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Unlayer: Easy Creation Process for Event Management System

Rida Ali Khan

Whether it’s your favorite pop star’s concert next week or a vacation you were planning to go to, the ticketing industry has taken it upon its shoulders to provide you with your desired tickets.

Some of which are the most well-designed ones you’ll ever see. 

And guess who enables them to create these masterpieces? 

None other than Unlayer

That’s right, Unlayer offers an easy creation process to the ticketing industry. Want to know how? 

Then grab a seat and brace yourself because, in this article, we’re about to discuss how the ticketing industry benefits from Unlayer. To begin with, let’s discuss how a tool simplifies their creation process in the first place. 

Why Does the Ticketing Industry Need Tools to Simplify Its Creation Process?

Reasons why the ticketing industry needs design tools.

Reasons why the ticketing industry looks for design tools. 

Like any other business, the ticketing industry and event management platforms aim to simplify workflow processes, increase revenue, and boost brand awareness. 

Here’s why these SaaS platforms rely on a seamless, cost-effective solution like Unlayer to optimize their business operations: 

🔊Communicate effectively

For a ticketing business, it’s important to communicate all the necessary details to their customers. For instance, if you’re providing tickets for a football match, the time, date, and venue must be mentioned on the ticket, landing page, or email. 

Also, unforeseen circumstances often occur, and people must be informed about these changes, such as a concert being rescheduled or a show being delayed or postponed. And Unlayer helps the ticketing platform to communicate effectively in the form of well-designed notification emails. 

📲Increase engagement

In a survey, 41% of marketers reported that infographics and illustrations are the most effective way of achieving their marketing goals. This is what encourages the ticketing industry to look for tools to simplify their design process. 

Unlayer amplifies user engagement for event management platforms by enabling them to design eye-catching tickets, emails, landing pages, or pop-ups.  

💰Boost ROI

The ultimate goal for any business, regardless of its nature, is to boost revenue. 

Creating content through a solution as convenient and promising as Unlayer helps our friends running event management systems boost their revenue in a number of ways. 

Firstly, using Unlayer requires no coding or designing skills. All you need to do is drag and drop elements to get the job done. This cuts the cost of hiring designers or developers for designing. Plus, increased user engagement through attractive design skyrockets revenue. 

⌛Save time 

You must have heard the commonly used phrase “time is money.” Well, it actually is. 

And creating content like emails, tickets, landing pages, or pop-ups with Unlayer can save plenty of your time. This is exactly what our clients from the ticketing industry aimed to achieve. With Unlayer’s impressively easy creation process, you can cut the time needed for creating content to a great extent. 

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💙 Build brand recognition

Businesses seek a solution that reinforces their brand identity in every content they create. For instance, one of our clients designs tickets using Unlayer’s editor, and their brand identity is evident in every piece created. 

These are the reasons why businesses look for tools or solutions to simplify their creation process. And some attributes make users choose you over other tools in the market. Let’s discuss what these specific qualities are. 

Qualities That Make Users Think Your Solution Is the Right Fit

Qualities that make users pick your tool or solution. 

When looking for a tool to simplify the creation process, you must take the following things into consideration:

1. User-friendly UX/UI

A good UX/UI does wonders in impressing and sustaining your subscribers. This one factor can make or break your deal. 

So try to offer them a simple, efficient, and seamless UX. Make sure everything on your dashboard or website is simple and clear. The copy, design, and layout should be straightforward. 

As nightmare-ish as it may sound, if a person didn’t have a good experience with your service, they’re likely to choose your competitor over you. 

You can offer an intuitive and easy-to-use UX by A/B testing unique variables individually. (Hint: Want to understand more about it? Jump below directly to the section: Easy to use drag and drop editor)

2. Positive word of mouth

Did you know that 92% of consumers read at least one online review before purchasing?

So, if you want customers to choose your product over everyone else, add relevant testimonials and reviews on your website. You can leverage the power of social media for this purpose.  

Good reviews and feedback gives users validation that your product is worth investing in. 

