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Best Real Estate Newsletters to Inspire Your Design

Mesan Ali

The real estate market has always been a difficult one to keep track of. Due to the vast scope of the industry, every real estate professional keeps their eye out for good outlets that help them stay close and relevant. 

Thanks to newsletters, the challenge to keep up with the real estate market is now different. If you have subscribed to the suitable collection, you can have all the relevant updates in your email inbox. 

With newsletters taking charge, you must look up to the best real estate newsletters to take inspiration from. With the high demand, the competition is tougher, and you need to bring your A-game to the table. 

Lucky for you, this article brings you everything you need to get started. 

What is a Real Estate Newsletter? 

A real estate newsletter is a marketing email that agents and companies use to maintain periodic communication with their subscribers. Such newsletters can be for real estate agents, brokers, industry experts, investors, and even general buyers.

A generic newsletter would be for all of these individuals in the industry, but some are for specific professionals in the industry. Because of this, real estate newsletter content can vary a lot, but it often includes: 

  • Property Listings 
  • Market Updates 
  • Tips and Advice
  • Neighborhood Profiles 
  • Industry News
  • Client Testimonials
  • Company Announcements 
  • Events and Open Houses 

Why Send a Real Estate Newsletter? 

With multiple types of newsletters surfacing, sending a real estate newsletter serves several vital purposes for professionals, businesses, and others. Following are some compelling reasons to use real estate newsletters:

  • It helps you maintain consistent communication with your clients. Your business name stays on top of their minds, which is beneficial when the need arises. 
  • In this connection-driven industry, newsletters are vital to building and nurturing client relationships, which help the business grow. 
  • By sharing valuable insights, market updates, and expert advice in your newsletters, you can establish yourself as a trustworthy authority in the real estate field. 
  • Newsletters are also used for showcasing property listings to a targeted audience. This can help generate interest from potential buyers or renters and expedite property sales or rentals.
  • In this fast-paced business, you must keep relevant to stay ahead of your competitors. This is only possible through regular means of communication with potential clients. 
  • When you provide valuable information in your newsletters, clients are more likely to share it with friends, family, or colleagues who may also be in the market for real estate services. This can lead to valuable referrals.

Overall, a real estate newsletter is a great strategy to benefit your business and help your clients simultaneously. It is also a great way to build your authority in the industry, which is very effective in the long run to help grow your business. 

What Can You Add To Your Real Estate Newsletter?

Depending on the audience you intend to target, you can go about your real estate newsletter in many different ways. Different niches that you can make your voice expert for include:

What goes into a real estate newsletter?

Community events

You can use your newsletter to talk about any community events. You can update your audience with event details and tell them how they can benefit from it. 

Market updates

The real estate market sees frequent changes, and it is crucial for everyone involved to be updated regularly. Including market updates in your newsletter will help you become a go-to news source for your audience. 

Expert advice

If you are an expert in the industry, you definitely have words of wisdom to share with the audience and help them make an informed decision. Use your newsletter to share your expert advice; you will not regret it. 

Local news

If you are targeting the local audience of your area, you can stick to news from the neighborhood. People love to know what’s new in the neighborhood: who has moved in; who has moved in; what property is on the market; and your newsletter can be the source of that. You can inform people about who’s selling or buying a property in the area. 

Listing alerts

The most important section in any real estate newsletter is about what’s available in the market. Most people are looking for a good investment opportunity. Weekly or bi-monthly listing alerts for the best properties or deals available will make your newsletter gain more attention.

3 Real Estate Newsletters You Need to Follow

Before starting your newsletter, you must have the right examples to look up to. An inspiration from the leading examples in the market will surely help you grow a lot. Following are some of the best real estate newsletters you should follow: 

New York Times: Real Estate

One of the biggest names in this space is the NY Times newsletter “Real Estate: What You Get” and “Real Estate: The Hunt.” 

Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced individual, there’s something for everyone in this weekly piece. What You Get brings you three pieces of property from different parts of the world at the same price. This is a fascinating take on the price differences between similar properties worldwide. 

