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Product Launch Email Examples For A Successful New Release

Mesan Ali

You have worked very hard to prepare your product and are finally in the marketing phase. You haven’t really thought about it, but now that the challenge is closer, you’re dreading it more than you expected. Because this is the final test, you will learn how the audience feels about your product. 

While you have a lot of areas to tap into to get this right, one important factor is a strategic email marketing campaign. Yes, campaign! 

When launching a new product, a single email will never get the job done. 

You will need product launch email examples, templates, writing tips, design tips, and a way to design them faster. We get you all of that and more in this article. 

Knowing that 95% of product launches have failed, this bumpy ride gets smoother as you continue reading. 

What Is a Product Launch Email?

A product launch email is sent to your customers or subscribers to announce the release of a new product or a product feature under your brand name. The email contains the details about the product just enough to create a buzz in the market and excite your audience.

With your email, you leave a hint of what the new product will bring with enough details to boost curiosity and keep the users guessing for more. All this ensures your users take action when you finally launch the product.

Ideally, this is a campaign with different types of product launch emails that go on to serve a unique purpose. 

Important Elements of a Product Launch Email

Following are some essential elements of product launch emails: 

  • Subject line: A brief introduction to the content of your email.  
  • Product Description: An overview of the product, its features, and a few exciting elements. 
  • Product Benefits: Take the readers on a journey of why they need the new product. 
  • Graphics and Images: High-end graphics will carry your launch and make your emails appealing. 
  • CTA: A clear action button that the users interact with to take an action. This could lead to a product page on the website, a pre-order link, etc.

Types of Product Launch Emails 

Any email inbox is filled with new emails every day, and there is a good chance of your emails not being clicked or getting lost in the populated email inbox. This is why you need more than one email to bring the desired attention to your product and make your launch successful. Here are the different types of email you need for your product launch:

6 different types of product launch emails.

Product preview

A product preview email is like the first announcement of an upcoming launch. This email includes a first glance into the new product and limited details. You are supposed to send a product preview email before the actual launch of the product. Depending on your marketing strategy, you can combine this with additional promotional emails. 

Feature announcement

Adding to your sequence of teaser emails, you have feature announcement emails. Revealing different product features in a single email or series of emails to keep your audience on the edge of their seats. 

Pre-launch access & promotions

Pre-launch access or promotional emails are a way to launch your product for a particular group of people. This allows you to invest limited resources and, get feedback from a select audience and reflect on your product. 

Pre-order emails

Pre-order emails are used to announce that the booking for the product starts even before its launch, and customers can pre-order the item. This is usually announced with a pre-order discount to boost sales. 

Event invitations

Modern-day product launches are hyped up with virtual launch events. Such events are announced, and invitations are shared well before time to hype up the occasion. 

Product release

A product release email is where you officially announce the launch of your new product. Here, you add all the details and benefits to finally introduce what you are bringing to the market.

With all these options, you can pick the types of product launch email that suit your need of the hour and craft a campaign that knocks into email inboxes multiple times and piques the interest of your target audience. 

How to Design a Product Launch Email?

A product launch email requires multiple design factors to be taken into consideration. Some factors that you should consider are:

Use high-res visuals

Nothing is more exciting about a new product than an image with a first look. A high-quality visual with a glance at your new product will level up the aesthetics of your product launch emails. You can add a gif, animation, or even a video of your product in action to make the visuals more compelling. 

Add a clear CTA

The user needs to get something out of the email. This could be an option to pre-order, a registration to the launch event, a link to learn more about the product, etc. This is shared with a clear CTA button that is easily clickable.

Embrace a product benefits block

Product benefits are vital for a product launch email. Add a design block that caters to educating the users on how this product improves their lives. This is important to increase engagement and get the readers more involved. 

Include a product features section

Your new product must have unique features that help it stand out. Make those features the face of your email and excite the users about everything new. An email block for all unique features of the product is vital to a product launch email. 

Write clear copy

Introducing a new product means grabbing attention for something from scratch. This is where your email copy has to be written very carefully. It must be concise and have the right vocabulary, making it easy to get familiar with the new product. 

Tips to Write Product Launch Emails 

Writing a product launch email works like any other marketing email. However, some hacks will help make your email more successful.

Make it persuasive

You do not need to sell the new product to make it persuasive. You need to convince the user that there’s something in it for them. Ensure your copy is focused on making the user take action. You can do this by focusing more on the problem your product solves. 

Talk in first person

Instead of representing the new product as a company, try talking in the first person. This makes the email look like a conversation and feel more personal for the recipient. If you write in the first person, make sure you use a person’s email address to send the mail, not a generic one. 

Add a social proof

This is a tricky part and does not apply for all campaigns. You’ll only have social proof if you have already launched your product for a selected audience. If you have, you can use their feedback in your product launch emails for the masses.

Personalize it 

Personalizing a product launch email requires using more than just the recipient’s first name. Try segmenting your list based on their past purchase behavior. This would allow you to discuss specific new features and benefits based on your user’s interest.

Apply a time-sensitive approach

Add an element of urgency to your CTA. You can do this by setting up a countdown timer in your email or writing about how early birds can benefit from the new product. A time-sensitive approach lights up FOMO for recipients and increases their chances of taking action. 

Don’t oversell

Not overselling is difficult when your product is new, and you have much to discuss. This is why you need to be very picky about the benefits and features you will mention. A mix of points that gets the job done and targets the recipient’s needs. 

