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11 Valentine’s Day Email Ideas: Tips, Examples & Templates

Rida Ali Khan

Is your town (and inbox) turning red? 

Well, then it’s that time of the year when love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is approaching.  

Honestly, February 14 is a joyful day for everyone across the globe, and the whole world looks forward to something rosy. Statistics say that Valentine’s Day spending reached approximately $26 billion in 2023, while an average person spent around $193 on this event. 

If you’re an email marketer planning to create Valentine’s Day emails, we have good news for you. 

That is, here you are going to find the best ideas, tips, and examples to create Valentine’s Day emails that will make you your subscriber's beloved cupid and your brand’s new star. 

To start with let’s look at some ideas for Valentine’s Day email campaigns.

11 Promising Ideas for Valentine’s Day Email Campaigns

You know what the biggest complication about love is? If you don’t express it right, you mess it up. So, how about helping your customers do it right? 

You can do this by sending your subscribers the right gift suggestions. Here are 11 ways to do so.

1. Choose a trendy idea

One way to stay on top of your game is by staying up to date and trendy. 

For instance, if you’re a fashion brand, you can sport some Y2K fashion in red color and introduce an exclusive clothing line for Valentine's Day. 

Similarly, fitness is trendy these days. So, if you have a gym or healthcare brand, you can offer an exclusive discount for couples. 

Choose a trendy campaign for your Valentine’s Day email

2. Emphasize on visuals

Research says that 90% of the information transferred to the brain is visual. 

So, make sure you use the power of images in your email. It can be either in the form of your Valentine’s Day collection, a heartwarming message from your brand, or flaunting the color red in your Valentine’s Day email design. 

You can also embed cute videos in your email that are related to Valentine’s Day. 

3. Give suggestions

Helping your customers on this special day will make you their favorite fairy god, umm marketer.

You can send your subscribers an exclusive gift guide with suggestions to send the perfect gift. Not to forget that this gift guide should not be limited to couples only.

For instance, if you’re a brand that sells flowers and bouquets, then you can guide your customers to pick the perfect flowers for each loved one.  

Give suggestions in your Valentine’s Day email

4. Remember the singles

Singles feel the same way about Valentine’s Day as cats feel about water. So what if you revamp this image for them? 

Introduce a campaign that caters to your subscribers who are single on this special day. Something that goes like “50% off on all items for singles only” or if you’re from the food industry, you can offer the singles to bring any loved one as their date and offer them a discount. 

They will adore you for this. 

5. Become their Valentine

One of the sweet gestures you can show as a brand on Valentine’s Day is to become your subscriber's Valentine. Try it out, it’s pretty wholesome. 

So, you can send your subscribers a heartwarming wish and assure them that you’re a keeper. It's nice when brands give attention to nurturing relationships with subscribers. 

Here's an email example from Stocksy that precisely knows how to be the Valentine for their subscribers.

Valentine’s Day email example from Stocksy.

6. Pitch an outstanding offer

Remember, the competition is pretty tough. So it would help if you came up with an idea that makes your subscriber say “Yes!” to you only. 

This is the time when you send a promotional email. Something like “We’re offering free delivery till 12 am or 50% off on items on the 13th of February.”

Before you introduce your offer, make sure that you run an extensive competitor analysis because you need to make your offer beat everyone else's. 

7. Narrate a story

Do you love hearing about someone’s struggle to find true love?

We’re pretty sure that’s a yes. So here’s an idea. 

You can narrate a love story that features your product or service. A wise way of doing this will be by incorporating interactive elements in your email to encourage clicks and conversions from your subscribers. 

But don’t get carried away because it will only sound cool if that story revolves around your brand. 

Narrate a story in your Valentine’s Day email

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8. Valentine’s ft. post-COVID

Even though the pandemic is over, a lot of people still don't feel comfortable going to crowded places and celebrating Valentine’s Day like they used to. However, the celebratory theme of the holiday remains unchanged. So, how about easing it down for your subscribers? 

What you can do is run a campaign where you can send exclusive e-cards to your subscribers. This way, they can celebrate with their loved ones while still following the protocols of COVID. 

You can also suggest couples several ways of celebrating at home. For example, a lighting brand can introduce ‘starry night’ themed lights on Valentine’s Day to let COVID couples celebrate their perfect date night. 

Similarly, you can try out different things while keeping the post-COVID times in mind. Just ensure that your idea is clearly exhibited in your email design

Check out this excellent email from Avaline, suggesting a cozy Valentine's Day celebration at home with delightful sips of wine.

Valentine’s Day email example from Avaline.

9. Give love to the underprivileged

Run a promotional email campaign to donate a portion of each purchase to the underprivileged. 

This is a sweet way of letting your subscribers know that you don’t forget them on such special occasions. It’s an ideal approach to improve your brand image. 

10. Save the procrastinator 

Studies say that 15% to 20% of adults procrastinate regularly. So, how about you dedicate Valentine’s Day email to them? 

This can include discount offers on purchasing products after the 14th of February. Another idea is to write texts like “Sorry, I’m late” on your Valentine’s Day email copy. It’s cute and considerate. 

You’ll be surprised to see the turnover of such a campaign. 

11. Make them rush 

Using the urgency factor to drive impulsive sales is the oldest trick in the book, and it always works. 

You can add countdown timers in your email design or use words such as a limited-time offer in your email copy to instill FOMO among users. 

Never forget to use these psychological tricks in your emails. Their effect and outcome are amazing. 

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5 Profitable Tips for Your Valentine’s Day Email Campaign

The real struggle is that your Valentine’s Day email has to make its mark among so many other emails. So, to ensure that it outperforms all other emails, you need to follow these best practices.

1. Segment and personalize

What if your Valentine’s Day email was super cool, but your reader just finds it irrelevant? 

