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Our Most Popular Education Email Templates

Kickstart your design process with one of our ready-to-go email templates for Education.

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Our Most Popular Education Email Templates

Kickstart your design process with one of our ready-to-go email templates for Education.

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Kickstart your design process with one of our ready-to-go email templates for Education.

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If one industry depends heavily on email marketing, then it’s the education sector. Not only is it popular amongst the administration but students as well. In fact, 86% of students consider email as their preferred communication when interacting with colleges. 

However, not all emails live up to the mark. Emails that are text-heavy and feature boring visuals are a hassle to read - even for stressed-out students waiting for a reply. 

By choosing the right education email templates, you can be positive about students opening your emails each time. 

Which Education Email Templates to Choose? 

Designing engaging emails is made a piece of cake courtesy of education email templates. But which templates should you opt for? Consider the factors below; 


People, on average, read 7 reviews before trusting a business with their money. The same applies when selecting one’s future high school or college. Testimonials from alumni, parents, and current students/employees are key when reaching out to prospects. 

Text-based reviews are great, but video-based ones are even better. Consider templates that incorporate high-quality videos that display well on all screens, especially on mobile devices. Remember to add alt text to videos so that readers who’ve tuned their visuals off can see what the video entails. 


Emails that only look good simply won’t do the trick. To truly convert, emails need to be well-designed but still provide meaningful information to students and corporate employees. 

Choose those templates that feature an editable header. Consider adding the institute’s logo, call to action, contact details, relevant banner image, etc. Similarly, the footer of the email template should include important links to ensure readers are well-equipped with the information they need. 

Custom Blocks 

As an educationist, you’re constantly sending emails. From showing sports day highlights to course registrations, emails never stop. 

To save time in the future, consider a template provider that lets you save custom blocks and tools. Therein, the templates chosen should add these personalized tools seamlessly. Hence, enabling you to create speedy emails by slightly tweaking the design. 

Why Unlayer?

The education sector witnesses an open rate of 25%. But with Unlayer’s professional education email templates, you should anticipate a surge in the emails opened. 

Unlayer is the best email design tool since it features; 

  • A vast library of 1000+ mobile responsive templates 
  • Drag and drop editor that modifies templates as per your brand  
  • Reusable, custom blocks and tools to save time in the future
  • Collaborative features for instant feedback and approval 
  • Personalized emails through merge tags 
  • Integration with multiple email service providers

Unlayer lets you create beautiful-looking emails without needing any design or coding skills. Start for free now

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Reusable Custom Blocks
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Drag & Drop Email Editor for Education

Unlayer is a drag-and-drop email editor that allows you to quickly design email templates from scratch or with the help of hundreds of professionally designed email templates for Education. By using Unlayer, you can customize your own responsive HTML emails and export the messages to Education to share them with your email subscribers.

How to export a template?

To send a email template to Education, use the Unlayer editor to create your email campaign. When you are done designing, you will be taken to a page with campaign details. Click on the "Export Campaign" button and select "Push to ESP" from the menu of options.

From there, just click on Education and your email will instantly be sent to your Education account. (If you haven't already connected your Education account via Settings, you'll need to do so here). In your Education dashboard, you'll find the message as a new Education template.

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