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10 Best Email Marketing Podcasts You Must Follow in 2024

Amna Bajwa

Ever wonder which form of marketing gets you the best Return On Investment (ROI)? Digital, SEO, social media, so many more - which one is it?

The answer: email marketing.

How come? Well, for every $1 you put into email marketing, you can expect an average ROI of $36.

Yes, you read that right. Email marketing gets you a higher return than any other form of marketing. But if email marketing is that great, why isn’t anyone talking about it? Where’s all the chatter?

Look no further; the chatter is definitely out there - in the form of email marketing podcasts. Field experts and email marketing enthusiasts have started several educational and exciting podcasts you can check out.

Learn more about these podcasts with our list of the top 10 email marketing podcasts you need to follow in 2024.

Top 10 Email Marketing Podcasts for 2024

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newbie to the realm of email marketing (hi, welcome), it’s crucial to keep learning. Google searches on how to do email marketing can only take you so far. The best way to learn, gain insights, and hear different perspectives and tips is through podcasts.

We’ve picked the top 10 email marketing podcasts that can help you learn about the psychology of email, various design best practices, and so much more. Let’s dive in.

1. The Email Marketing Show

Homepage of the podcast, Email Marketing Show

The Email Marketing Show deserves the first mention as it’s the longest-running email marketing podcast. The hosts impart words of wisdom but keep it humorous, making it an easy listen. Not only will you learn a ton, but you’ll also laugh a ton throughout each episode.

The topics of conversation involve everything email-related, from the latest email marketing trends like writing emails using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to tips on how to sell more using email marketing.

The podcast also brings onboard experts to talk about their specific niches, so there’s always some variation in the content produced.

The hosts: Rob Temple (Magician and Marketer) and Kennedy (Psychological Mind Reader)

Frequency: Every Wednesday

Listen to it here: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Website

Our favorite episode: How to Decide Whether Your Messaging Should Change in a Crisis

2. Do The Brave Thing With Kate Doster

Homepage of the podcast: Do The Brave Thing with Kate Doster.

Do The Brave Thing focuses on helping new and emerging businesses figure out how to use email marketing to their advantage. As Kate herself puts it, she aims to give “dangerously practical advice” - and that’s precisely what she does.

Most of the episodes feature Kate alone, talking about different ideas around growing your email list and sending your subscribers the right content. However, not all the topics are email-centric. She also talks about other marketing streams that small businesses and start-ups need to develop, such as blogs.

The host: Kate Doster (Course Creator and Content Producer)

Frequency: Twice per month

Listen to it here: Apple Podcasts | Sticher | Spotify | Podbean

Our favorite episode: 5 Tips for Jolting Your Email List Awake

3. The FWD: Thinking Show

Homepage of the podcast, The FWD: Thinking Show

This email marketing podcast gives listeners a taste of everything, from copywriting and email design to conversion optimization and everything in between. Some marketing genius always accompanies the host, and together they talk about innovative email marketing strategies.

While everyone can learn plenty from the FWD: Thinking Show, it is mainly designed to guide small businesses. 

The host: Kelly Forst (Email Marketing Expert)

Frequency: Monthly

Listen to it here: Apple Podcasts

Our favorite episode: In Conversation With Matthew Smith - Founder of Really Good Emails

4. E-telligence

Homepage of the podcast, E-telligence

The podcast E-telligence is divided into two very different types of episodes, making it all the more fascinating. The first episode type revolves around a “brand spotlight,” where the host, Kate, invites a marketer from some brand to talk about what’s working for them and what isn’t.

The second type is a “masterclass,” where she and her guest dive deep into email marketing strategies and tips on producing results.

The topics are not just limited to email marketing but also include conversations around the subscriber journey.

The host: Kate Barrett (Founder - eFocus Marketing)

Frequency: Twice per month

Listen to it here: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts

Our favorite episode: Changing the Email Marketing Status Quo

5. Email Einstein

Homepage of the podcast, Email Einstein

While most podcasts can be a bit too energetic, Email Einstein is less flashy and more calm, like having a conversation with a friend over lunch. And a short lunch, only 30 minutes long usually, making it a lighter commitment if you’re tight on time.

The topics typically revolve around email marketing, from tips to improve email deliverability to some great advice on how to write subject lines. However, the conversation isn’t only limited to email, with the host also touching upon other content and SMS marketing ideas.

