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Mother's Day Email Marketing: Quick Guide for Boosting Sales

Saffa Faisal

Mothers are like your personal cheerleaders - always there to hype you up no matter how old you get. 

Mother’s Day is a big deal worldwide. In fact, it is the fourth biggest holiday in the US when it comes to spending. Yes, even more valuable than Easter and Halloween. 

But what most marketers fail to do is make the most of this occasion. If you want to make crazy sales this year, then read this quick guide on Mother’s Day email marketing. 

Mother’s Day by the Numbers

If you’re still not convinced about why launching an extensive email campaign on Mother’s Day is important, I’d suggest you look at the below numbers. Trust me, you’ll get excited in no time. 

84% of consumers plan to celebrate Mother’s Day and are expected to spend $254.04 each. What is interesting to note is that this average spending has been on the rise since 2018. Even with Covid-19 at its peak, people were generous with their Mother’s Day spending. 

The total consumer spending is forecasted to be a whopping $35.7 billion. If I were you, this would get me ready to design some attractive email campaigns. Why email? Well, people who purchase through emails spend 138% more money than those who don’t receive emails. 

High-Performing Ideas for Mother’s Day Email Marketing Campaigns

Since now you’re convinced on why Mother’s Day email marketing is important, let’s get straight to business. 

Sending a Mother’s Day wish might look like a sweet gesture, but it will rarely meet your sales target. If you want to profit from this holiday, then you must adopt the following campaign ideas:  

Offer something other than discounts

You’re not the only one promoting a 30% discount on your product line. While there’s nothing wrong with offering discounts, it’s not the most creative of ideas to tempt your readers to purchase. 

Did you know that this year 48% of consumers are considering uniqueness the most important factor when picking a Mother’s Day gift? Try to make the life of your prospects easier, and you’ll be rewarded with high revenue. 

You can do this by offering a gift guide to make decision-making easier, free delivery to save your customers some bucks, and gift offers, like getting a rose bouquet free when you spend $100, to provide more value for what they pay. 

The below email example from The Landmark Project shows an extensive gift guide and offers free delivery - a tempting offer, I must say. Also, 10/10 for the simplistic email design that lets their products shine. 

Mother’s Day email from The Landmark Project

Move past the traditional image of a ‘mom’ 

We’re living in the 21st century - labels are an absolute no-no. 

On Mother’s Day, you shouldn’t only celebrate biological mothers but those as well who occupy a motherly role in your subscribers' lives. So, stepmoms, godmothers, moms-to-be, elder sisters, mom of the friend group, and even fathers who played the role of both parents. 

This is backed by data as well. As per a survey conducted by NRF, people mostly buy Mother’s Day gifts for moms, stepmoms, wives, daughters, grandmothers, and friends. 

Hence, your Mother’s Day email campaign must include offers, products/services, and visual and textual elements that account for all these different moms. 

Encourage ‘mommy and me’ dates

Gone are the days of gifting simple flowers and chocolates. Consumers today are on the lookout for gifts that act as experiences that their loved ones can fondly remember. As per the same survey, 43% of participants said that it’s important for them to find a gift that creates a special memory. 

You can take the creative route and offer ‘mommy and me’ dates in your emails. You can promote a dinner for two, a spa day, a trip to the museum - whatever falls under your product domain. 

Remember, experiences > gifts.  

Celebrate a ‘treat yourself’ day

One segment that’ll you be sending Mother’s Day emails to is mothers. Why not encourage them to celebrate their day by splurging on your products/services? 

You should launch a promotional campaign that provides a tempting offer to boost your short-term sales while highlighting the ‘treat yourself’ aspect through your email’s copy and design. 

Look at the below email from H&M. With minimal yet actionable copy along with a header that stands out, the apparel brand hits it out of the park with this email. 

Mother’s Day email from H&M

Host a CSR activity 

How can hosting a CSR activity boost my company’s sales on Mother’s Day? Well, it’s pretty simple, let me explain. 

Suppose you were to promote a Mother’s Day sale, and with each completed order, you’d donate a percentage of your revenue to charity. What it’ll do is encourage more people to purchase from your brand since they’ll feel they’re doing good with the money they’re spending. 

High sales and a good CSR campaign? A win-win situation if you ask me. 

Send personalized campaigns

Everyone knows that personalization is the key to higher sales and customer engagement. Use this proven strategy in your Mother’s Day email marketing. 

You can personalize your emails by addressing your subscribers with their first names or, better, use their unique data to offer extremely personalized experiences. You can show them your products based on their budgets, send emails at the time they’re most likely to convert, or upsell through product recommendations. 

Invite your subscribers to opt-out from Mother’s Day emails

This might come as a surprise, but hear me out. 

