. It encourages visitors to stay longer on that page and convert by enticing them with unique offers. 

How do they work? 🤔

These pop ups are triggered when a website visitor moves their cursor or mouse away from a page’s main viewpoint to return or bounce away from the page. 

Why do you need one? 🧐

If you’re wondering why we’re big advocates of adding exit intent pop ups on your website, that’s because they: 

👉🏿 reduce cart abandonment,

👉🏿 give a chance to convert your visitors into paying customers, 

👉🏿 generate leads,

👉🏿 increase the number of sales, 

​​👉🏿 boost user engagement 

It’s interesting how a tiny pop up can bring you so many benefits. But it would help if you made it worth your website visitor’s time and attention. So, we’ve handpicked the best ones we saw on the internet.

11 Exit Intent Pop ups to Inspire Your Creativity

We know you’re looking for inspiration to get your creative juices flowing. So, here are eleven exit intent pop-ups that got us drooling over them. Have a look! 

Smartwatch for Less

 Exit intent pop up example from Smartwatch for Less. 

We dig simple yet clever messaging just like the one on this pop up. 

This pop up appears right when a user is about to leave the website, and we love how it's timely, relevant, and enticing. 

They even added an image that goes perfectly with the message and makes the pop up more appealing. 

Push Living

 Exit intent pop up example from Push Living. 

This is another great example of getting the job done without too much hush. Besides the simple messaging, the pop up's brand-centric design caught our attention.

The design perfectly aligns with the website’s color theme and font style. Also, they kept the design minimalistic so the reader doesn’t get distracted and submit their email addresses quicker. 

Kiss My Keto

Exit intent pop-up example from Kiss My Keto. 

Then there is Kiss My Keto, taking pop up designs one step ahead with an interactive checklist. 

We adore their idea of adding a checklist to encourage user engagement. The purpose of this checklist was to better understand the preferences of their website visitors so they could send personalized recommendations. 

Impressive, isn’t it? 

Also, notice how they made their discount prominent by first highlighting the text in red and making the CTA button red to grab attention. It’s no news that the red color grabs users' attention quicker, and they used this color psychology hack to their advantage. 

Exploding Kittens

Exit intent pop-up example from Exploding Kittens. 

How cute is this! 😻

The rest of the pop ups stole our attention, but this one, right here, stole our heart. 

(Big cat lover here! 🐈)

Pivoting back to the design, we really like how this pop up perfectly matches their website’s design guidelines. It’s fun and peppy, just like the brand itself. 

Moreover, notice how they didn’t add too much text to keep the message short and straightforward. If you’re a brand that can experiment with graphics and colors like Exploding Kittens, please go for it because a pop up like that is too good to ignore. 

The Sill 

Exit intent pop-up example from The Sill. 

Another great pop up example is by The Sill. 

The best part about this pop up was its copy. It includes all the necessary information that needs to be conveyed to the reader without making the design look too cluttered. 

Also, we love the refreshing picture added to the pop up, which is another example from which you can take inspiration.


Exit intent pop-up example from Pandora.

Love us some personalization. 

Pandora uses this insanely cool exit intent pop that appears when a shopper abandons a cart. We really like how they grab attention by praising the user's choice and instilling FOMO by telling the number of people who are interested in this item. 

To make the most of this pop up, they attached the image of the abandoned item along with a CTA that takes the potential customer back to the checkout page. 

Genius, isn’t it? 


Exit intent pop-up example from NOTICE HAIR CO.

Another incredible example of an interactive exit intent pop up for e-commerce is presented by Notice. 

The copy, the CTA, the background image, everything is just perfect. 💯

This pop up appears when their website visitor is about to leave the page, and it encourages them to take a quiz and explore what suits them the best. A pop up like this has three benefits: 

  • Boosts customer interaction with the brand,
  • Enables the brand to understand customers better through quizzes, 
  • Increases the chances of sales. 

That’s like shooting three birds with one stone. (notice what we did there?)


Exit intent pop-up example from BOOHOO

Here’s a pop up tailor-made for indecisive buyers. 🤣

You know a brand is considerate and clever when it says it saved your basket because you were skeptical about purchasing. Not only this, but they even added an offer to avail of more discounts in the future. 

With a pop up like that, they proved how much they care about their customers' experience. It’s definitely something you should take inspiration from.   


Exit intent pop-up example from Madewell.

Okay, we really love how brands are getting creative with their pop up designs. 

This exit intent pop up appears on Madewell’s site and encourages users to become exclusive members of the Madewell community by explaining the benefits of being one. 

The copy and design are straightforward and accurate. Something we all can gather inspiration from. 


 Exit intent pop-up example from MADSEN Cycle.

At first glance, you may think the copy is too cluttered for an e-commerce exit intent pop up, but we actually like how they decided to convey all the necessary details and conditions to website visitors. 

Also, it’s accompanied by an adorable referral image that makes the pop up more appealing. 


Exit intent pop-up example from MADSEN Cycle.

Lastly, here’s a cute example from KlientBoost. A not-too-fancy design that gets the job done. 

