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Cyber Monday Emails That Boost Profit: A Guide 

Rida Ali Khan

A customer on Cyber Monday is like a kid in Disneyland - imagine the dopamine rush. 

Cyber Monday is the biggest shopping event of the year. Yes, even bigger than Black Friday. Previously, it was a 24-hour shopping spree that recently turned into a 1-week shopping event in which brands offer amazing sales and discounts.

Not to sound all cynical, but Cyber Monday is the only Monday people excitedly look up to. This makes Cyber Monday the perfect opportunity to make some profit. 

And, guess what? 87% of B2B marketers use email campaigns to nurture their leads. So, it’s time for you to jump on the bandwagon and create the most impressive Cyber Monday email campaign ever. 

Wondering how you’d do that? Just follow the suggestions and ideas below, and you’ll be able to create one. 

But before that, let’s take a look at how Cyber Monday emails are good for your business. 

Cyber Monday Emails are Pretty Profitable, Wanna Know How?

Cyber Monday emails boost profit

Who doesn’t love a chance to make some big bucks?  

With a $42 return on investment on every dollar spent, email is indeed the most profitable source of communication. But on events like Cyber Monday, the chance of making profits through email increases even more. 

Research says that Cyber Monday emails witness a conversion rate of 12.29%. It also says that 1/8th of the subscribers who clicked on an email on Cyber Monday made a purchase.  

On the other hand, Cyber Monday emails that included free shipping offers had a 14.9% open rate and a 14.7% conversion rate. Additionally, another research claims that email marketing during Black Friday and Cyber Monday generated 50% of email revenue and 25% of revenue in general. 

We're pretty sure that these statistics have not only convinced you but also got you excited to create and design Cyber Monday emails. So, have a look at some campaign ideas below to create high-performing emails. 

Cyber Monday Email Campaign Ideas to Woo Your Customers

Four campaign ideas for Cyber Monday emails

No need to worry if Thanksgiving and Black Friday’s recent promotion gave you a creative burnout. Below are some campaign ideas that will motivate your subscribers to engage with you. Have a look!

1. Promote all the cool stuff you got

Use this opportunity to promote the products that you’re most proud of. Now you might say every product is equally special, but who are we kidding? We all have our biases. 

Introduce your subscriber to your best collection. Add its description to your email and mention how it can add value to your customer’s life. This way, your subscriber will get excited to buy something exclusive from Cyber Monday’s collection. 

Here’s an awesome Cyber Monday email example from Magic Spoon. They have cleverly maintained a visually appealing, cohesive email design that aligns with their brand identity while emphasizing how the magic cereal can cure their customers’ Monday blues. 

Cyber Monday email example from Magic Spoon.

2. Offer them discount on new collection

Be the best brand that they have ever encountered. 

Discounts are something that your subscribers and consumers look up to the most. While most brands offer exclusive discounts, there’s a very rare chance that they do the same for their new collection, so use your shot at doing something out of the box. 

Whether you’re a clothing, makeup, or sports brand, offer them some discount on your new products - this will double their excitement levels. After all, who doesn’t love happy customers? 

To help you with that, here’s a Cyber Monday email example from AllTrails for inspiration. 

Cyber Monday email example from AllTrails.

3. Make a unique offer

Make them an offer they cannot refuse. 

With sales and discounts almost everywhere, it might get hard for your subscribers to make the right choice. So offer them something that’s hard for them to turn down. 

For instance, you can offer them free shipping or a special gift voucher over a purchase of a certain amount. Another great idea is to assign happy hours like, 50% off from 2 pm to 7 pm, etc.

Loft clearly understood the assignment as they’ve used a cool loading bar GIF to announce 50% off plus free shipping on their products.

Cyber Monday email example from Loft

4. Send targeted offers to each subscriber

The finest campaigns are the ones that are exclusive and feel personal. 

Make your subscribers feel special by offering them something that they love the most. One way to do this is by tracking their purchase or browsing history. 

For example, suppose you’re a cosmetic brand, and your subscriber has been browsing an eye shadow collection. In that case, you can offer a Cyber Monday discount on your eyeshadow palettes and mention that this offer is exclusively for them based on their interest. 

