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5 Effective Newsletter Introduction Examples + Tips

Mesan Ali

Are you looking out for the secret sauce to get your email newsletters right? Congratulations, you’ve landed at just the right spot! This is where we ensure that your newsletter introduction is on point and gets the reader hooked. 

With almost 347.3 billion emails sent daily, getting your emails opened, read, and your subscribers' intended actions performed, is quite a challenge. At the same time, it also presents how big the industry is and the opportunity in the area. 

In this article, we bring you some of the best tips and newsletter introduction examples to help you elevate your newsletter game. 

Best Practices to Write a Newsletter Introduction That Stands Out

Best practice to follow when writing a newsletter introduction.

Attention spans are getting shorter, the levels of patience have decreased, and only a good piece of copy can keep your reader hooked through the introduction and read the complete newsletter. 

A good introduction follows a flexible set of rules, but there are tips to improve it. Not every piece of advice applies to every newsletter, but the art here is knowing what fits your subscribers perfectly. 

Here are some tips to follow when getting your hands dirty with a newsletter introduction: 

Skip the fluff content 

Forced fillers have no space in the modern-day content. When your introduction stops providing value, you lose the reader's attention. Proofread your content to ensure there's no fluff and every word serves a purpose: preparing the reader for what comes in the entire email. 

You benefit the most from this practice by avoiding fluff, sticking to your conversational tone, and keeping the readability intact. For example,

"Hi [First Name],

We’re back with your Monday morning espresso, in newsletter form! This week, we list the top 5 stock investment opportunities. Let’s dive in…"

Go for a one liner

The idea of one-liners may sound easier, but you realize the challenge once you write one. One-liners require you to make every word count, deliver the punch, and steal the audience's attention, all with a few words. 

Now, one-liners are not a solution for all your newsletter intros, but if it serves the purpose for you, they should be the way to go. One-liners are also easier to combine with graphics or images in your introduction. Here’s what one line introduction could look like, 

“Nutrition is 70% of your workout: never eat wrong with all the diet hacks covered in this week's feature.”

Add an intriguing question

A question in your newsletter intro can strike immediate interest from the reader. However, you must ask something that sparks intrigue and makes the reader want to dig down to learn more. 

For example, "Will marketing investments continue to be a risk this year?" 

Share a valuable stat

We seldom find attention grabbers stronger than relevant facts or numbers. If your newsletter covers a topic that allows you to lead with a stat, then that's where you begin to pique your user's interest. 

Stats help quantify the topic under discussion and give a more vital perspective to the reader. Ensure the stat shared has a news value and is highly relevant to the topic. Here's an example of how you can make a difference by using stats:

"Global AI market value expected to reach $267 billion by 2027."

Start with a striking image

They don’t say it for nothing: A picture is worth a thousand words. This is why starting your newsletter with an image is a great idea. The email below from Paire shows a great example of an image's impact on your newsletter's introduction.

Newsletter email example from Paire
Really Good Emails

Write a bold statement

Bringing something new to the table makes grabbing the reader's attention easier. An awe-inducing opening statement is always a great magnet. However, the challenge here is to avoid being clickbait. For example, 

"AI will probably most likely lead to the end of the world." Sam Altman

Identify a common trait

If you know your audience, you know what their challenges are. Pick one such relevant topic, and that's where your newsletter starts. A common trait spikes relevance for the reader and serves as a great hook. For example,

"Hi [First Name],

These five soccer drills helped me increase endurance, and I am sure they will be useful for you too."

Personalize the message

Personalized content always hits differently. Personalization means starting your newsletter by addressing with the recipient's first name and making it sound like a direct conversation with them. You can take this a step further by segmenting your email lists and sending more relevant information for each list. Here's an example,

Hi [First Name],

After successfully landing multiple freelance gigs, I have shortlisted my 5 top tips for writing your cover letter. If you're stuck in the same boat, you'll find the solution here."

These tips are explained even better with real-life examples. 

5 Examples to Inspire Your Next Newsletter Introduction 

We have shortlisted a few great examples of newsletter introductions to help you craft your next one. 


Wellfound is a job hunt platform that shares insights in its newsletter to help people get their desired jobs. See how they start their introduction with a relevant stat to grab their audience's attention.

Newsletter email example from Wellfound
Really Good Emails

Mockup Maison

Mockup Maison serves its customers with high-end design mockups to assist their marketing campaigns. See how they leave out all fluff content to make their introduction highly valuable.  

Newsletter email example from Mockup Maison
Really Good Emails

Inspiration Cruises and Tours

Inspiration Cruises and Tours manage trips for churches and ministries. Their newsletter introduction gives a quick overview of all the topics covered. 

Newsletter email example from Inspiration Cruises and Tours
Really Good Emails


Reelgood streaming services are top notch, and so are their newsletters. See how they start their newsletter with a bold statement. 

Newsletter email example from Reelgood.
Really Good Emails


Playdate, a handheld game, comes with a catalog of games for its customers. Their newsletter is all about updates to the catalog and new games announced. See how they keep it simple and inform users about the new game titles. 

Newsletter email example from Playdate
Really Good Emails

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Final Words

With all the essential tips and multiple newsletter introduction examples, you are ready to get started with your own. Expect a little uncertainty initially, but as you learn more about your audience, your intros will continue to get more aligned.


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