We really like how the pop up is personalized and changes the logo with each respective website’s logo. Also, the red CTA against the light colored background is standing out perfectly. 

Now that we’ve seen some of the best examples of e-commerce exit intent pop ups, it’s time to discuss something more actionable: tips and tricks for designing pop ups that grab attention and steal the hearts of website visitors. 

So, let’s dig in. 

10 Tips to Capture Leads Through Exit Intent Pop ups

People hate pop ups. They’re intrusive and annoying. So, how do you make this annoying little virtual being captivating enough that visitors don’t close it and are instead tempted to engage with it? 

We’ve got the perfect solution for you. Here are ten surefire tips to design pop ups that perform well. 

✅ Opt out option 

As we said, pop ups are widely disliked because they appear to be an interruption. However, adding an option to opt out might reduce the chances of annoying your website visitor.

And if your website visitor is a regular, there are high chances that they’ll finally stick around and see what your pop up offers. 

✅ Unique value 

Now, who would want to turn down a unique offer? Doesn’t matter if you’re adding an educational resource, a discount coupon, or an invite to an exclusive club; a unique offer is always a treat for the visitors. And has a high chance of converting leads to customers. 

✅ Timely appearance

The best thing about an e-commerce exit intent pop up is that they appear right when someone is about to leave the website. Similar to a shopkeeper enticing you, the last option is to make a purchase. 

So, ensure that your exit intent pop up appears timely on your user’s screen. You can A/B test to know the best time to set your pop-up (such as 2,3,4, or 5 seconds.) 

✅ Customized pop ups 

According to research, 90% of marketers think that personalization increases profitability. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since some of the best pop up examples above were also highly personalized. 

It would help if you personalized the pop up according to users' behavior, preferences, or demographics. 

✅ Quick load times

Adding interactive elements is an awesome idea, but it can bite back if the pop up doesn’t load timely. So, make sure whatever animations or images you add aren’t too large in size and load quickly. 

✅ Device responsiveness

Even the best-looking e-commerce pop ups will fail to perform if they are not responsive. So make sure your pop up designs display well on all devices, such as tablets, mobile phones, and desktop computers. 

Design Attractive & Responsive Pop ups With Unlayer

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✅ FOMO triggers

The impact of FOMO is still underrated. 

Countdown timers and limited-time offers can skyrocket your sales like crazy. If you haven’t yet used this tactic in your marketing practice, you must do it now. 

✅ Clear CTA

We can’t emphasize this enough. 

If your CTAs aren’t clearly labeled, placed, or colored, users are bound to overlook them. To avoid that, try to make your CTAs more; 

  • personalized,  
  • use white spaces against it,
  • and use a contrasting color. 

✅ Interactive elements

This goes without saying that interactive elements bring out the best about your designs. You can add GIFs, CSS animations or questions with multiple options to engage your users. Just like Kiss My Keto did in the example above. 

✅ A/B test 

And, of course, testing is ABSOLUTELY necessary. 

But conducting A/B tests makes sure you

  • Set clear goals,
  • Test one variable at a time, 
  • Keep the rest of the variables constant, 
  • And monitor it at regular intervals.

And this is how you design pop ups worth your website user’s attention. Also, the best thing about this article is that we have found you the best tool to get the job done. 

And that’s none other than Unlayer

Create The Coolest Exit Intent Pop ups Ever With Unlayer

You can create a chic-looking design that sits perfectly with your website in just under five minutes using Unlayer. All you have to do is, 

👉🏻 Go to Unlayer’s website > click on start designing > drag and drop the features of your choice to create your own masterpiece > once designed, click on Preview.

Previewing them lets you see how your pop up looks on different devices. If the mobile version of your pop up needs changes, you can make them right away. 

This video below can help you understand how quick and simple it is to create pop ups with Unlayer. 

Wrapping Up

Creating exit intent pop ups for e-commerce that make your website visitors stick around is tough. But if you follow the practices mentioned above, you can effortlessly do the job. 

Before you leave, read these frequently asked questions about exit intent pop-ups. These answers might solve some questions or concerns you have. 

FAQs About Exit Intent Pop ups

Q. What are the types of exit intent pop ups?

A. Some common types of exit intent pop ups are: 

🟠 promotional pop ups,

🟠 newsletter pop ups,

🟠 free trial pop ups,

🟠 abandoned cart pop ups,

🟠 feedback pop ups

You may choose the pop up according to the occasion and intent of your campaign.

Q. Recommended tools to build exit intent pop ups for Shopify

We can say in a single breath that Unlayer is undoubtedly the best pop up builder

The pop ups designed with Unlayer are: 

  • responsive, 
  • customized,
  • interactive 

And you can make them as brand-centric as you want. 

Q. Does Google’s algorithm affect your website’s pop up performance?

Yes, Google’s algorithm does impact the pop up performance, and to ensure it performs well, you must 

  • SEO optimizes your pop up, 
  • Keep it relevant, 
  • Set the right timer, and 
  • Create responsive designs. 

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