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Email Marketing for Real Estate - A Comprehensive Guide

Rida Ali Khan

“Success in real estate begins when you start believing you’re worthy of it.” - Micheal Ferrera. 

Becoming a top-producing realtor is not a piece of cake. If you wish to be the best, you must have constant motivation, abundant knowledge, and a vast network of prospects. 

Since you’re a realtor of the digital age, you’re in total luck! Because you can use powerful digital marketing channels like email marketing to build and sustain potential leads. That too, quicker and better.  

Why email marketing for real estate? Read below to know why email is the best platform for real estate marketing. 

Why is Email Marketing Favorable for Real Estate?

Three reasons why email marketing for real estate is beneficial.

Here are some reasons that make email the best marketing channel for real estate

Saves Time

Email marketing saves a significant amount of time by allowing you to contact several people simultaneously, making it convenient for the realtors to inform and update potential prospects about anything. 

Reaches Large Audience

Email marketing is the most used digital marketing platform, with over 4 billion email users globally. Email helps you address a very large number of people and communicate with them directly. 

Connects With Your Target Audience

Email marketing gives you control over your target audience by allowing you to segment the email list

You can divide your audience into groups of buyers, sellers, etc., and send them only relatable emails. 

Research says that 92% of realtors use email to communicate with their clients, and 93% use email marketing daily. The competition is crazy out there; we’re sure you would like to use the best tool to be on the top. 

Convinced that email marketing brings benefits for the real estate industry? I’m sure you are. So, let’s learn how to create the best real estate emails step by step. 

7 Easy Steps to Create and Send Ideal Real Estate Emails

We have listed seven essential steps that will help you to create an ideal email for real estate. 

1. Find Contacts to Create an Email List

The first step of your email campaign is to explore and build contacts. Here are some ways through which you can get connected with potential clients.

Multiple ways to find contacts for real estate.

Generate Leads Through Companies

One way to get adequate prospects is by getting in touch with lead generation companies

Lead generation companies offer advertisements that can help you attract potential buyers and sellers. Each company has a different price. These price ranges depend on the number of potential clients and the land value you want to advertise. 

Some popular examples of lead generation companies are Market Leader and RedXYou might worry about investing in them, but once you test them out, you’ll be sure that they are of great benefit. 

Create and Embed Opt-in Forms on Website

You can use opt-in forms to create an email list of people interested in real estate deals. The opt-in form can either be in the form of a pop up ad or it can be placed in the top corner of the website. 

Moreover, you can also embed double opt-in forms on your website as well. In this case, once subscribers have given their email addresses, they are sent a confirmation email as well. Hence, ensuring that they're 100% willing to receive emails. 

Once the opt-in form is embedded on the website, interested subscribers will start signing up. The best thing about these opt-in forms is that you are sure that the user voluntarily signed up so s/he is surely interested in future negotiations. 


People say never underestimate the power of a good network

Indeed that’s true because research tells us that 64% of sellers found an agent because of a friend, relative, or neighbor referral. Plus, positive word of mouth shows a good reputation of your company.  

Most referral programs offer the customer an incentive. This way, they increase the loyalty of existing customers and increase the chances of getting new customers. Hence, you’ll be shooting two birds with one stone.  

Casual Meetups

Never skip the old school methods. 

Meet-ups in open houses and conferences are a good way of marketing your business. 

You may not gather a significant number of prospects this way. But the limited number of people you come across will most probably be interested in buying, selling, or renting from you. 

Now that you know multiple ways of gathering your potential customers, it’s time for you to take the next step. i.e., segmenting the email list. 

2. Segment Your Email List 

If you want your subscribers to respond and engage, you must offer them what they want. 

Segmenting is a significant step of your campaign. It divides the email list into different groups like buyers, sellers, first-time buyers, etc. You can also divide and segment your email list according to the location or demands of the potential prospects. 

Segmentation increases the chances of nurturing bonds with the audience by sending only valuable and relatable content. 

3. Select Your Campaign Idea  

Once you have segmented your audience according to their demands, the next step is to decide your campaign. Here is a list of ideas from where you can choose.

Different ways to find campaign ideas while email marketing for real estate.

Welcome emails

Welcome emails are a sweet gesture with a very fruitful output. 

Primarily, welcome emails are sent to build rapport between the brand and the customer. According to research, welcome emails have an open rate (the rate at which emails are opened) of 86.03%. 

