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St. Patrick's Day Emails: Ideas, Subject Lines & Examples

Rida Ali Khan

Behold, a day full of fun, luck, and positive energy is approaching!

Yes, you guessed it right, we’re talking about St. Patrick’s Day. That's what everyone is excited about.

In 2023, the average household spending on St. Patrick’s Day was around $43.84, and the total spending was $6.9 billion. And this year, on St. Patrick’s Day, it’s not solely luck that will bring you profits, but it will also be your St. Patrick’s Day email marketing. 

Trust us. 

Because 91% of consumers check their email every day, making email the best source to reach consumers. So, if you’re planning to bag some sales on this exciting event, you must send them emails. 

For that, read some profitable tips mentioned below for creating the best St. Patrick’s Day emails. 

Let’s start with some campaign ideas. 

8 Creative Campaign Ideas for St. Patrick's Day Emails

Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day email campaign

Holidays are the best time to improve your online presence and engage with your customers. Especially if the holiday is as fun as St. Patrick’s Day - you’ve got to run a campaign for it. 

We’ve listed eight popular and profitable campaign ideas below that you can use in your St. Patrick’s Day emails. 

1. Be unique

Let uniqueness be the reason for your success. 

You’ll see most email marketers sending promotional emails for this event, which obviously is good for conversions. But if you want to grab your recipient’s attention, you can do something different.

For instance, you can donate the money that you’ll make from each purchase on this day or introduce your sustainable products with the caption “Go Green this St. Patrick’s Day." 

Just let the creativity spark. 

2. Offer value 

We heard someone say, “If it doesn’t add value to your life, it doesn’t belong in it.” So, you can try different ways of adding value to your customer’s life. 

For instance, you can offer them a discount on your products, highlight products that can be used on St. Patrick’s Day, or give them ideas to celebrate this day with full zest. 

Keep in mind that once your recipient reads your message, s/he must feel that you offered them something that they could use on St. Patrick's Day. 

You can take an example from this email from King Arthur Baking Company that consists of tips on bakingIrish goods on St. Patrick’s Day. 

3. Run a pre or post-event campaign 

St. Patrick’s Day is not welcomed with the same spirit every year. 

That’s mainly because it’s all about parties, beers, and friends. Hence, people celebrate it more wholeheartedly when it comes on the weekends or midweek rather than during weekdays because they have to go to work the next day.  

If St. Patrick’s Day approaches on a weekend, like it does this year, you can run a pre or post-event campaign during the weekdays to attract more people into buying from your brand. And motivate them to prepare for the upcoming celebrations with full zeal.  

This way, you will reach out to them when they are in the mood to make a purchase. 

4. Connect through a story 

Marketing on holidays is all about connecting with your customers. So don’t miss out on any opportunity to do so. 

You can tell them a story that revolves around your brand to create a connection with them. And be sure to make it heart-touching, as this is an effective tactic used in sales and email psychology

Besides this, you can also narrate a funny story or incident related to St. Patrick’s Day. Remember to involve your brand in whatever story you choose to share with your customers. 

5. Go green for St. Patrick’s Day

Shamrocks, 4-leaved clovers, and leprechauns are the most significant St. Patrick’s Day elements. And since they all are green, you can run a campaign that revolves around this color. 

You can endorse all of your green-colored products, or you can introduce a new line of items especially released for this holiday. 

Also, you can suggest things to pair with green-colored wardrobes, like accessories or decorative items. 

You can take inspiration from this email sent by BirkSun

Best St. Patrick’s Day email example

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6. Keep it lively 

Want to boost your email’s engagement rate like crazy? Then, host a contest in your St. Patrick’s Day email. 

Gamification in emails (in any form) is always welcomed by recipients. So, you can host a contest in your emails related to St. Patrick’s Day. 

This can be done with a quiz, puzzle, or any other game. An email like this will instantly entice your recipients into engaging with your emails. On top of that, you can also offer them discounts or gifts for guessing it right. 

7. Partner with an influencer 

It’s 2024, and collaboration with influential names is the new cool. 

You can feature a famous marketer, customer, or blogger in your email who uses and praises your product or service. For instance, a renowned blogger can share that they plan to purchase their St. Patrick’s Day outfit from your brand, etc. 

It’s a beneficial tactic, as statistics say that referrals lead to 30% higher conversion rates. 

Once you have recorded their message, you can share their views in the form of a video embedded in your email. It’s a unique idea, and you won’t see many people doing this. 

8. Targeted holiday emails 

Triggered emails or targeted campaigns have successfully boosted engagement among readers. 

