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🏈 A Huddle of the Best Super Bowl Email Examples [+ Tips]

Mesan Ali

Sports might be an activity for some, but for fanatics, it is their ultimate source of emotion - emotions that drive their mood, behavior, and decision-making. 

Super Bowl is one the biggest sporting events in the USA, and it carries the same essence among the 99 million viewers that watch the game. 

The occasion is seen as one of the most significant marketing opportunities, with every brand and business looking for ways to jump on the bandwagon. 

Sending Super Bowl emails can prove to be a game-changer if you’re looking to make the most of this event. This article covers all that you need to know to send lively Super Bowl emails. 

What is Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl is the final game of the National Football League's season in the US to determine the competition's winner. The game is played every year on the second Sunday of February. 

For context on how big the event is, the biggest pop stars in the country perform during the halftime show. Snoop Dogg and Eminem showed up to grace the stage last year, and Rihanna is set to perform at the Super Bowl 2023.

Super Bowl is the most followed sports event in the US and is therefore used by many businesses to lure in customers. Restaurants, bars, apparel businesses, and others all take the opportunity to announce deals in reference to the event. 

This leads to the planning and implementation of email marketing campaigns that stand out. 

Why Do You Need Super Bowl Emails?

With the Super Bowl, you can expect a lot more digital traffic than any other major event in the country.

Even though the event takes place in February, the hype builds up way before that. This is where Super Bowl emails come in handy to launch your campaigns and become a part of the trend. 

Fans plan well before time on where and with whom they will be watching the game. This is an exceptional opportunity for bars and restaurants to launch their campaigns and let the viewers know what they offer. 

Food, beverages, merchandise, and decor are the main areas of consumer spending during and around the Super Bowl. Just in 2022, the estimated consumer spending for the Super Bowl was $14.6 Billion. Now how can you not cash in on that opportunity? 

Super Bowl emails can help you target the right people directly in their inboxes and turn the occasion to account. 

So, what do you need to do to get your Super Bowl emails right? 

Important Elements of Super Bowl Emails to Perfect

Let's start with some elements that are a must-have for your Super Bowl emails and that you must be highly mindful of.  

Catchy subject line

The subject line is the first point of interaction between the reader and the email. Always remember that you are writing for sports fans and a sporting event, and that element should not be missed in the subject line. 

For example, "Super Bowl with a super sale" or "Bowl, Beer, and Bar with [ Bar/Restaurant Name]."

Creative and unique content

As mentioned earlier, sports drive emotions for many. You can and should put that to use in your content. Add images, videos, quizzes, and more to your emails. Relate your emails to Super Bowl stories and see your engagement rate sky-high.

However, what you're sending is highly dependent on the time you're sending it at. Emails sent before, during, and after the Super Bowl must be very specific. For example, an email to predict the winner would only make sense 1-2 days before the game. 

Attractive design

Design is the trickiest part. Colors, fonts, layout, banner, and call to action buttons are all covered here. You need to ensure each element is placed and colored to go with the design idea. For example, the font color should be in contrast to the background color, same goes for CTA buttons. 

With so many design aspects to take care of, you need a quality email design tool to simplify things. This is where Unlayer steps in - the easiest drag-and-drop email designer that does not require any coding knowledge and makes designing your campaign easier.  

Design Attractive Super Bowl Emails

Responsive, no-code, and white-labeled email templates.
Email Templates

How to Nail Super Bowl Emails? 5 Best Practices 

There’s more to Super Bowl emails than just ensuring you put in the required elements. Certain practices can help boost performance and make a significant difference.

Ensure brand consistency 

Brand identity can take years to build its ground. Make sure you stand by it during your Super Bowl email campaign. Logo, font, color, and brand tone are at the heart of any brand’s identity, and you should not miss out on them. 

You can design and save custom blocks to make branding easier. For example, design header and footers once, and reuse them for all your emails. It helps build brand consistency and saves time when designing emails.

Prioritize personalization 

You will probably be reaching out to a massive audience for this campaign. But this should not hold you back from personalizing your emails which can help increase engagement. You can personalize your Super Bowl emails by: 

  • Using first names with the help of merge tags.
  • Personalize the subject line according to user action.
  • Segment your email list according to user action. 
  • Write your copy according to the user's browser history.  

Plan for send time

The right send time can hugely impact your Super Bowl emails’ success. Welcoming people for a screening at your bar? Send it a week earlier. Seeking game predictions for engagement? Send your emails 2-3 days before the game when excitement levels are high among the fans. 