This shows that welcome emails have a good rate of engagement. Besides introducing your company, welcome emails can include helpful information about the services you offer, your agents, and your overall agenda. 

Here’s an example of a beautifully structured welcome email from Zillow. 

Welcome email example from Zillow.

Follow Up Emails

Follow up emails are sent to email clients that have made a purchase, recently met the dealer or have just viewed any property.  

For instance, if you (as a realtor) just came back after meeting a potential client you can send them an email to ask about their reviews and plans about the purchase. Also, if there is a case where a client ghosted you, send them a follow up email to motivate re-engagement. 

For clients who have already made a purchase, you can ask them about their experience with your company or their intention of making another offer. Moreover, you can ask your customers to give your reference to their friends, colleagues, or neighbors. 

Like we mentioned before, referrals are of great importance to any realtors. So, don’t miss a chance to ask a customer for one. 

Take a look at this polite and personalized follow-up email from Romeo Team Realty. 

Follow up email example from Romeo.

Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns consist of a series of automated emails that are sent after analyzing the behavior of a user. 

For instance, if a customer signed up by giving their email address, this action will trigger you to send a welcome email. If they start negotiating it's great, if not, then they will be sent another email to motivate a response. Furthermore, if they made a purchase they will be sent a thank you email, if not, they will be sent a follow up email. 

In a drip campaign, all emails are sent by analysing a user’s behavior. Here is a chart that can help you understand clearly. 

Drip email campaign's life cycle for real estate

Updated information keeps the subscribers engaged and nurtures relationships with them. Here’s one such example from Metro Communities. See how they try to stay in touch with their clients by keeping them aware of new listings. 

Example of drip email from Metro Communications

Newsletter or Client Stories

You can send email newsletters on a weekly or monthly basis to give an overview of your company. These newsletters can include pictures or invites of an open house event or a success story shared by your client. 

Showing satisfied clients in your newsletter is an excellent way to attract new customers. This increases their faith in you as potential customers and makes them initiate a conversation or offer if they haven’t done yet. 

Check out this amazing newsletter from Seven Hills Properties. 

Newsletter example from Seven Hills Properties

 4. Draft a High Converting Real Estate Email

Ways to create a high performing email for real estate.

Content Ideas 

The content of your email is very important. Basically, the quality of your content encourages the reader to click through the email or make a purchase. 

To begin with, try to write your email copy in a comprehensive and direct tone. You can use personalizing tools to add the names of recipients and segment the emails. 

Start your email by greeting them as it gives a very humane feel. The content of your email can include tips to purchase or maintain a house, trends in the world of real estate, or information about new schemes and loans that the government offers. 

Once you’ve drafted interesting content, don’t forget to add an enticing Call-To-Action (CTA) button. A CTA button gives the reader a more precise idea about what step s/he should take next. 

Make sure you send only relevant content to each subscriber, and don’t forget to add only one CTA button per email. 

Want to know more about writing the perfect email copy? Read here. 

Design Ideas

A good design is a silent seller. 

You must pay attention to the design of your real estate email, as it will make your email stand out among the rest. Try to create or select an attractive and appealing template that can instantly grab your customer’s attention. 

You can select email templates that follow your company’s theme or aesthetics. Lastly, a design’s responsiveness is an important feature that you must not ignore. 

Since you’re new, we want to save you the hassle of finding the best templates for real estate. So, have a look at our range of professionally designed, responsive, and appealing email templates for real estate. Here’s one eye-catching template from Unlayer that will definitely attract your readers. 

Template sample for real estate email marketing.

Additionally, our guide can help you get a hold of the email design trends of 2022. 

5. Laws and Regulations to Avoid Spam Box and Penalties

There are specific legal requirements that you need to comply with before sending emails. Every country has its own set of laws and regulations to avoid any complaints or lawsuits. 

Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing (CAN-SPAM) is a regulation that every US citizen must abide by. According to CAN-SPAM, 

  1. You must not use deceiving names or email addresses. 
  2. If your email consists of adult content, you must mention that in the email’s subject. 
  3. You must add a street address in the email content. 
  4. You must give a clear option to unsubscribe from your email list. 
  5. If your subscriber doesn’t consent to receive an email, it will be shown as an ad. 

If your email list includes a Canadian national or a European citizen, then regulations like Canada Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) must be applied, respectively. 

6. Automate Emails and Send Them

Learned how to segment your email list and create content? 

Perfect. Now it’s time for you to automate and send emails. 