Research says that brands that personalize their promotional emails have 27% higher click-through rates. Besides being profitable, this is a great tactic to nurture leads with your subscribers. 

Here’s an email example from Bonobos that targets last-minute Cyber Monday shoppers and reminds them the sale is ending soon.

Cyber Monday email example from Bonobos.

Write Click-Worthy Email Subject Lines

Three tips for creating noticeable subject lines for Cyber Monday emails

Attention seeking is frowned upon, but for marketers like us, it’s a great source of revenue. 

Write email subject lines that instantly catch your subscriber’s eye and make them open your email among several other Cyber Monday emails. 

The following kinds of subject lines can help your emails stand out. 

1. Create urgency

Want to speed up the buying process while giving off a vibe that it’s a limited-time offer? Then use the following subject lines; 

  • ⌛ Last chance to shop for Cyber Monday! ⌛
  • Hurry! 🏃‍♂️ 40% off just for this weekend.
  • Don’t miss out on these Cyber Monday offers. 

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2. Add numbers or emojis

Offer the real deal in the subject line to attract more, for instance;

  • 50% off on online sales. 🤑
  • 5 Cyber Monday deals that you’d love to know. 
  • 🚨 20% off on the new collection 🚨

3. Build curiosity

Induce curiosity among your subscribers through your subject lines like;

  • Excited about your Cyber Monday surprise?
  • Care to know what’s special about our Cyber Monday sale?
  • We have waited quite a long time to announce this!

Write an Attention-Grabbing Cyber Monday Email

Three tips for writing Cyber Monday email copy

Writing high-converting email copy isn't everyone's cup of tea, but you can craft an ideal one that converts well with the following tips. 

Win hearts with humor 

Humor may be called a mood booster, but in emails, it’s an engagement booster.

Adding humor in emails will win hearts and make your readers want to interact with you more. But if you try too hard to be funny, they will only cringe away from your email. 

Subtly add puns and jokes in your email copy, and most importantly, make sure they are appropriate for your target audience and Cyber Monday. A happy audience is the best audience. 

Engage them with a conversational tone

Talk to your subscribers like they are your friends; keep a conversational tone. 

A dull email is most likely to be ignored by your recipients. So, write the email copy like you’re talking to them; it gives off a very humane feel. An email copy written in a conversational tone is the best way to build a connection with your audience and boost engagement.  

Avoid lengthy paragraphs

Minimalism is the new cool. 

Our lives are getting busier every day, so there’s a great chance that your subscribers will just skim through your email. Always write a comprehensive and precise copy. Also, avoid adding unnecessary or lengthy information in order to sell yourself - it doesn’t look nice. 

6 Tips to Create the Best Cyber Monday Email Design 

Six best practices of Cyber Monday email design

Designs speak louder than words - so pay attention to every detail. Here are a number of email design ideas that can result in the success of your campaign. 

1. Make it as interactive as possible

Do you know what makes any email design top-notch? Interactive elements. 

Interactive designs include the addition of CSS animations, videos, GIFs, questionnaires, etc., within the emails. Besides being visually appealing, interactive designs are responsible for increasing engagement with subscribers and boosting conversion rates. 

Research says that interactive content in emails increases the click-to-open rate by 73%

2. Cash on FOMO

Psychological behaviors and marketing strategies are a match made in heaven; this is what FOMO, or fear of missing out is all about. 

Use FOMO in your designs to engage more people and to motivate impulsive shopping sprees. You can do this by embedding countdown timers or by creating urgency through written texts. Also, you can use the color red as it signifies a sense of urgency.

3. Use colors that stand out in the inbox

This is a simple yet amazing trick. Your subscribers will receive plenty of emails related to Cyber Monday, and all these emails will have a similar theme, i.e., black and white or black and green.

So, use colors other than these to stand out in your subscriber’s inbox and give them a break from the same theme. Using different colors in your designs will help them remember you more.

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4. Tech it up

The name Cyber Monday was suggested to denote all the online transactional activities that take place on the Monday after Thanksgiving. 

So use a tech-related theme in your designs to give an idea of all cyber-related activities. You can do this by adding tech-themed colors or by adding gadgets to your design. 

