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Our Most Popular Non Profit Email Templates

Kickstart your design process with one of our ready-to-go email templates for Non Profit.

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Our Most Popular Non Profit Email Templates

Kickstart your design process with one of our ready-to-go email templates for Non Profit.

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Kickstart your design process with one of our ready-to-go email templates for Non Profit.

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Free Newsletter Templates for Non Profits

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve resorted to email marketing to raise funds for your nonprofit company. Well, you’re on the right track. 

Email marketing is a sound strategy for any nonprofit, no matter the cause. Emails sent by nonprofits have an open rate of 25.17%, which is greater than the industry average of 21.33%. 

However, with more than 1.5 million nonprofit entities in the US, it can be challenging to stand out. By choosing the right nonprofit newsletter templates, your emails will achieve your desired response. 

How Do I Choose the Best Nonprofit Email Templates? 

Selecting nonprofit newsletter templates is no rocket science. Take into account the below factors when selecting the best template for your nonprofit. 

1. A ‘Donate Now’ CTA Button 

According to a study, 44% of all emails sent by nonprofits are fundraising appeals. Hence, the template chosen should feature a ‘Donate Now’ call to action button. The latter must be linked to the landing page through which prospects can donate funds. 

The CTA button should be of a contrasting color to the background one. It should be placed where the reader won’t miss it and will be more likely to click on it. 

2. The Essential Footer Section 

Where funds are involved, so is the risk of getting scammed. Around 20% of all nonprofit emails get sent to the spam folder, which results in a loss of 92.8 million dollars

To avoid such a fate, choose a template with an appropriate footer section. The latter complies with anti-spam laws and ensures your message gets sent straight to the inbox. The ideal footer should include your postal address, unsubscribe link, contact information, and social media handles. 

3. Adequate Image to Text Ratio

When it comes to allying with a nonprofit, people take their time with research. You can make this process easier by providing them information via emails. However, wordy emails won’t give you any benefit. 

Choose nonprofit email templates that roughly feature 60% text and 40% images. The pictures included should directly show the state of conditions for which support is requested. Impactful imagery is key as 90% of decisions are based on emotions. 

Why Choose Unlayer? 

As a nonprofit, you’re always short on funds. Don’t worry if you can’t afford a designer. Unlayer provides nonprofit email templates that don’t require any coding or design skills. 

Choose from a vast library of 1000+ free and premium templates. All templates are well-designed and are mobile responsive. Use the drag and drop editor to customize templates as per your needs. Add images and videos, include your logo, and explain your story - the choice is all yours. 

Collaborate with team members through the studio and gain their seal of approval instantly. You can also export these templates to your favorite email service providers, like Gmail, Mailchimp, and Hubspot.  Take your nonprofit to new heights with Unlayer. Start designing now!

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Drag & Drop Email Editor for Non Profit

Unlayer is a drag-and-drop email editor that allows you to quickly design email templates from scratch or with the help of hundreds of professionally designed email templates for Non Profit. By using Unlayer, you can customize your own responsive HTML emails and export the messages to Non Profit to share them with your email subscribers.

How to export a template?

To send a email template to Non Profit, use the Unlayer editor to create your email campaign. When you are done designing, you will be taken to a page with campaign details. Click on the "Export Campaign" button and select "Push to ESP" from the menu of options.

From there, just click on Non Profit and your email will instantly be sent to your Non Profit account. (If you haven't already connected your Non Profit account via Settings, you'll need to do so here). In your Non Profit dashboard, you'll find the message as a new Non Profit template.

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