Automation lets you schedule and send multiple emails at the same time by saving your time and effort. 

You can automate emails according to the different behaviors and demands of the subscribers. This is also known as triggered email. 

For instance, if a subscriber has not responded to your email after making a purchase, you can send them a follow-up email saying that you haven’t heard from them in a while and would love to hear from you. 

7. Test and Analyze the Results 

Tracking and testing emails is an integral part of any email campaign. 

It helps you measure which elements make your email perform better. These elements or variables may include the subject line, addition of interactive elements, length of email content, time at which emails are sent, etc. 

Previously, email marketers used to test the validity of any email by measuring the click-through rate (the rate at which CTAs in emails are clicked) and the open rate (the rate at which emails are opened) of an email. But, modern-day email marketers now analyze engagement trends, subscribers’ long-term activities, and the email list’s health to see if the campaign is a success or not. 

You must track down both ways to estimate and receive a greater return on investments. 

Best Softwares for Real Estate Emails 

List of best softwares for designing real estate emails.


Unlayer provides a range of attractive and eye-catching email templates for real estate. All these templates are designed by professionals and will save you all your time and effort.  

The best thing about Unlayer’s email templates is that all of these templates are responsive and can be viewed ideally on all devices that open an email. 

You can add merge tags for personalization or embed videos to make the template more interactive. Unlayer’s user-friendly drag and drop editor allows you to customize the email templates according to your choice easily and conveniently. 

Once done, you can easily export templates to any email service provider like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. 

Real Estate Email Templates That Convert Crazy

Attractive Designs. Responsive Format. White-Labeled.
Email Templates


Mailchimp is very easy to use and allows you to choose from a wide variety of creative elements. It has a straightforward and easy-to-understand layout for creating emails. 

But yes, it is not very convenient on the pocket. Mailchimp’s prices are reasonable at the start but increase rapidly once your email list starts growing. 

A newbie would think twice before investing. 

Active Campaign

Active Campaign is one of the best software for automation. It helps you create automated workflows within minutes. Moreover, you can select templates to get an idea about design as well. 

Active Campaign allows a detailed tracking system that can track down subscribers’ activities, location, and page visits according to your demand. 

You can score your audience according to their engagement rate and make groups of more and less engaging audiences. This allows you to send relatable emails to each group of audience.

Constant Contact 

Constant Contact has one of the best email deliverability rates. It allows you to send a great number of emails all at once without any limitations. 

In addition, Constant Contact provides a range of email templates for real estate that include invitation designs and options to respond to these invites. 

Hacks to Run a Successful Real Estate Email Campaign

You must have understood the necessary steps. Now it’s time for you to know some additional hacks to turn your email marketing for real estate into a complete success. 

Problem Solving Emails

There might be a million questions popping inside your customer’s head when it comes to real estate. 

You can cater to their issues by sending them emails with questionnaires and reviews forms embedded in them. This is a significant step to nurture relationships with your customers. 

Email marketing for real estate creates a bond between your customer and your company as they will contact you immediately in case of any inquiry. 

Best Time to Send Emails

We want you to have the best results on email marketing so send them at the best times. 

The best days to send emails are Mondays and Tuesdays. According to research, emails sent on Mondays have an open rate of 29.91% and 28.20% on Tuesdays; this is higher than any other day of the week. 

In terms of time, we can’t give you an exact digit, but the best time of the day to send emails is in the afternoon. Emails sent in the afternoon have an open rate of 17.96%, this is higher than any other time of the day. 

Best times to send real estate emails.

Entice Interaction

Lastly, don’t forget to embed interactive elements in your email. 

You can add a video in your email that gives a virtual tour of a client’s potential land/ house. You can add tutorial videos on how to maintain, decorate or renovate a house.

Like we mentioned earlier, questionnaires, survey forms, and rating scales can be embedded in your email to estimate customer satisfaction from your company. 

This allows you to improve your services and give them better assistance. If the feedback is positive, it works as a motivation for future endeavors. 

Final Word

We hope now you have all the knowledge about email marketing for real estate. 

Real estate is a tricky business and a very competitive industry. You need to have the right means to make the most out of this industry. However, the high return on investment and effective marketing opportunities make email marketing the best platform to endorse and market your client’s property. 

Amazing, isn’t it? 

It’s high time you start designing your real estate emails with the help of our beautiful and easy-to-customize real estate email templates; try them for free now!


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