Marketing today is evolving and for the betterment, if you ask me. Brands have become more conscious about the campaigns they launch and how they affect their audience. 

Mother’s Day is a happy day for many, but it can trigger those who don’t have a good relationship with their mothers or who’ve lost a mother or child. To avoid any ill feelings, you should send an email encouraging your subscribers to opt out of your Mother’s Day emails if they don’t plan on celebrating the event. 

We love the below thoughtful email from Waitrose & Partners

Mother’s Day email from Waitrose & Partners

Your subscribers will still receive your other emails, but not ones meant for Mother’s Day. How will that boost your sales? Simple, when your prospects see that you’re going the extra mile by taking care of their feelings, they’ll reward your brand with their loyalty and future purchases.   

5 Tips to Amp up Your Mother’s Day Emails

Have the campaign ideas got your creative juices flowing? Before you start designing your Mother’s Day campaign, read and follow the below best practices to design successful emails

1. Best Mother's day email subject lines examples

Create your first impression strong by writing subject lines that fit the occasion. Don’t just go for a generic subject line, make sure it’s exclusive by referring directly or indirectly to Mother’s Day. 

Along with that, your subject line must be interesting that your subscribers are tempted to open your email, concise so that it doesn’t get clipped, and aligned with the message of your email copy

Below are a few high-performing subject lines, feel free to copy them 😉. 

  • 20% off everything in honor of Mother's Day!
  • From one mother to another ❤️
  • 10 ideas for unique Mother's Day gifts 
  • It's not too late to show your mom some love
  • You deserve the best, and we're here to help
  • Get your mom the best present this Mother's Day
  • Just checking if you're interested in Mother's Day emails?
  • A special Mother's Day message (and discount) from us 🥰
  • A day for Mom means a day for you, too!

2. Play with emotions (but in a nice way)

If you want to reach your customers at an emotional level, you must adopt some email psychological tricks.  

No, I don’t mean some unethical mumbo jumbo but rather subtle ways you can use to stay ahead of your competition and make some massive bucks. 

You can adopt one or more of the below tips: 

  • Use soft colors, like pastel blue, to create a calming effect
  • Write touching copy like your mom deserves the best 
  • Create urgency by adding countdown timers 
  • Add social proof to appear credible 
  • Reward purchases with coupons and discounts 

3. Create an attractive visual design

Your Mother’s Day email is as effective as its email design

Make your emails a visual treat by embedding high-quality images, using AMP to add interactive elements, and following a clean, structured layout. If you want to read a detailed article on how to design good-looking emails, I suggest you read this post on email design best practices

Designing emails can be tough if you’re on a budget or need to come up with a campaign in a jiff. You’re better off using readymade Mother’s Day email templates. They’re easy to modify and can save you a great deal of time and money. 

Mother's Day Email Templates That Convert Crazy

Attractive Designs. Responsive Format. White-Labeled.
Email Templates

4. Don’t ignore your subscribers’ location

One thing that can make or break your Mother’s Day email campaign is its timing. Mother’s Day is not celebrated on the same day worldwide. US, Canada, and Australia celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May, while this event is performed in the UK in March. 

It’s absolutely crucial for you to send your Mother’s Day emails on the right day to your subscribers. If not, you’re at risk of causing a panic state in your audience, which is something you obviously wouldn’t want. This is where customer data helps. 

5. Launch an extensive Mother’s Day campaign

If you’re planning to make high sales this Mother’s Day, don’t just send a single email. 

You need to constantly nudge your subscribers to remind them to purchase. No, we don’t mean you become annoying, but rather give subtle reminders to your subscribers, so you’re always on the top of their minds. 

Ideally, you should be sending the following emails:

  • Mother’s Day opt out email 
  • Early bird discount 
  • Mother’s Day promotion and wish 
  • Last chance email

Designing Mother’s Day Emails With Unlayer 

You’re now equipped with the right ideas and tips to design Mother’s Day emails, but where do you create them? Easy, just use Unlayer’s predesigned Mother’s Day email templates or start from scratch. 

With a user-friendly drag and drop builder, it’s super easy to design attractive emails. Use advanced tools like timers and carousels to create a greater impact and personalize your emails using merge tags. 

The best thing is that all these templates have been tested for responsiveness, so you don’t need to worry about how your email loads on different email clients and devices. 

 Designing Mother’s Day emails with Unlayer

Look at the stress-free interface above? Start your 14-day free trial now to make some amazing Mother’s Day emails. 


Executing a Mother’s Day email marketing campaign is an absolute must-have in today’s day and age. Benefit the most from this occasion by optimizing your emails for higher sales by following the ideas and tips mentioned in this article. Happy designing!


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