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How to Create Labor Day Emails That Perform Exceptionally Well?

Rida Ali Khan

Have you ever experienced a holiday that felt like a roller coaster of emotions? 

If yes, then it was probably on Labor Day. 

Whether it is pride for the workforce, excitement for a holiday, or sadness about the departing summer season, Labor Day allows us to experience various emotions together. But guess who is constantly happy in this entire fiasco? 

Brands and marketers. 

Why? Because Labor Day is an opportunity to make some extra sales and bag some good profit. And with 306.4 billion emails sent and received and a $42 return on investment on each dollar spent, we know that email marketing is the most powerful marketing tool to promote these sales. So, if you belong to the marketing clan and are looking for ideas to create the perfect Labor Day email, here is a list of tips and tricks that might help you achieve this.  

To begin with, let’s talk about the most suitable subject line. 

Impactful Subject Lines for Labor Day Emails

The right way of crafting subject lines

Arguably, a subject line is the most important component of an email. It determines whether the email should be opened or sent to the spam folder. Hence, write and select it wisely. 

When you write subject lines, make sure they are precise and to the point because research says that short subject lines have a 75% higher click-through rate. Additionally, more than 53% of email respondents say that they view emails on mobile devices. So, if you use short subject lines, they will be able to read it through mobiles easily.  

With that being said, here is a list of the most suitable and click-worthy subject lines for Labor Days emails. 

  • Labor Day Sale!

This short and simple subject line clearly shows its exclusivity.  

  • Save up to X% during Labor Day Weekend Sale!

You can also write a promotional subject line that mentions an offer at the start. 

  • Last Chance: Labor Day Sale

Subject lines like these trigger and instill a sense of urgency. 

  • FREE SHIPPING: For all deliveries on Labor Day

Offering something right at the start attracts the reader. 

  • Best Holiday Deal in X Town

This personalized subject line will grab attention instantly. 

  • Labor Day Sale with VIP Coupon XX

This wisely crafted subject line is summarising the intent of the email. 

  • Pre-Labor Day Clearance Event!

It shows a limited-time offer or a deal that is pitched especially for this upcoming event. Subject lines like these excite people and make them shop impulsively. 

  • Labor Day savings landed in your email inbox.

Humour wins hearts, even as a subject line. 

Whichever subject line you choose, make sure it is in sync with your email content. Here we have mentioned a few tips to create powerful content for Labor Day emails. 

Content to Make Your Labor Day Email a Success 

4 content ideas for Labor Day emails

As we mentioned before, Labor Day is not just about acknowledging the efforts of the labor class, but it comes with multiple other celebrations. So, it’s a sensible idea to incorporate these in your Labor Day email’s content. 

Confused? Well, don’t be! Because the following tips will help you;  

Give Tribute to Laborers

We primarily celebrate Labor Day to give tribute to laborers and applaud them for working tirelessly to earn their bread and butter. That’s why it’s a great idea to create content that solely appreciates the working class. 

You can mention how your workforce invests all their time and energy to make your brand incredible. Such an email will improve your public reputation and show you as an employee-friendly brand.

Bid Farewell to Summer

Since Labor Day is also the end of summer, you can emphasize the limited stock left from the departing season. Or you can give a heads up to the readers that these items are on sale, and this is the last chance to get discounted summer items. 

You can also introduce your fall collection and encourage the readers to visit your website by mentioning the link to your e-store or your new fall season’s campaign. 

Personalize it

Personalizing an email can boost interaction with readers up to 50% and increase email interaction. 

For instance, if you have segmented your email list for people with a purchase history of less than $50, then you can send them emails mentioning that your Labor Day campaign is pocket-friendly and economical. This will encourage the reader to take the desired action of making a purchase. 

Pitch in Ideas

The intent of such content is solely to establish and nurture relationships with your customers. 

You can do this by offering a recipe that they can try over the long weekend or by embedding links to places they can visit. 

Effective Design Elements for Labor Day Email

Showing Patriotism

Go for a patriotic theme as it symbolizes your support for the workforce and laborers across the nation and also displays exclusivity. 

You can do this by incorporating a patriotic theme or adding red, white, or blue colors to your design. Moreover, you can embed pictures of products that follow the colors of the national flag. This way, you can display the spirit of nationalism and patriotism. 

Show patriotism in Labor Day email design

Displaying Promotions and Discounts  

It never hurts to be straightforward. 

If you prominently display your discount offer somewhere in your design, it will instantly attract the reader and encourage them to make a purchase. But make sure you do this with style. 

You can mention the promotional discount somewhere at the start or right in the middle to get the reader’s attention or select a template with a single background color to make the digits of the promotion more vibrant and visible. 

