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The Perfect Email Building Tools For Healthcare Industry

Sunila Javed

If you are a healthcare industry professional, you’re aware that clear and effective patient communication is crucial. This is why email marketing remains a cornerstone for patient outreach and engagement. 

Emails serve as a powerful tool for hospitals, clinics, and health practitioners in a number of ways:

  • To connect with the patients, 
  • To deliver health information impactfully, and 
  • To promote services in a visually engaging format. 

But crafting visually compelling and informative emails that resonate with the target audience is challenging. There are time and money costs, as well as skill requirements. This is where user-friendly email building tools for healthcare step in. They empower you to design professional-grade emails without needing coding expertise. Phew!

And now that you got your ‘what’ answered, we bet the variety of options available in this category of tools is not helping with zeroing in your ‘which’!

So let’s address your next concern…

​​How to Choose the Right Email Building Software for Your Healthcare Setup?

The first step in finding the right email building tool for the healthcare industry is defining the criteria of selection. Here’s what you should look for when selecting the perfect email building tool for the digital healthcare landscape:

  • Ease of use
  • Customization & personalization options
  • Design responsiveness
  • Integration with other tools
  • Pricing and plans
  • Customer reviews
Criteria to select an email building tool

Now that you know what to look for in an email building tool that works best for the healthcare industry, the next question is which is the best tool to design responsive and jaw-droppingly amazing emails for your patients. 

Let us help you pick your match based on these criteria.

Enter Unlayer, ActiveCampaign, and Mailmodo – three prominent contenders for the perfect fit for your business needs in the healthcare industry. 

In this article, we'll dissect each tool's strengths against the criteria listed above to evaluate its suitability for health-focused email marketing. 

Unlayer vs. ActiveCampaign vs. Mailmodo: Feature Analysis for Healthcare

Whether you're a seasoned marketer working for a healthcare provider, a wellness brand, an avid fitness enthusiast, or dipping your toes into the waters of email campaigns for your health industry client, our comprehensive analysis will guide you toward making an informed decision. 

Criteria Unlayer ActiveCampaign Mailmodo
Ease of use Smooth drag & drop feature, user-friendly UI Simple yet laggy interface, steep learning curve No-code AMP & HTML email builder, busy dashboard
Customization 1800+ customizable templates, extensive customization options 250+ templates, top-tier customization Limited templates & customization options
Personalization Yes Yes Yes
Design responsiveness Super responsive design Responsive design AMP & HTML-responsive emails
Integration with other tools Seamless integration with ESPs Integrates with 900+ ESPs, basic integrations Integrates with 10 ESPs, time-consuming
Pricing & plans Freemium plan
Paid plans start from $149/month
Free trial
Paid plans start from $29/month
Free trial
Paid plans start from $39/month
Customer reviews Highly rated due to its simplicity & responsiveness Mixed reviews, concerns about glitchy interface Mixed reviews, limited capabilities

Let's embark on this journey to discover the ultimate email building solution tailored to the unique demands of the health sector. 📧🏥

1. Ease of use

Have you ever tried a popular but complicated tool to build your emails? It’s like punching a brick wall… Without wearing any protective gear…. With hopes of denting the wall. Ouch… that hurt! Right? 😖

So, considering a user-friendly, intuitive email builder lets you jump in straight and focus on what actually matters—building connections with your patients smoothly.

Let’s compare our three best-selected email building tools based on ease of use to help you pick the best one.   

Tool 1. Unlayer

Unlayer provides one of the most user-friendly, drag-and-drop editors on the block,  with smooth email UX and a well-designed UI. And the best thing is that it lets you design professional and interactive emails with zero coding or designing skills.  

The fact that this WYSIWYG editor offers 1800+ pre-designed email templates is the cherry on top of the cake!

Craft Healthcare Emails With Unlayer

Attractive Design. Fully Responsive. White-Labeled.
Email Templates

Tool 2. ActiveCampaign

Oldest and the biggest of the three email builders, ActiveCampaign has an intricate interface that requires sophistication of use. Experienced marketeers may navigate through the complexity and glitches that come with it, but for the new marketeers, it could get frustrating. Due to the complicated UI, some may find the learning curve steep.

Tool 3. Mailmodo

Mailmodo is a no-code AMP & HTML email builder. However, the dashboard is busy and slow. Also, it takes a while to navigate through all the functions. The lack of basic editing shortcuts can be a hassle. 

2. Customization and personalization options

Your brand is as unique as you! 

So, your email should stand out and effectively communicate your message to your patients. This can only be possible when an email building tool lets you choose the template you want, the font you like, the color you love, the content you want, and anything and everything you want your email to be.

We know that you are particular about this because your patients are important to you. Right?

They aren’t just numbers but humans with their concerns and preferences. So, reaching out to them via email must not be a one-size-fits-all approach. Your message should be tailored to the patient you are sending it to.

Meme on personalization

So, you must check personalization options before picking an email building tool. 

Read more: How to Personalize Emails the Right Way? 10 Proven Tips

Let’s check out the customization and personalization superpowers of the three email building tools to help you decide which one to pick. 