5. Always go for responsive email designs

Never underestimate the importance of responsive email designs

Nearly 1.7 billion people view their emails on mobile phones, so make sure your designs are responsive on all devices. Speaking of which, Unlayer provides a range of professionally designed email templates that are responsive on all devices. 

So, why bother to create designs from scratch when the best ones are just a few clicks away. 

Cyber Monday Emails That Convert Crazy

Responsive Format. Attractive Designs. White-Labeled.
Email Templates

6. Add strong Call-to-Action buttons

Emails without Call-To-Action buttons (CTA) are pretty much like virtual dead ends. 

CTA buttons are added in emails to prompt your readers to take further action. Adding a CTA to your email design makes it more attractive, facilitates your reader to take the next step, and boosts conversion rates. 

According to statistics, adding a CTA in an email increases click-through rates by 127%

Best Practices for Creating Cyber Monday Emails 

Marketing is all about working smart rather than hard. Use these smart hacks to increase the probability of conversion rates of your emails. 

Filter and analyze your email ist

The best way to ensure engagement is to filter your email list at the start of your campaign. 

You can do this by analyzing the engagement level of your subscribers and omitting the ones that have not responded to your email in a long time. This will save you time and effort. 

You can also use double opt-in forms so that you end up getting quality leads only. 

The quality of your subscribers reflects on your conversion rates, so never compromise on that. 

Personalize your emails

Personalized emails feel special. Research says that an email with a personalized subject line has a 7.4% open rate, and a personalized email copy has an open rate of 18.8%.

Basically, personalized subject lines of Cyber Monday emails increase their chances of standing out in the inbox. Moreover, personalized email copies double the reader's interest, hence increasing their chances to respond to the emails. 

Schedule the right time to send emails

Timing is everything. Selecting the right time to send your emails affects the open and click-through rates. 

One way to grab your recipient’s attention is to send your Cyber Monday emails at an unpopular time, like exactly after Halloween. This decreases the chances of your email getting lost or neglected in the abundance of other Cyber Monday emails.

You can also send your emails the week before Cyber Monday since, at that time, families are together and in full spirit to celebrate Thanksgiving. 

Avoid sending too many emails to get the reader’s attention. This will only annoy them in the abundance of so many other emails. When it comes to a specific date or day, there is no specific right answer, and the right time can only be discovered through A/B testing. 

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Avoid landing in spam

Do you know what an email marketer’s biggest nightmare is? 

Spam filters. 

By all means, make your emails avoid spam filters. You can do this by ensuring that your subscriber’s list is authentic and they have opted to receive emails. 

You must also provide an unsubscribe link so that they can opt out whenever they feel like it. Besides this, avoid using words that send your email in the spam box, such as “Free” or “Double your Money,” etc. 

Last and most importantly, make sure your IP address is reputable and that you abide by all rules of CAN-SPAM

5 of the Most Incredible Cyber Monday Emails 

We selected the best five Cyber Monday emails for you and mentioned what we loved about each of them. 


This email is perfect for grabbing anyone's attention with a neon sign, black background, and urgency-creating content. Not only this, but the simple CTA button directs readers to take further action as well. 

Cyber Monday email example from Quiz

Dean & Deluca

This one here breaks the norms of traditional Cyber Monday email designs. A bright-colored Cyber Monday email is more likely to be remembered among the other similar-looking ones.

Cyber Monday email example from Dean & Deluca


This design is adorable and witty at the same time. The ‘Grab Your Mouse’ is a subtle CTA that asks subscribers to make purchases through their computer’s mouse.

Additionally, they have mentioned all the right and necessary information in a neat and orderly manner. 

Cyber Monday email example J.Crew


We’ll cut to the chase and talk facts - interactive designs have supremacy over others. Also, this CSS animation follows the cyber-related theme of Cyber Monday. It’s a great design that immediately caught our attention.

Cyber Monday email example from Fossil

American Eagle 

A countdown time to instill FOMO, the right kind of CTAs, and brand representation; this design has it all.

Cyber Monday email example from American Eagle

Final Words 

Well, that’s a wrap!

With all the ideas and tips mentioned above, you're all set to create a high-performing Cyber Monday email that will stand out in your subscriber's inbox. And if you're still contemplating how to design the most attractive Cyber Monday email, then have a glimpse at our wide collection of Cyber Monday email templates for free now!


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