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Our Most Popular Rewards Email Templates

Kickstart your design process with one of our ready-to-go email templates for Rewards.

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Our Most Popular Rewards Email Templates

Kickstart your design process with one of our ready-to-go email templates for Rewards.

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Templates built for every need

Kickstart your design process with one of our ready-to-go email templates for Rewards.

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Free Email Templates for Rewards

Every digital business seeks customer satisfaction and a high engagement rate and using your emails to announce deals, discounts, and special offers for your customers engages them more deeply. You can devise different promotional and referral email strategies to make this work for you.

To bring such strategies into practice, you can use reward email templates. They make sharing special deals with your subscribers smoother. When sending out a special offer, you need to do more than make an announcement. You need to get your subscribers excited about the deal and entice them to take action. And that is precisely what Unlayer’s reward email templates will do for you. 

Before we meddle into why Unlayer’s reward email templates are the best for you, let’s talk about what makes a good reward email. 

Reward Email Elements To Be Mindful About

Going through hundreds of templates and selecting the right one for your next offering is, quite frankly, a tedious process. Here we have all the essential elements of rewards email templates lined up to help make your decision easier:

Loud announcement

Keeping your offer at the center of your email helps grab the reader's attention right away. Putting up the offer in bold and block letters to make the announcement loud is the key to getting your customer all geared up to take action. 

Use colors that stand out

Vibrant and contrasting colors can be vital to your rewards email design. Important elements in your email, for example the CTA button or the rewards being offered, can be highlighted with the help of unique colors. 

Clear and obvious CTA

A simple Call To Action increases the chances of the user taking action. Make sure your CTA button is clear and obvious to help the customer use the offer immediately with a single click. 

What Makes Unlayer the Perfect Choice?

Unlayer brings you reward email templates that are aesthetically curated, keeping modern design principles at the forefront. These templates take care of all the right elements you need and offer you all the room for personalization. 

With Unlayer’s drag-and-drop functionality editing those templates to your requirements becomes a breeze. You can also save custom design blocks and reuse them, making branding a walk in the park. 

Once your design is ready, you can export and use it with many leading email service providers, including Gmail, ActiveCampaign, and Campaign Monitor. 

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Drag & Drop Email Editor for Rewards

Unlayer is a drag-and-drop email editor that allows you to quickly design email templates from scratch or with the help of hundreds of professionally designed email templates for Rewards. By using Unlayer, you can customize your own responsive HTML emails and export the messages to Rewards to share them with your email subscribers.

How to export a template?

To send a email template to Rewards, use the Unlayer editor to create your email campaign. When you are done designing, you will be taken to a page with campaign details. Click on the "Export Campaign" button and select "Push to ESP" from the menu of options.

From there, just click on Rewards and your email will instantly be sent to your Rewards account. (If you haven't already connected your Rewards account via Settings, you'll need to do so here). In your Rewards dashboard, you'll find the message as a new Rewards template.

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