Tool 1. Unlayer

Unlayer has 1800+ email templates to choose from and can be customized as per your preferences. It offers custom blocks, custom tools, file storage, and template management. The autosave and redo or undo capability is excellent. 

With this range of features, you have the complete freedom to customize every aspect of your design. You can download the design in multiple formats, including PDF, too. 

Unlayer’s merge tag option is very fit, giving you a more personalized experience when adding dynamic email content

Tool 2. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign has a library of 250+ design templates that can be customized. The customization options are top-tier. Although it offers many options, like add/remove buttons, it removes some custom features that are challenging to maintain, such as image resizing. 

You can’t download the newsletter in PDF format. The template library's UI is a bit outdated, and it could be tricky to differentiate between campaigns, templates, and custom emails. 

ActiveCampaign offers dynamic personalization tags so that you can perfectly tailor the message as per the patient. 

Tool 3. Mailmodo

Miadomodo offers limited email templates that you can customize to your taste. It also has limited font and formatting options. Some basic features, like auto send, are unavailable. Plus, you can not download the newsletter in PDF format. 

When it comes to personalization, Mailmodo also lets you send more personalized emails to your patients. 

3. Design responsiveness

Checking the email building tool’s ability to craft responsive emails is super important. You know that!

Imagine that you have crafted a follow-up email for your patient, but it truncates when they open it on their phone. So, what to do now?


Below, we are comparing our top-picked email builders on the basis of design responsiveness so that you can choose the perfect one. 

Tool 1. Unlayer

Unlayer lets you design ultra-responsive emails that can be viewed on any device. 

Tool 2. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign lets you build responsive emails with the best possible email experience.

Tool 3. Mailmodo

With Mailmodo, you can build AMP and HTML-responsive emails for a higher engagement rate. 

4. Integration with other tools

You know that the email building tool integrates with several platforms to keep your business running. So, not checking your tool’s synchronization with other platforms is like juggling with your one hand tied behind the back.  

Here, we have compared three selected tools based on their integrations to make the selection process easy for you. 

Remember to check whether the tool integrates with major Email Service Providers (ESPs) and how quick the process is before saying yes to any email building tool. 

Tool 1. Unlayer

Unlayer offers two separate products: Studio and Embed. 

Unlayer Studio integrates with 28 ESPs. Unlayer Embed, on the other hand, becomes a part of your CRM and is integrated seamlessly with whatever email service provider you use. 

But the best part is, whatever Unlayer product you use,  it helps you transfer beautifully designed emails in just a few clicks. Seamless integration is where Unlayer takes the crown.

Tool 2. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign integrates with 900+ ESPs. However, the integrations are super basic, and a few tools can’t be directly integrated. 

Tool 3. Mailmodo

Mialmodo integrates with 10 ESPs, and integration is time-consuming. 

5. Pricing and plans

Consider the email builder that fits your needs and wallet. 

Remember that choosing a pocket-friendly plan with limited features is like getting your meal delivery without that cocktail sauce.


Let’s find your fit at the right price.     

Tool 1. Unlayer

Unlayer Embed gives you a lifetime plan for free with fulfilling features, and this is what makes Unlayer stand out. 

Paid plans include: 

  • Startup - $149 per month
  • Business - $299 per month
  • Growth - $599 per month

Although the paid plans are a little expensive, you get extra features, like unlimited users, no Unlayer branding, etc. 

You can check out the details here.

Tool 2. ActiveCampaign

Offers a free trial that expires after 14 days and you have to go for the paid plans.  

Paid plans include: 

  • Lite - $29 per month
  • Plus - $49 per month
  • Professional - $149 per month
  • Enterprise - $259 per month

The paid plans are cheaper, but they have limited features.    

You can check out the detailed plan here.

Tool 3. Mailmodo

Offers only a free trial with limited features like the integration option is not available and you are bound to pay for it. 

Paid plans include: 

  • Lite - $39 per month
  • Pro - $79 per month
  • Max - $159 per month

The paid plans are reasonable but, again, have limited features. You can check out the details here.

So, it’s upon you whether to compromise on features or the price.

6. Customer reviews

Before trying any new tool, you have so many questions playing in your mind. Right?

And you are confused whether it’s a real deal or a glittery facade. 

Well, we got you!

Before investing your hard-earned money into a tool, you must read its users’ opinions. These reviews are your secret friends that will help you make a choice you will not regret later. 

Let’s jump straight into what users say about Unlayer, ActiveCampaign, and Mailmodo.  

Tool 1. Unlayer

Here are the recurring reviews of Unlayer users:

Unlayer reviews

Tool 2. ActiveCampaign

Here’s what users keep on saying about ActiveCampaign:

ActiveCampaign reviews‍

Tool 3. Mailmodo

Let’s check out the repetitive reviews about Mailmodo:

Mailmodo reviews

Wrapping Up

Selecting one of the best email building tools for healthcare is not only about features; it’s about choosing the right partner that supports you in building a strong bond with your patients.

Take your time, explore all the options, and choose the tool that suits your needs.

All the best! 🚀


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