Sunila Javed

Sunila is a Biotechnologist who enjoys writing compelling and informational content to empower Unalyer readers. When she's not immersed in the world of technology and words, you'll find her unwinding with inspirational quotes or experimenting in the kitchen as a budding chef.

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Blog Posts

2024’s Loveliest Picks: Best Valentine's Day Cards [+Wishes]

Feeling love in the air? You should! Why not send your significant other one of the best Valentine’s Day cards this 14th Feb and get their heart racing? 🔥

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Email Marketing Content: The Masterclass Guide [+Expert Tips]

Are you on the hunt for a quick guide to know the ABC of email marketing content? Welcome, you have landed at the right place to make your readers go, “Wow” ✌🏻

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How to Reply Thank You Email Professionally (5 Free Copies)

Confused about how to reply thank you email? Fret not! This blog is a treat to all those eager to make a lasting impression in the recipient’s inbox. 🚀

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