Statistics say that triggered emails generate over 31% of all email orders. So, use this to your advantage this St. Patrick’s Day. 

You can send your readers welcome, re-engagement, or loyalty emails depending on where they are on their customer journey. 

Got enough campaign ideas? Let’s move on and learn how you can draft a perfect subject line. 

11 Captivating St. Patrick's Day Email Subject Lines

Eye-catching subject lines for your St. Patrick’s Day email

Did you know that 79 out of 100 emails never get read? So, if you want to be among the rare ones, you must write subject lines that will make your readers click open your email. 

Too much pressure? 

No worries. Below, we have listed 11 creative and attention-grabbing subject lines that will definitely catch your reader’s attention. Have a look:

  • It’s Time to Eat Some Greens 🥗 (for HoReCa industry)
  •  💚 Let’s Go Green Before the Leprechauns Catch Us! 💚
  • It’s Your Lucky Day! 🍀 Flash Sale Alert
  • Flat 30% Off on St. Patrick’s Day! 🤩
  • Planning to Party Early This Year? 🍻 We’ve Got You!
  • We’ve Found You a Pot of Discounts 
  • HURRY! ⏰ Last Chance to Avail St. Patrick’s Day Discount 💚
  • You Don’t Need a Shamrock to Get Lucky With Us! 🍀
  • Go Green 💚 Before You Get Pinched 🤌
  •  🍻 Cheers to the Craziest St. Patrick's Day Sale 🍀
  • Dresses for St. Patrick’s Day That Are Designed Especially for You

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These are a few subject lines that you can take inspiration from. When you start writing one, try to add emojis related to St. Patrick’s Day in them. 

Also, don’t forget to personalize them, as personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to get opened. 

Now that you know what subject lines to write, let’s have a look at some of the most amazing St. Patrick’s Day emails that we saw. 

9 Best St. Patrick's Day Email Marketing Examples

Making your subscribers purchase from you during the holiday season is no piece of cake. However, we came across a few totally jaw-dropping emails that made us want to engage with them. 

1. MatchaBar

MatchaBar raised the bar high by creating an attractive email that was unconventionally blue. 

Yet, they displayed that the email was designed for St. Patrick’s Day through a prominent email header with content about St. Patrick’s Day and a pot of gold.  

A different color may be the element that makes it stand out, but the first thing that catches our attention when we look at this email is the GIF in the email that gives it a sparkly look. 

All in all, it’s a simple yet quite attractive St. Patrick’s Day email that we saw. 


Best St. Patrick’s Day email example

We liked this email because they incorporated the St. Patrick’s Day theme in a very subtle yet effective way. 

They showed two glasses of beer, cheering in celebration of their St. Patrick’s Day sale. And, since we know that people mostly celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by drinking and partying, this element represents this holiday.

Also, they created a prominent email menu right at the start that leads their reader to the main categories of their clothing. 

And at the end, there are two Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons that direct the reader to their special sale items (shorts). It’s not overdone and clearly explains AMERICAN EAGLE’s St. Patrick’s Day discount to the reader.

3. Harry’s

Best St. Patrick’s Day email example

Who doesn’t love humor? 

Harry’s chose a funny way of making their product relevant on St. Patrick’s Day. This witty email copy alerts their readers that if they want to avoid their beers getting stuck in their mustache, they must shave using Harry’s products. 

Also, they embedded an entertaining video that goes with their message, #savethestout”, which encourages their subscribers to engage with the email. 


Best St. Patrick’s Day email example

We don’t like calling out favorites, but this email made us do otherwise. 

We liked this email for two main reasons. First is their minimalist email design, and the second is the element of curiosity. 

This design was all about mystery. And to unlock or reveal the discount, their readers had to click on the very prominent and descriptive CTA button. 

Also, we love the monochromatic shades of green color in this email. That is, the pistachio green color for the email’s background that contrasts nicely with the dark green color of the email copy. 

This email is definitely something we’d like to take inspiration from. 

5. Hydrant

Best St. Patrick’s Day email example

Hydrant was wise enough to display their green-colored product in their St. Patrick’s Day email. And with that, they wrote a cute caption saying, “Can’t pinch this,” obviously because it’s green. 

The first part of the email is design-focused, and the latter consists of a written copy that sends a heartwarming wish to all their readers. 

It’s simple yet presentable, something we will go for when creating our next email design. 

6. JibJab

Isn’t this email simply the cutest? 

JibJab is all about making eye-catching e-cards, and they perfectly showcased their creativity through this email. 