3. Favorable pricing

Who wants to spend $100 on a dress when you can get the same quality for $80?  

Similarly, businesses are always on the lookout for software that suits their needs and is most economical. To nail this, you must run competitor analysis regularly and ensure your customers that your tool is the best choice among all. 

These qualities make a software or tool outshine its competitors. Unlayer offers the best pricing compared to any other designing tool in the market.

How Unlayer Makes Creation Process Easy for the Ticketing Industry?

Whether for designing tickets or sending notification emails, the ticketing industry needs solutions that make their creation process as efficient and easy as possible. 

And Unlayer is there to help them design anything they want with the help of the following features: 

1. Easy to use drag and drop editor

In the previous section, we discussed the importance of a good UX. Unlayer takes pride in offering one of the most user-friendly drag-and-drop editors ever. 

Every feature is super easy to navigate. And you can also play around with additional properties or run your desired command. The drag-and-drop editor is so simple that you can design a professional-level piece without knowing any coding or designing skills. 

2. Prebuilt email templates

One of Unlayer’s main goals is to reduce the time needed to design content. 

And to make this possible, it offers a wide range of prebuilt email templates that can be modified to suit your needs and choice. This means that instead of choosing to create one from scratch, you can simply pick and choose a template that relates to your message the most and modify it as you want to. 

Leverage Prebuilt Email Templates With Unlayer

Attractive Designs. Fully Responsive. White-Labeled
Email Templates

3. Customization abilities

Speaking of modifications to suit needs, you’ll be surprised to learn the advanced customization capabilities Unlayer has to offer. 

Each feature, such as image, video, or timer, comes with additional properties to give you complete control over the design you have created. 

4. Collaborative features

For those ticketing businesses that have their teams spread across the globe or work remotely, Unlayer’s collaboration feature must be a sigh of relief. 

This feature enables their team or colleagues to view and suggest real-time changes to the design. As a result, the creation process saves plenty of time and effort. 

5. Media Library 

Choices, choices everywhere!

Unlayer offers stock images to boost creativity and make your content more impactful. You can customize these images to suit your email’s intent as desired. 

Moreover, leveraging the power of AI in our tool, Unlayer offers three amazing AI features to make creation as easy as possible. Have a look at Unlayer’s awesome new AI features: 

6. Device testing for responsiveness

Unlayer ensures that users create designs that look good on all devices. And to achieve that, you can preview how your design looks on different types of screens. Such as mobiles, tablets, and desktops to make tweaks if needed. 

7. Personalization through merge tags

Personalized messages skyrocket your conversions like insane. You’d be surprised that 75% of company executives believe personalization is important for good digital experiences. 

And with Unlayer’s merge tag feature, offering a personalized experience to customers is a piece of cake. All you need to do is pick a demographic or criteria of your choice and add a merge tag. 

The ticketing industry specifically can use this to send personalized emails. 

No matter how targeted or specific the design ideation is, creating anything with Unlayer’s editor is possible. 

4 Unique Ways Ticketing Industry Can Leverage Unlayer

A solution as simple, cost-efficient, and beneficial as Unlayer comes like nothing less than a superhero for the event management system. 

Along with making creation processes easy, Unlayer ensures the designs are responsive and will drive engagement. 

The ticketing industry can use Unlayer’s editor to benefit their business in four interesting ways, which are: 

Different ways the ticketing industry can leverage Unlayer
  1. To design tickets for sports events, theatre shows, musical concerts, transport companies, etc. 🎫 
  2. To create emails related to the ticketing industry, such as flight delays or booking confirmation emails. 📧
  1. To design high-converting landing pages for ticketing websites. 🌐
  2. To make eye-catching pop-ups for ticketing websites. 📃

And just like that, you can design anything you want with Unlayer. 

Final Thoughts

No matter what industry you belong to, you can use Unlayer for an easy creation process and boost conversion rates like crazy. 

Sign up for a 14-day trial right away and create top-notch designs in just a few clicks. 


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