The Hunt is a more traditional form of real estate newsletter. Using this, the NY Times targets buyers, sellers, renters, industry professionals, and everyone else who’s looking to get involved in the market. 

So, if you are looking to work in a similar niche and cover a bit of everything, this is the newsletter inspiration you need. 

Realtor Magazine

An official newsletter by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) with nationwide coverage of the real estate industry. What makes this a top pick is the ability to customize the newsletter content as per your needs. 

Realtor Magazine brings you an extensive range of updates that you can opt for. News, updates, tips, market reports, personalized news, and more. The newsletter comes in segments with different combinations of services that you would like to avail. 

This is a great inspiration if you are looking to divide your real estate newsletter into multiple segments.   


Another top real estate newsletter to follow is HousingWire, which mainly targets real estate and mortgage professionals across the country. Subscribers can either opt for a generic newsletter to get day-to-day updates about the industry or tailor the newsletter to their needs by choosing from various options. 

This includes news and updates for mortgage professionals, real estate agents and brokers, news for appraisal professionals, and many other options. If you are looking for custom updates or just generic ones, HousingWire is a highly reliable option. 

Real Estate Newsletter Examples For Inspiration


Real estate newsletter example by Den
Source: Really Good Emails

Den’s real estate newsletter talks about how the subscribers can avail their services for improved living. How their services can be used to build a better home and what new plans they have to offer. 


Real estate newsletter example by Mynd
Source: Really Good Emails

Mynd uses its real estate newsletter to update users about the industry and continues sharing what’s hot in the market. You also get one great investment option as an example of market highlight. 


Real estate newsletter example by Houzz
Source: Really Good Emails

Houzz is a real estate business focusing on renovation and latest design trends. Their newsletter brings you the most exciting renovation stories to keep you updated on the modern housing design.


Real estate newsletter example by Zillow
Source: Really Good Emails

Zillow is another great example of a leading real estate newsletter. You can see how the design focuses on graphics showing images that hold esteem value for real estate newsletters. You can also notice that multiple CTAs are the way to go for real estate newsletters. 

Authentic Form and Function

Real estate newsletter example by Authentic Form & Function
Source: Really Good Emails

Another great newsletter example that gives you quality insight on design by Authentic Form & Function. The newsletter shares multiple stories about the current market situation but focuses on a single CTA. There’s constant use of graphics and minimal white spaces throughout the newsletter. 

Real Estate Newsletter Templates You Can Use

Designing from scratch is always tougher and the right email template can save you a lot of time. Following are some real estate newsletter templates to save time for you. 

Template 1

Real estate newsletter template by Unlayer
Use this template

This newsletter template is perfect for sharing multiple stories or even a listing. You can feature your favorite one at the top and continue with other options below. 

Template 2

Real estate newsletter template by Unlayer
Use this template

If you are looking to build a newsletter focusing on listings, this is the template for you. Start with exciting graphics and redirect your audience to your listing page. 

Template 3

Real estate newsletter template by Unlayer
Use this template

As a real estate agent or broker, this template is awesome to get you started. Kick off your newsletter by telling about yourself and sharing your mission statement. 

How Unlayer Makes Designing Newsletter Easier? 

With Unlayer, designing your emails becomes a task for beginners. An extremely user-friendly drag-and-drop editor makes editing and crafting emails a walk in the park. This is supported by many other powerful features and a library of 1,500+ email templates, which never lets you run out of ideas. 

Now, Unlayer is powered by AI features to help you write email copy and generate original images. The tool allows you to export your email with a range of ESPs and send it to your subscribers immediately. It is super easy to get started with a free 14-day trial right away and get hands-on experience with the best tool in the market.  

Design Real Estate Newsletters With Unlayer

Easy Interface. Responsive Design. Attractive Templates.
Email Templates

Final Words

Knowing the best real estate newsletters, amazing examples and templates, you are now ready to get started with your own and capture the interest of your audience. Launch your newsletter knowing who leads the industry and what you need to do to compete with the very best. 


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