The host: Vira Sadlak (Email Marketing Specialist)

Frequency: Every Tuesday

Listen to it here: Apple Podcasts | Audible | Google Podcasts | Website

Our favorite episode: Why Aren’t My Emails Working? Deliverability 101

6. Conversations with an Email Guru

Homepage of the podcast, Conversations with an Email Guru

Conversations with an Email Guru is designed to help start-ups, small businesses, and any other companies looking to grow their email marketing channels.

The topics cover basic best practices around segmentation and growing your email list, as well as more complex issues like the customer lifecycle. If you’re looking for a podcast that regularly talks about the latest email technology, this one is for you.

Each episode is more on the shorter side, making it an easy, value-packed pill to swallow.

The host: Amy Mangueira (Email Expert and Founder of Email Growth Society)

Frequency: Twice per month

Listen to it here: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts

Our favorite episode: How to Build Your List Through Social Media Marketing

7. The Future of Email

Homepage of the podcast, The Future of Email

This guest-driven podcast touches upon the multiple facets of email marketing while also discussing broader business issues. As you scroll through the episodes, you can see industry leaders talk about business challenges, leadership struggles, the latest marketing innovations, and more.

What sets The Future of Email apart from any other email marketing podcast? It’s also a “video podcast.” You get to view the speakers sit down, and talk to each other, just making it all the more engaging.

The host: Matthew Dunn (Email Content Strategist and Founder Campaign Genius)

Frequency: 4 episodes per month

Listen to it here: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Audible

Our favorite episode: A Conversation With Jen Capstraw of Women in Email

8. Delivering

Homepage of the podcast, Delivering by Litmus

Delivering aims to talk about the email marketing industry as a whole. This means the topics aren’t limited to email strategy and design but also dabble into broader dialogues around industry trends and culture.

Some episodes only feature the host himself, while others include leading marketing giants as well. The conversations typically start with some in-depth industry analysis and highlight how email is vital for all businesses.

The host: Jason Rodriguez (Content Creator and Educator)

Frequency: Twice per month

Listen to it here: Apple Podcasts | Website

Our favorite episode: The Anatomy of a Broken Email With Magan Le

9. Inboxing With Hillel Berg

Homepage of the podcast, Inboxing with Hillel Berg

The host, Hillel Berg, believes that email marketing is the most effective way to drive business but is also the most ignored. In an attempt to right that very wrong, he created the email marketing podcast, Inboxing.

With a special guest in each one-hour episode, you can expect to really dig deep into the topic at hand and learn a lot. The topics generally focus less on the technical side of email and more on the marketing and user experience side.

The host: Hillel Berg (Founder - Hillel Berg Email Marketing)

Frequency: Weekly

Listen to it here: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify | Website

Our favorite episode: Getting to Know Amp for Email

10. The Cuppa Copy

Homepage of the podcast, The Cuppa Copy

The Cuppa Copy aims to make email marketing simple and spam-free. If that’s something you’re interested in, then hop on board for the 30-minute episodes packed with actionable tips on everything email-related.

One thing to appreciate about this podcast is how it consistently focuses on human-centered email marketing strategies throughout all the episodes. The podcast is designed to help start-ups build up their subscribers, but obviously, everyone can benefit from the excellent advice.

The host: Brianna Sexton (Email Marketing Strategist and Copywriter)

Frequency: Twice per week

Listen to it here: Apple Podcasts

Our favorite episode: Why Being Authentic Doesn’t Sell

Tips for Starting Your Own Email Marketing Podcast

Inspired to start your own podcast? Well, why not! It really isn’t that hard. Follow these tips, and you’ll have your own amazing email marketing podcast in no time.

  • Have a Unique Selling Point (USP) that sets your podcast apart.
  • Ensure that your podcast is available on all the major platforms, such as Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.
  • Try sticking to an upload schedule, for example, releasing an episode every Wednesday.
  • If you’re publishing episodes weekly, then keep them shorter. If you’re uploading them monthly, aim for 60 minutes or more for longer episodes.
  • Invest in good recording gear because sound quality is everything when it comes to podcasts.
  • Don’t forget to promote your podcast. Since you’re talking about email marketing, best to promote the podcast using email as well.
  • Don’t send lame-looking emails when you’re literally starting an email marketing podcast. Instead, use professionally designed podcast promotional email templates to get the job done.

Email Templates That Convert Crazy Good

Save time, effort, and cost of creating professional-looking emails.
Email Templates

Which Email Marketing Podcast is Your Favorite?

With so many great email marketing podcasts to choose from, we’re left wondering which one you like the best? No worries if you can’t pick a favorite - we can’t either. They’re all great and offer so much to learn.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an established brand or if you’re still just starting out; these podcasts have something for everyone. Happy listening!


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