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12 Best Marketing Newsletters for Aspiring Marketers

Saffa Faisal

What do a marathoner and a marketer have in common? 

Just when they think they’ve won, they’re reminded of the long journey ahead. 

Being a marketer is no joke - it’s one of the toughest professions out there. It’s even more challenging to prove your skills in today’s competitive environment. According to Forbes, it’s hard to find a good marketer in today’s day, and age since marketing is changing at the speed of light. 

If you’re an aspiring marketer looking to make it big, this article is for you. We discuss the 12 best marketing newsletters you should subscribe to now. Signing up to them will provide you with the knowledge that matters - no fluff. 

Let’s get started.

12 Best Marketing Newsletters You Need to Subscribe Now 

Are you ready to have your mind blown with the best marketing wisdom there is? Hold on tight. 

1. VeryGoodCopy 

Niche: Copywriting

Frequency: Anytime Eddie creates something new 

Eddie from VeryGoodCopy creates a killer newsletter. What we love most about it is its rawness. Almost all newsletters are sent on a fixed schedule, even if there’s nothing new to add. But with VGC, you receive the coffee when the beans are roasted fresh. 

Be it micro articles and interviews or copywriting courses, newsletters from VGC feel extremely personalized. Knowledge is shared through storytelling rather than a formal essay. It’s always a pleasure to read copywriting techniques written in a humane and amusing way. 

VeryGoodCopy Newsletter

2. Marketing Dive

Niche: Marketing

Frequency: Daily/Weekly

The newsletters from Marketing Dive have gathered a sizeable fan following over the years. What sets them apart is the time needed to digest them. In only 60 seconds, you’re provided with all that is buzzing in the marketing world. Social media, video marketing, gaming, marketing technology, and analytics - they cover them all!

Their popularity is such that they have multiple newsletters for different interests. You can choose from Daily Dive, Mobile Weekly, or Agencies Weekly or select them all. 

3. Unlayer 

Niche: Email Design and Email Marketing

Frequency: Monthly 

Newsletters from Unlayer are better described as email design perfection. Not only are they a treat for the eyes, but they include valuable information from the world of email marketing. 

The monthly newsletter shares company updates, exciting new features, popular templates, and tried and tested tips. Our favorite section is that of monthly takeaways. The latter shares bite-sized nuggets of wisdom that all email marketers must know. For those that have a larger appetite for information, relative blogs articles are linked. 

The below newsletter is getting our creative juices flowing. You can subscribe to Unlayer's newsletter here.

Newsletter from Unlayer

4. Moz

Niche: Search engine optimization

Frequency: Bi-monthly 

The SEO solutions provided by Moz have made a strong name in the industry - their newsletter is no less. The Moz Top 10 is a compilation of 10 valuable articles written by its expert staff. 

The good folks at Moz wanted to create a newsletter that saved you time and effort. They wanted to present all the latest happenings, so you don’t have to search for them actively. Well, they sure have been successful with that. 

The newsletter list dows the articles and gives a short description under each so you can pick and choose which to read and which to ignore. 

5. AdFreak

Niche: Advertising

Frequency: Daily 

If you’re looking for some gold ol’ inspiration, you should be subscribing to Adfreak asap. 

Adfreak’s newsletters share the best advertising campaigns from various agencies and companies. Not only that, but its industry experts share their two cents about what they like and dislike about these ads. The newsletter also includes tips and tricks related to the world of creativity and advertisements. 

The minimal black, white, and red theme make it appear professional and classic. 

Newsletter from AdFreak

6. Intercom 

Niche: Customer relationship management

Frequency: Weekly

The customer messaging platform has more than 40,000 subscribers to its newsletter called ‘Inside Intercom.’ 

Every week, you’ll receive content related to customer support, marketing, and product management. Freshly brewed articles written by the company’s editorial team are shared that feature their insights, tips, and lessons. 

7. Buffer

Niche: Social media marketing

Frequency: Weekly

Buffer is considered the expert in all things social media marketing. They pour all their suggestions into their weekly newsletter, to which more than 45,000 marketers have subscribed. 

What should you expect? Social media tips, latest blogs, experiments, and case studies. They also include email-exclusive content meant specifically for the eyes of their subscribers.

Newsletter from Buffer

8. Content Marketing Institute

Niche: Content marketing

Frequency: Daily/Weekly

With over 200,000 subscribers, newsletters from CMI should be your first choice when learning about content marketing. 

CMI’s newsletters have been broken down into 8 different types, so you only receive the information you’re interested in. From ‘Today in Content Marketing’ to ‘This Week in Content Marketing’ to ‘CMWorld Community News,’ there is valuable knowledge in all. 

With CMI newsletters, you’ll be receiving a summary of its articles, tips and tricks, news, and even current job openings. 

9. Really Good Emails 

Niche: Email design

Frequency: Bi-weekly

Really Good Emails is like the Pinterest of the email world. It creates a community where good-looking emails are shared and loved.

Each newsletter shares a featured article that is explained in detail. This is followed by a series of articles written by writers of different email marketing companies. Our favorite section is that of the ‘Email Gif of the Week,’ showing how emails can be taken to the next level by focusing on their design. 

Newsletter from Really Good Emails

10. Neil Patel 

Niche: Search engine optimization

Frequency: Every 3rd day 

If you’re a marketer, it’s impossible not to know about Neil Patel - he is a marketing genius. Even Forbes says he’s one of the world’s top 10 marketers. Why wouldn’t you want to subscribe to his newsletter? 

Every week, Neil shares strategies, step-by-step guides, and tips related to the world of SEO. What we love the most is the simplicity of the newsletter. It has a plain text interface with a few embedded links. The newsletters are concise and mimic the likes of having a conversation directly with Neil.  

11. Copyblogger 

Niche: Copywriting/Content Marketing 

Frequency: Weekly

No marketing communication can succeed without an effective copy. The expert team at Copyblogger has written over 3,000 articles sharing their industry knowledge and insider tips with others. 

To make this more digestible, they launched a newsletter that discussed these important topics, one by one. These newsletters also share insights from their many ebooks so that you become a skilled content writer in no time. 

Newsletter from Copyblogger

12. Hubspot

Niche: Marketing

Frequency: Daily/Weekly

Hubspot’s newsletter has a subscriber base of over 350,000 people. In this newsletter, you can expect to receive a roundup of Hubspot’s top-performing blogs along with actionable tips and tricks.

What we love most about Hubspot’s newsletter is the level of personalization offered. You can opt to receive content related to marketing, sales, service, or website. You can also choose whether to receive these newsletters on a daily or weekly basis. 


There you have it; the best marketing newsletters you should subscribe to. Sign up to them today to become a skilled marketer many will admire. 

And if you want to create your own newsletter, this guide is the one you need to read. 

Newsletter Templates That Convert Crazy Good

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