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Last Chance Email Examples + Templates, & Mistakes to Avoid

Sunila Javed

So, you are a digital marketer who has just emailed your target audience the masterpiece you launched recently. After hitting send, you are keeping your fingers crossed, hoping for a pretty good engagement. 


The clickthrough rate starts to jump within an hour, and you feel like you are over the moon. But then you get an eye on the conversion rate, and you start to panic because it is a bit lower than you expected.

Is that the design not complimenting your copy? Or is the email not crafted perfectly, or is it an inappropriate time to land in someone’s inbox? You just keep on questioning yourself about what went wrong.

You are actually missing out on the hottest in the town strategy - last chance emails. 🚀

Remember, sometimes it takes a final push to steer the marketing game in your favor, and last chance email examples are proof of that.

The Psychology Behind Last Chance Emails

You might be wondering about the magic behind last chance emails.

GIF about thinking

Well, these are not just gentle reminders but psychological triggers that help your audience make a decision. 

Here’s how:

Scarcity principle

Have you ever noticed how emails with “limited pieces available” get your heart racing a bit faster? That’s what the scarcity principle is all about. 

When your audience is told that something is in short supply, they automatically perceive it as more valuable. This very perception motivates them to grab the offer before it’s too late. 

Urgency and Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

Last chance emails create a sense of time pressure, emphasizing that “the time is limited” and the offer will expire soon. This principle of urgency in emails invokes FOMO in your audience, a phenomenon in which they fear missing out on an item that others are buying. FOMO is what drives us to Black Fridays and seasonal sales, and it is due to FOMO that we enjoy our last-minute purchases so much. So, they jump on board before it gets out of stock.   

Highlighting the value proposition

You are always on the hunt for a product that doesn’t sound like you are impulsive buying, but it's something that truly addresses your wants and pain points. Aren’t you? 

Last chance emails work on the principle of highlighting why that specific item is worth your target group’s investment and time. So, they end up buying the item.

Last Chance Email Examples That Will Blow Your Mind 

Are you ready to see some serious email marketing game? 

Here are a few last chance email masterpieces, jam-packed with irresistible and time-sensitive offers that will have your audience click the “buy button” in no time. 🤫


This last chance email example is simply delicious. The mouthwatering design and short & sweet copy just left us craving for more. The bold Call to Action (CTA) button clearly calls us to indulge in the ice cream goodness before it’s too late. 

Last chance email example by Jeni’s


What a simplistic last-chance email example that left us impressed. The decent color scheme, louder CTA buttons, and a brief copy - this is just ticking all the boxes for us. That “Last Call” is igniting our FOMO and is enough to seal the deal. Isn’t it?

Last chance email example by Quizlet


This email example is just a winner for us. From a sleek design complimenting the product to an irresistible CTA button, it has everything that we love. Isn’t this the perfect example of a last chance email begging you to click and convert?

Last chance email example by Skydio

Last Chance Email Templates That Steal the Show

Are you looking for some snappy last chance email copies?

Here you go! 

Important Note: Use ‘em as is or tweak ‘em a bit to suit your preferences. 

Template 1 (Scarcity principle)

Subject: Almost Gone: Hurry Up!

Email Copy Button

Template 2 (Sense of urgency)

Subject: Last Chance: Grab Your Deal Now!

Email Copy Button

Template 3 (Highlighting the value proposition)

Subject: Don’t Miss Out On [Add Value Proposition]

Email Copy Button

6 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Last Chance Emails

Are you really into improving the number of recipients converting into clients? Well, avoiding these common mistakes will make a difference.

1. Being too pushy or salesy

Nobody likes being pressured. Strike a balance between igniting a sense of urgency and truly respecting your recipients' precious time. Moreover, avoid being extra promotional because it turns your audience off.

2. Not creating a true sense of urgency

Not mentioning the true reason why the recipients act now will leave them to procrastinate or ignore your email. Just clearly communicate why it’s a limited-time offer and what they will lose by not taking action.  

3. Making the email design and copy confusing 

Always remember that clarity is the key. Make sure that your piece is a perfect mix of minimal design and engaging email marketing content. The email should have a snappy subject line, a brief copy, and a loud CTA that directs the recipient to take action rather than confusing them.

4. Not personalizing the content

People don’t like generic messages; they want to be addressed directly. So, personalization is the key. It not only makes them feel valued, but also results in increased email engagement and response rates.

5. Ignoring mobile optimization

Mobile optimization is something non-negotiable. Ensure that your every email not only looks great but also works smoothly on mobile phones as well as tablets. 

6. Not adding clear CTA 

Do not leave recipients confused about what to do next. Your CTA should be loud enough to compel the recipients to take the desired action.

The Best Tool for Designing Last Chance Emails

The easiest way to design conversion-oriented last chance emails is through Unlayer’s user-friendly email builder. 

Here’s how you can design effective emails in a matter of minutes;

  • Choose a template from 1800+ responsive email templates or start from scratch 
  • Drag different tools (image, text, button, timer, etc.) and edit them as needed 
  • Preview the final template on desktop, tablet, and mobile screens
  • Download the template or export to your favorite email service providers, like Mailchimp, HubSpot, and Campaign Monitor

Design Last Chance Emails With Unlayer

Beautiful Design. Fully Responsive. White-Labeled.
Email Templates

Wrap Up

So, that’s all!  With these awesome last chance email examples, handy templates, and insights on mistakes to avoid, you are all set to rock the email marketing game. 

What are you waiting for?

Go ahead, ignite the FOMO, and keep the conversions coming.

Good luck!


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