To save yourself from this nightmare, just make sure that you don’t forget to segment your email list and personalize your message

For instance, if you’re a fashion brand, you can send an email saying something like, "We know you love long dresses, and we might have something for you." Such details can be collected by tracking the purchase history of your subscribers. 

2. Write compelling subject lines

The best way to gain your subscriber's attention is by writing attention-grabbing subject lines, such as; 

  • Our Valentine’s Day gift for you. 
  • Don’t miss out on love and this offer. 
  • Last chance to send the perfect gift! 
  • The perfect gift for your Valentine. 
  • A Valentine’s Day special treat.
  • 50% off for singles only. 
  • Free shipping till 14th Feb
  • Forgot to buy your Valentine’s Day gift? 
  • Cupid asked us to show you this deal. 
  • An offer as surreal as your love. 

Just put your creative hats on and think about what line can attract your readers the most. 

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3. Use different colors

We can't emphasize enough the importance and effect colors have on your readers.

Red color is pretty famous for enticing its looker, but since your subscriber’s inbox will be flooded with red-colored emails, it’s good that you go for any other color to stand out in their inbox. 

Also, don’t underestimate the power of background in emails; they make your design pop out dramatically. 

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4. Schedule before or after

One way to get maximum advantage from this event is by shooting all shots. 

You can send a pre or post-Valentine’s Day campaign (depending on your preference). A pre-Valentine’s Day campaign gives your users more time to purchase, while a post-Valentine’s Day campaign is obviously for those who did not buy gifts at the right time. 

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5. Drip campaigns 

Drip campaigns are commonly called triggered emails. They are sent as a result of the behavior or activity of your users. 

You can target your subscribers through drip campaigns on Valentine’s Day. For instance, send them a re-engagement email like “We want you back!” or an abandoned cart email that says something like “Don’t abandon us on Valentine’s Day!” 

So many cool ways to go about this. 

Design Beautiful Valentine’s Day Emails

Attractive Designs. Responsive Format. White-Labeled.
Email Templates

5 Valentine’s Day Emails We Fell in Love With

We have a weak spot for amazing designs and ideas and these emails definitely hit us there.

Following are the most amazing Valentine’s Day emails that are definitely worth taking inspiration from. Let’s quickly have a look at each.  


This email has the top spot because we loved how they made their product relevant on Valentine’s Day. 

It sends a message to their subscribers that they can make spending time with their loved ones extra special by listening to music on Bose. We’d totally buy that idea. 

Valentine’s Day email example from Bose

Max & Co. 

Well, this email from Max & Co. caught our attention because it’s pretty straightforward. 

This email is dedicated to the singles. Just notice how they didn’t try very hard. Just a simple text that tells their subscribers that it’s time to treat themselves if they're single.

And they featured their marvelous jewelry made of Swarovski. How do we know that? Well, they mentioned that too with a tiny label that doesn’t overlap the design. It’s sweet and simple, so we love it. 

Valentine’s Day email example from Max & Co.

Goat Story 

If you have a GIF in your email, there’s a slim chance that your email will go unnoticed. 

In this email, they featured their product, a coffee, with a hint of Valentine's in a very cool way. Also, there’s a witty text along with a prominent Call To Action (CTA) button beneath the GIF. 

It’s the kind that makes you want to click.  

Valentine’s Day email example from Goat Story

Pulp & Press

This email is our favorite for a number of reasons. Firstly, they created a heart made with their products to hint at Valentine’s Day. 

Secondly, since the brand decided to introduce a promotional offer on purchasing 2 items (for couples, that is), they displayed it in the email header. It’s, without a doubt, the first thing that catches your attention when you view the email. 

At the bottom, there’s a CTA button that has a promo code written on it. This email is perfect for triggering a fitness fanatic who likes healthy juices. 

Valentine’s Day email example from Pulp & Press

Paper & Stitch

This is the most thoughtful and adorable Valentine’s Day email that we have seen. 

It was sent out by Paper & Stitch, who are known because of their unique DIY techniques. This Valentine’s Day email showed their subscribers how each reader could create unique cards, cakes, etc., on Valentine’s Day using their guide. 

There’s an image of the end product and instructions right beneath it. We’ll say they know how to add value to their customer’s life. 

We’d totally vouch for this idea. 

Valentine’s Day email example from Paper & Stitch

How to Design Valentine’s Day Emails With Unlayer?

Before we forget, here's our Valentine's Day gift to you.

That is the best-looking Valentine’s Day email template from Unlayer that will help you create high-performing emails in just a few clicks. Have a look:

Template 1

Valentine’s Day email template from Unlayer

This template is specially designed for brands that wish to introduce promotional offers on Valentine’s Day. Like it? Click here to use it in your campaign. 

Template 2

Valentine’s Day email template from Unlayer

Create a strong impression of your product by placing it right at the start. Not to mention, all these email templates can be easily modified with Unlayer’s easy-to-use drag and drop editor. 

Pretty isn’t it? If you want to use it click here

Template 3

Valentine’s Day email template from Unlayer

Got more than a thing to show? Then go for this email template. Remember, you can easily customize and personalize each template.

Click here to use this pretty pink template. 

Template 4

Valentine’s Day email template from Unlayer

Want to go easy on the red color? Then pick this template and customize it according to your choice. And hey, don’t worry about how well they display because all templates from Unlayer are responsive and display perfectly on every device. 

Click here to use this cute template. 

That’s About It

By now, you have collected all the wisdom and inspiration to create a perfect Valentine’s Day email. 

Just make sure that your offer is the best in the market. Also, understand that there’s a fine line between creating a to-the-point email and a boring email. Similarly, there’s a fine line between being funny and asking for attention. 

With that being said, we wish you good luck. Ace this campaign!


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