Representation of Your Brand

Your subscribers will surely get dozens and dozens of promotional emails this holiday season, so it’s a wise practice to create a Labor Day email design that represents your brand. 

This will not only make your email stand out from the rest but also serve as a reference for them to remember your email. 

One way of doing this is by incorporating your brand colors in Labor Day emails. Another idea is to use a picture of a product that has a patriotic theme or something related to the holiday. 

Here is an email by 22 Days that uses its patriotic-themed product to represent Labor Day.

Email example from 22 days

Its Responsiveness

When creating and drafting an email design, make sure that the design is responsive to all devices. 

One of the major reasons for this is that 43% of emails are opened through mobile devices, so it will be a bad impression for your brand if your email design is not presentable. 

Clarity in Message

A simple, clear, and minimalistic design for promotional emails is always a neat idea. It helps you reach your target audience with very little effort. 

Don’t overuse text or images - just keep it simple. One plain image or a minimalist design should do the job. 

Interactive Elements

Interactive elements work like accessories to email design. They beautify them and make them attractive. 

Besides being presentable, they increase the chances of interactivity up to 82%. So, whenever you select a design for Labor Day emails, try to embed interactive elements in it. You can choose from a variety of GIFs, videos, CSS animations, and most importantly, Call to Action (CTA) buttons as they motivate the reader to take the desired action. 

4 types of interactive elements

Best Time to Send Labor Day Emails 

When it comes to selecting a time for sending emails, there is one rule you must follow, i.e. don’t send only one email per campaign. 

Before we speak of dates, let’s mention a well-known fact that Tuesdays are the best days to send emails as there is relatively more chance of opening and clicking.

As we speak of Labor Day emails, it is recommended to send the first email a week before this holiday. This is mostly because Labor Day comes around the same time people are shopping for back-to-school/college sessions, so this email allows them to start shopping over the long weekend. 

You can send the second email two to three days before Labor Day as a reminder. This email will give them an idea that the sales and promotions are soon to wear off. 

Lastly, you can send an email a week after Labor Day as a reminder of the last chance to avail this offer. 

Optimal time for sending Labor Day emails

Top 5 Labor Day Email Designs

We know that visuals speak louder than words, so we have shortlisted five of the best Labor Day email designs that complemented this holiday season. 


Email example from Milled

It’s cute, simple, attractive, and catchy. 

We all know that holidays call for BBQ, and they have shown this reference in a very witty fashion. In addition, they have announced their sales in a very simple and effective style. 

Bio Lite

Email example from Bio Lite

This witty email design by Bio Lite displays one of their products and also encourages the reader to spend some quality time with their family/ friends. This is one of our favorite designs to look up to. 


Email example from FutureofWorking

A simple design that displays patriotism and also sends warm wishes for the upcoming weekend. Simple, elegant, and relatable - it had to be one of our favorite picks. 

Travel Co.

Email example from Travel Co.

This email design clearly endorses Labor Day while giving off a holiday vibe season in their campaign. This has to be an ideal email design. 


Email example from H&M

When we ask to be minimalistic, but with style, this is what we mean. Take a look at this email that highlights the promotion and also stays attractive.

Coolest Labor Day Email Templates

Motivated yet anxious to create your own design?  You shouldn’t be!

Because we, at Unlayer, have a range of attractive and beautiful-looking Labor Day email templates that are super easy to modify and customize as per your choice. 

The best part is that all these templates are mobile responsive and function perfectly on all devices. Our user-friendly drag and drop editor makes it pretty convenient for users to embed pictures or videos. Moreover, all these email templates can be exported directly to different email service providers. 

And if you wish to take suggestions and feedback from your peers, you can do that as well through our collaborative feature. 

Take a look at these attractive Labor Day templates:

Template 1

Labor Day email template

Look how this template elegantly represents the brand and displays Labor Day’s discount offer simultaneously. If you wish, you can customize the email template according to your desired ideas. 

Template 2

Labor Day email template

Messages for Labor Day have been very neatly incorporated into this template. They are not overlapping or saturated at all. Moreover, the white color behind the text and vibrant color border makes it look very presentable as well.

Template 3

Labor Day email template

The animated workforce at the top and pictures of the product at the bottom - couldn’t have asked for a better blend of these two elements in the template. 

You can see how each of these templates include necessary information and animation in regards to Labor Day, yet they are not messy. 

How about giving it a shot

The Best Labor Day Email Templates

Attractive Designs. Responsive Format. White-Labeled.
Email Templates

Final Thoughts

We are pretty sure that these tips and suggestions have clarified your confusion about how, when, and why you should design your Labor Day emails. 

Honestly, it’s not hard at all. You can simply follow these tips and your email will be ready to outshine several other promotional emails that people will receive on this holiday. 

Fair enough? So start creating!


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