Best Practices to Make Your Product Launch Emails Stand out?

Now that you know all the hacks for writing your product launch email, you must wonder what else you can do to improve it. Lucky for you, there are still some hacks left. 

Segment your audience

Your new product is not for everyone on your email list. Some people will be more likely to benefit from it. Identify the right people to divide your email list accordingly. 

You can then further segment your audience to identify what features of your product are likely to attract a group of people. This allows you to focus on different features and benefits of your product in your email for the segmented list of emails. This increases the chances of success for your email campaign. 

Plan out an email sequence

Your product launch campaign could last almost a month. You have time to roll out a whole sequence of emails during this time. Ideally, you would start with an email that builds anticipation and gets the audience wondering about something new. 

With your second email, you can announce the product and excite the audience. You announce the product with insight into what users can expect: share photos, the exact release date, and the pre-order details in this email. 

With your third email, you finally launch the product with all the possible details of it. You share your excitement with the audience to get them excited to make a purchase, too. 

Finally, you can send a follow-up email to inquire about your users’ experience with the new product. Every new product can have errors or mistakes, but your after-sales services will help your product succeed in the market. 

Announce the product with an offer

Do you want to boost your initial sales and take the market by storm? Announce the new product with a special offer. This could be combined with your other products, a free one-month trial, or anything else that is likely to bring more attention and sales. 

No compromise on aesthetics

Your product launch email needs to be visibly appealing. You do not want to bring something new to the market with dull aesthetics that fails to grab your user’s attention. 

Aesthetics are important because they can turn that first gaze into what can be a complete interaction with the email. 

8 Awesome Product Launch Email Examples to Inspire You

Some of the best brands globally have shared exemplary emails. A few of those have been handpicked to help bring the same (or even better) energy to your product launch campaigns. 

AllTrails x Allbirds

Product launch email example by Alltrails
Source: Really Good Emails

Industry: Sportswear

What makes this email special?

  • High quality, elegant image.
  • On Point, visible CTA. 
  • Minimalist layout. 


Product launch email example by Minotti
Source: Really Good Emails

Industry: Furniture

What makes this email special?

  • Brand theme followed with aesthetics.
  • A copy to increase engagement.
  • An image to give a sneak peek into the new collection.


Product launch email example by Crocs
Source: Really Good Emails

Industry: Footwear

What makes this email special?

  • Funky colors for a kids product is accurate. 
  • The visible and obvious CTA wastes no time. 
  • The simple and minimalistic layout makes it more interactive. 


Product launch email example by Jot
Really: Really Good Emails

Industry: Food

What makes this email special?

  • Email aesthetics share the vanilla vibe. 
  • Original product image makes it more exciting. 
  • An accomplishment of the product shared. 


Product launch email example by Apple
Source: Really Good Emails

Industry: Smartphone

What makes this email special?

  • A product image that also boosts the aesthetics. 
  • A feature rich copy to enlighten the audience about the new product. 
  • The CTA stands out and directs the user to a page with more details.


Product launch email example by Hawthorne
Source: Really Good Emails

Industry: Cosmetics

What makes this email special?

  • Starts with a copy that gets you intrigued about the product. 
  • The brand theme remains consistent throughout the email. 


product launch email example by Specialized

Industry: Sports

What makes this email special?

  • The use of images in email seldom gets better than this. 
  • Email copy talks about product benefits in a subtle way. 
  • The use of two CTA buttons is perfect to cater users in different phases. 


Product launch email example by Bellroy

Industry: Merchandise

What makes this email special?

  • The image shows the product in use. 
  • Product features explained in a very interactive way. 
  • On point 

Product Launch Email Templates You Can Use Right Now

Designing emails from scratch can be a rather hefty task. Some ready to use email templates will help you get started with your product launch emails right away. 

Template 1

Product launch email template by Unlayer. ‍
Use this template

Launch a new gadget with this email template. You get just the right space to add an image and share all about the new features. 

Template 2

product launch email template by Unlayer
Use This Template

If you’re in the automobile industry launching a new product with this template is the way to go. You can easily talk about product features and models and share multiple CTA(s) with this template. 

Template 3

Product launch email template by Unlayer.
Use This Template

This template will help you launch your ebook with minimal effort. With the perfect layout to share quotes and insights from the book, you can easily mold it according to your requirements.

How Unlayer Simplifies Designing Product Launch Emails? 

Knowing what goes into your product launch email is very important. But all that knowledge needs a very solid design foundation. At the start of this article, we promised you a way to help design your emails faster. This is where a powerful yet simple email design tool like Unlayer comes in. You can design your emails from scratch or edit templates in minutes with the help of a simple drag-and-drop editor. 

Unlayer gives you a gallery of 1,500+ responsive email templates designed carefully to cater to all your needs. The drag-and-drop editor is powered with AI tools to help write headings and copy for you. You also get merge tags to personalize your emails and integration with all top email service providers to export emails with ease.

The tool offers much more you can explore with a free 14-day trial. And you can always refer to the supporting docs if you need to learn about additional features. 

Design Product Launch Emails In Minutes

Attractive Designs. Fully Responsive. White-Labeled.
Email Templates

Wrapping Up

Designing your emails gets easier when you are equipped with all the required knowledge. With product launch email examples, templates, tips and a powerful design tool you are ready to get started. You are more than capable of kickstarting an email campaign for the launch of your next product.


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