You can also engage with your audience with emails specific to the match situation at half-time. Or even after the game for post-match celebrations. 

Test for responsiveness

People are likely to interact with your Super Bowl emails using smartphones, and if you don’t prepare your emails for mobile responsiveness, you’ll most definitely fall behind your competition. 

Mobile responsiveness refers to testing your emails for smartphones to ensure subject lines, images, links, and other elements work fine. 

Unlayer should be your go-to solution for designing mobile responsive emails. You can use pre-designed mobile responsive templates and preview your designs for any device. You can also hide certain design elements just for mobile to fit your responsive design needs. 


Anyone can miss an email and lose it in their inbox during busy hours. But you must give those potential customers another chance. This is where retargeting campaigns come in.

Retargeting campaigns are great for trying another shot at engagement from the subscribers that missed it the first time. Send a new email to those who failed to open the first one. 

For example, your first email concerns screening and its limited tickets at your bar. You can use the following email to mention that limited seats are left, targeting the audience that failed to take action the first time. 

5 Great Examples of Super Bowl Emails to Take Inspiration From 

Here, we’ll talk about some of the best examples of Super Bowl emails to show you how top brands benefit from the occasion. 


Super bowl email from ClassPass about nutrition and fitness hacks used by football players. 

ClassPass is a fitness-oriented platform connecting people with the best gym services around them. They also offer nutrition plans and guidance to their customers. See how they use this email to talk about snack hacks used by football players getting ready for the game of the year.

Anyone interested in the fitness routines of football players would surely like to read more.

West Elm

Super Bowl email from West Elm featuring their products and sale. 

West Elm is a home decor and furniture business. Even though they seem remotely relevant for the Super Bowl season, they take a unique approach with this email to make their deals look special for the occasion. 

The use of images in this example is so on point. They focused on showcasing products that will be highly useful for watching the Super Bowl at your home. The design of the email is apt, with all the images focusing on their products.  

Shannon’s Corner

Shannon’s Corner Super Bowl email announcement for a screening event at their bar.

When it's the Super Bowl, it is not only the two teams competing. Sports bars are in for a high challenge to provide the best environment for fans. Shannon's Corner here announces a screening at their bar that will surely bring them a huge audience. 

This email triggers emotion with a jaw-dropping banner, and the CTA takes the subscribers to the website where they can purchase the ticket. 


Bonobos’ Super Bowl email to announce a sale for the mega event. 

So, how does an apparel brand cash in on the occasion of the Super Bowl? Bonobos shows how it's done. For starters, the background image in the email screams football, so anyone would know this is relevant to the Super Bowl. 

The promo code "TOUCHDOWN" makes the 40% off even more relatable for fans. 


Super Bowl email from Bose to share their home theater systems and a sale. 

Bose takes up the Super Bowl opportunity to market their home theater systems. The idea is to sell the experience that would make watching the Super Bowl at home worthwhile. The email offers a CTA button to immediately shop for the selected item, making it a smooth shopping experience. 

These examples should be enough to give you an idea of how your Super Bowl emails should be. 

To make designing easier for yourself, try using Unlayer’s Super Bowl email templates that convert.

3 Unique Super Bowl Email Templates to Design Now

With Unlayer’s range of Super Bowl email templates, you can speed up your journey of launching your campaign. Here are some of those templates that stand out. 

Super Bowl News Email Template

Unlayer’s Super Bowl email template to share news & headlines for the event. 

Are you planning to cover Super Bowl news? Because this is the best template for this purpose. Everything fits well with the occasion, from the header image showing a stadium to the grass-green theme. 

It also shares a perfect preview for each piece of reading with on-point CTA buttons that you wish for your audience to click on. Try now

Super Bowl Streaming Email Template

Super Bowl email template from Unlayer to announce and share your streaming services.

If you offer streaming services and plan to show the Super Bowl live using a reliable HLS player, this template will be a big help. It can be your chance to bring massive traffic to your website, and the excellent email design will definitely help. 

You can easily edit the template to customize it per your brand requirements and share videos to attract the audience. 

Start editing here.

Super Bowl Ecommerce Template

Super Bowl email template from Unlayer for an ecommerce store to announce a sale and feature their product line. 

Any sports shop or e-commerce store can boost their sales with this Super Bowl email template. The template is perfect for announcing your deals and showcasing your best-selling products along with CTAs making shopping easier. 

Begin editing now.

Wrap Up

You are now more than ready to launch your Super Bowl email campaign using the information you have learned above. It is time for you to cash in on the mega event and boost your sales.

Just follow the best practices, and you shall be able to thrive. Good luck!


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