This email consists of 3 different segments, each displaying a unique kind of card that you can send on St. Patrick’s Day. 

But the element that stole the show (or our attention) is the CSS animation in this email. As we say, interactive elements in emails are always a hit. Do take notes for that. 

Also, notice how they neatly segmented each section with a different green color. This email was one of the most engaging St. Patrick’s Day emails that we have seen.

7. Urban Outfitter

Best St. Patrick’s Day email example

They understood that, on average, people spend 10 seconds reading a brand email. So they conveyed the crux of their message with minimal content, i.e., ‘ends today’ in the 4-leaved clovers and ‘free shipping’ right in the middle of the email body.

And if you’re like us, you’d instantly get excited after reading “free shipping.” 

Right beneath this announcement, they displayed three CTA buttons that redirect their readers to make a purchase. 

However, our favorite part of this email is that it’s not entirely green but has green elements, such as a clover, to represent St. Patrick’s Day. 

8. Ole Henriksen

If someone knows how to use monochromatic colors in a design, it’s the design team at Ole Henriksen.

There’s a simple St. Patrick’s Day wish in the header, followed by a prominent CTA button. 

Also, they showed a pot of gold in this email, one of the most talked-about St. Patrick’s Day elements. Each product displayed in this email has a ghost button beneath it that encourages the reader to purchase it right away.

They totally nailed their St. Patrick’s Day email campaign with just these couple of things. 

9. musicMagpie 

Best St. Patrick’s Day email example

Living up to the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, this email design is quite pleasant. 

It’s pretty colorful and shows the elements of St. Patrick’s Day. And just beside the pot, there is an instruction to polish the pot to avail the discount code. 

It’s perfectly designed to entice a response out of their users and is quite attractive. 

These are some of the best emails that were created keeping St. Patrick’s Day spirit in mind. Read the following tips if you want to make a high-performing email on St. Patrick’s Day as well. 

Actionable Tips for Creating St. Patrick’s Day Emails 

You must be ahead of your game to make your emails stand out during the holiday season. 

And to help you with that, we’ve listed down some actionable email marketing tips that will enable you to create outstanding St. Patrick’s Day emails. Read below to know: 

Create an interesting copy

Tips to write St. Patrick’s Day email copy. 

Your email copy has the power to make or break a deal with your potential customer, so give it special attention and consideration. 

Make sure that your St. Patrick’s Day email copy isn’t:

  • Boring as it will sway away your subscribers, even the ones who were in the mood to buy something. 
  • Cliche or uses words like 'pot of gold’ or 'lucky charm.' Even though these words are related to St. Patrick’s Day, avoid using them in your email because almost everyone else is. 
  • Controversial or refers to any ethnicity or culture. Try to keep your written content generic and on the surface. 
  • Hard to comprehend or use jargon words because people will not take action in your favor if they don’t understand what you’re trying to promote. 
  • Lengthy because humans have an attention span of 8 seconds so try to convey your message in lesser words. 

Just follow these writing tips, and you’d be able to coax a response out of your readers. Moving on, let’s have a look at some design tips. 

Draft jaw-dropping designs

4 tips for designing St. Patrick's Day emails

They say, “Design adds value more than it adds cost,” and we totally second this stance. 

Implement the following tips in your St. Patrick’s Day email design, and you’ll be able to convince your readers even before they read your content. 

Your St. Patrick’s Day email design should follow some (if not all) of the following tips:

  • Create campaign-centered email designs, but don’t overdo it. You can do this by keeping the use of green minimal or by adding a prominent email header that wishes St. Patrick’s Day. 
  • Your recipient must know which brand is sending them an email just by looking at it. For this, you can add your company’s logo to the email design or use your brand’s theme. 
  • Try to add to keep your email as interactive as possible. This can be done by adding videos, CSS animations, GIFs, etc. 
  • Use predesigned email templates for your St. Patrick’s Day email campaign. Speaking of which, Unlayer provides 1,400+ readymade HTML email templates. All these templates are responsive and display perfectly on all devices. You can use these for your campaigns to save your time and effort when designing professional-looking emails. 

Follow these suggestions, and you’ll be able to design captivating email designs easily. 

Email Templates That Convert Crazy Good

Attractive Designs. Responsive Format. White-Labeled.
Email Templates

Wrapping Up

Creating, designing, and sending an email that outshines your competitors is a real deal. But if done with the right methods, it becomes alarmingly effortless and brings out good revenue. 

With that being said, incorporate all the following ideas and suggestions into your design, and you’ll be able to pull off the best St. Patrick’s Day email campaign ever. 

Nail your next campaign!


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