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2024’s Loveliest Picks: Best Valentine's Day Cards [+Wishes]

Sunila Javed

And the countdown to the special day of the year— the day of hearts—  begins. It’s that time of the year when you have butterflies in your stomach to do something extra that melts the heart of your loved one.🫀

Yes, you got me right! 

February 14th is just around the corner. 😍

Whether you are celebrating with your better half, best friend, or teacher or rocking this year solo, we have handpicked the best Valentine’s cards to make your loved one feel special. 

From lovely notes that tug at the heartstrings of your special someone to cool designs that are a feast for their eyes, we have got you covered.

A Look Back at the First Valentine - All the Way From Prison 🕊️

Let’s first rewind the clock when a lovebird wrote the very first heartfelt note to their Valentine.    

Let's go back to 1415 when the Duke of Orléans Charles penned a lovely message to his sweetheart Isabella straight from the dark dungeons of his prison cell. The saddest part of this super cute love story is that he couldn’t see his beloved’s reaction because she had expired before they got a chance to reunite. 

Here’s the poem that Charles wrote to his Valentine Isabella: 

Charles's poem for his Valentine Isabella

3 Ingredients to Add Extra Flavors to Your Valentine’s Day Card! 💌

Make sure your letter is as special as your love, and here’s the secret recipe to it:

1. Introduction

Every love letter needs an epic start. But how you customize it is what makes your card super hot.

Here’s how to start your Valentine’s Day card:

  • To my bestie,
  • To my love this Valentine's Day,
  • To my darling this universal romance day, 
  • To my special someone,
  • For the apple of my eyes,

Remember, the opening words you choose should reflect your relationship with the person you are sending the card to. 

2. Valentine’s Day greeting

Penning your card is a super way to make your wish more personal and heartfelt. Add a special note that leaves your Valentine falling for you once again. We have got plenty of Valentine’s Day wishes in this post for you to choose from.

3. Sign-off 

Congrats, you have made it to the end of crafting a card sealed with love 💌. Now, the only thing left is a warm closing before you do your signatures.

Here are a few to pick from:

  • Hugs & kisses, 
  • Love,
  • Forever yours,
  • All my heart,

🔥 Bonus Tip: Once you are done making your card, email it to your significant other at 12:00 am sharp and make them feel super special!   

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5 Best Valentine's Day Cards - To Win Hearts This 14th! 🥂

Here are our very favorite ones to add a pinch of love to your significant other’s day:

1. Best Valentine's Day cards for your best friend

Who says Valentine’s Day is only about romantic love? Make your bestie the MVP of your heart with our specially picked card that is enough to celebrate your friendship. 

Here you go!

Valentine’s Day card for best friend
Personalize it! 💌

2. Best Valentine's Day cards for her

Are you looking to send your queen the cutest card this Valentine’s Day? What are you waiting for? Use our best-designed card for her, and you can even customize it to match your love language.

Valentine’s Day card for her
Personalize it! 💌

3. Best Valentine's Day cards for him

Do you want to make this February 14th a super cheesy, lovey-dovey day for your man? Choose one of our best Valentine’s Day cards to make your man feel like a king.

Valentine’s Day card for him
Personalize it! 💌

4. Best Valentine's Day cards for your teacher

Don’t you think that the one who shapes minds deserves recognition? Show love and gratitude to your real-life superheroes—teachers— with our most thoughtful Valentine’s Day cards. 

Valentine’s Day card for teacher
Personalize it! 💌

5. Best Valentine’s Day gift card

What if you are looking for a gift card that melts the heart of your Valentine? Don’t sweat. We have got you covered. 😎

Use this gift card as a token of affection and make your loved one feel truly special.  

Valentine’s Day gift card 
Personalize it! 💌

Best Valentine's Day Messages - Straight From the Heart! 

Send your loved one the cutest and most romantic wishes on this global day of romance! 

Here you go:

1. For spouse or partner

1️⃣ Love doing this life thing with you. 

2️⃣ You melt my heart every moment I am with you. 

3️⃣ You complete me.

4️⃣ Just love coming home to you.

5️⃣ Thank you for being my soulmate.

2.  For boyfriend

1️⃣ Happy Valentine’s Day to my man!

2️⃣ You’re my fantasy ever after!

3️⃣ There’s this man who stole my heart, and I can call him mine.

4️⃣ You, the love of my life and the man of my dreams.

5️⃣ Oh, my MR. Handsome! I love you to infinity.

3. For girlfriend

1️⃣ Hey, my love! You are one in a minion!

2️⃣ You’re everything I wished for.

3️⃣ My heart skips a beat every time I see you.

4️⃣ Lucky me to have you in my life.

5️⃣ Love you, my forever Valentine!

Valentine’s Day meme by Imgflip
Source: Imgflip

4. For a longtime love

1️⃣ For you, always!

2️⃣ With each other through our best & worst, and a love forever young.

3️⃣ Here’s to a lifetime of love and cherished moments together.

4️⃣ Lucky to have you with me in this journey called life.

5️⃣ Happy Valentine’s Day to my constant half.

5. For parents

1️⃣ Happy love day to my everything.

2️⃣ You are the best mom, the best friend, and the best Valentine. 

3️⃣ Happy Valentine’s Day to the best dad in the world.

4️⃣ Dear Dad and Mom, you are the reason I believe in love.

5️⃣ Love you two more than words can even say.

6. For fun-loving partners

So, maybe going romantic isn’t your style. That’s perfectly fine. Love does not always have to be expressed that way. 

You can show someone how much they mean to you, even in a light-hearted, funny way.

Here’s how:

Funny Valentine’s Day messages

7. For fiance

1️⃣ You’re my homeland.

2️⃣ You, the best decision of my life.

3️⃣ Here’s to the one whom I can’t wait to marry.

4️⃣ Can't wait to do life with you.

5️⃣ Happy Valentine’s Day to my forever one.

8. For kids

1️⃣ You’re the light of my eyes. 

2️⃣ I hope you get a surprise visit from Valentine Duckling.

3️⃣ You are the reason for my smile every day. Love you, my baby!

4️⃣ You have my heart since the day you came into my life.

5️⃣ Happy Valentine’s Day to the sweetest blessings of all time.

Valentine’s Day meme by Quick meme
Source: Quick meme

9. For siblings

1️⃣ You are my only strength and the only weakness. 

2️⃣ When it comes to a great Valentine, you fit in the definition very well.

3️⃣ Here’s to the one whom I have loved since day one!

4️⃣ Life is beautiful because I have you as my brother. 

5️⃣ Love you, forever and always!

10. For friends

1️⃣ Happy 14th Feb to my 24/7!

2️⃣ Yes, besties are the best dates ever.

3️⃣ Wish you a Valentine’s Day as sweet as you are.

4️⃣ Thank you for being you. I love you, my friend. 

5️⃣ Happy Valentine’s Day to my best pal on earth.

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FAQs About Valentine’s Day Cards

Q1: Who buys more Valentine’s Day cards?

It’s Ladies! Ladies buy 85% of Valentine’s Day cards and take the lead in spreading love.

Q2: How many Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged every year?

Around 145 million Valentine’s Day cards are shared each year, making it the second-biggest card-exchanging holiday in the world. Spreading love is really a big deal!

Q3: Who is the #1 recipient of Valentine's Day cards?

Teachers get the most Valentine's Day cards. How sweet!

Wrap Up!

Ready to make your loved one’s day? Pick one of our best Valentine’s Day cards, pour your heart out, and make this special day a day to remember.

Here’s to creating unforgettable memories! 💌


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