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Our Most Popular Terms of Service Email Templates

Kickstart your design process with one of our ready-to-go email templates for Terms of Service.

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Our Most Popular Terms of Service Email Templates

Kickstart your design process with one of our ready-to-go email templates for Terms of Service.

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Kickstart your design process with one of our ready-to-go email templates for Terms of Service.

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Free Terms of Service Email Templates

Terms of service are no longer the document that users skip through without giving it, at least, a quick scan. This is because the terms of service emails are gaining more and more importance with the changing infoSec landscape. 

Terms of service emails help your brand be transparent and communicate all the legal conditions from your end. This enables you to gain customer loyalty and trust. Such policy emails also help you protect yourself on all legal grounds. 

Therefore, it is vital for any brand to craft terms of service emails to present their legalities before onboarding any customers. Now your concern must be how one designs a terms of service email. 

Well, this is where terms of service email templates play their part. With these templates, you don’t need to worry about the design layout; just get your emails ready with a few tweaks. 

With hundreds and thousands of email templates available online, it is certainly not easy to select the right one. 

We will help you knock that challenge out of your way!

Tips to Select The Best Terms of Service Email Template

Selecting the suitable template for your terms of service emails will help keep user engagement high. The correct template will also help deliver the terms smoothly enough for the user to read and understand. 

Here’s what you need to look for when choosing a terms of service email template:

Keeps it simple

A terms of service email template will always have very light graphics and images to ensure the focus is at  the content. 

Adding too many colors or unnecessary design patterns will make the email too flashy, which is different from how a terms of service email template should be. 

Room for branding

A little space to include your logo and mark the email with your brand colors is essential. The email template should give you slight room for branding to ensure you can represent the ownership of the email. 

Single-column layout

Multiple columns can be confusing for terms of service email. When choosing a template, ensure it follows a single-column layout to allow simpler navigation throughout the email. This would also make your email copy more readable. 

Significant Content Space

A terms of service email will always have loads of information due to all the legal claims you have to file. The suitable template will give you all the space to include that information in your email. 

The content is the most valuable section of this email and you cannot risk reducing it due to lack of space. 

How Does Unlayer Help You With Terms of Service Emails?

Unlayer provides you with terms of service email templates that ensure high performance and engagement. The templates keep the best design practices at the forefront and give you enough room for customization according to your needs. 

Being a drag-and-drop email editor, Unlayer makes it a breeze for you to edit these templates. Unlayer gives you AI features like smart headings and image generator to help come up with original headings and images. 

It further comes to your aid with a range of mobile-responsive email templates and effortless personalization with the help of merge tags. 

Finally, you can export your emails with an email service provider of your choice. Sounds too good to be true? You can see for yourself with a free 14-day trial.

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Terms of Service

Drag & Drop Email Editor for Terms of Service

Unlayer is a drag-and-drop email editor that allows you to quickly design email templates from scratch or with the help of hundreds of professionally designed email templates for Terms of Service. By using Unlayer, you can customize your own responsive HTML emails and export the messages to Terms of Service to share them with your email subscribers.

How to export a template?

To send a email template to Terms of Service, use the Unlayer editor to create your email campaign. When you are done designing, you will be taken to a page with campaign details. Click on the "Export Campaign" button and select "Push to ESP" from the menu of options.

From there, just click on Terms of Service and your email will instantly be sent to your Terms of Service account. (If you haven't already connected your Terms of Service account via Settings, you'll need to do so here). In your Terms of Service dashboard, you'll find the message as a new Terms of Service template.

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