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8 Handy Tips for Memorial Day Emails (+Examples & Templates)

Samavia Malik

Marketers must pay extra attention to international days, national holidays, and festivities. It is the perfect time to increase sales, boost revenue, and showcase your brand by relating it to a particular theme.

Memorial day emails are no exception to that. According to a survey, it is ranked as the 3rd most popular event in the US behind Thanksgiving and Christmas.

There is a unifying element for everyone, including long weekends off from work, American patriotism, family get-togethers, and the unofficial start of summer. One of these themes is definitely bound to pique your customers' interest and drive sales.

But amid these competing themes, how do you create your own Memorial Day email marketing campaigns to advertise your promotions?

To help you with that, we’ve curated a list of strategic tips to dress up your email campaigns, so they don’t look like everybody else’s.

Let’s get started!

8 Pro Tips to Launch Your Memorial Day Email Campaigns

Memorial Day emails are an excellent opportunity to boost sales as well as grow your email list. Hence, there are several unique factors about the Memorial Day weekend that you can consider before creating your emails.

Here are 8 strategic tips to get you started.

8 tips to create the best Memorial Day emails

1. Compose relatable subject lines

We all know the importance of an excellent first impression. So, don’t forget to create enticing subject lines for all the Memorial Day emails you’ll send. 

But how to create one such subject line?

Here’s the simple trick. Tap into what your audience will likely do this Memorial Day weekend and wrap that into your campaigns.

Because a well-crafted subject line will grab your readers’ attention, increasing the click-through rates of your marketing campaigns.

Below are a few examples of Memorial Day subject lines. Feel free to copy them.

Memorial Day Subject Lines up for Grabs

  • Red, White & SAVINGS!
  • Get set and BBQ!
  • Sun, sand, and sales!
  • Save BIG with our Memorial Day sale!
  • Sending warm wishes on Memorial Day
  • The Memorial Day sale has arrived! 40% off storewide!
  • Swim into SUMMER with our Memorial Day sale!
  • FREE SHIPPING for Memorial Day!
  • Save 30% off on hot dogs and beer this Memorial Day!
  • Yummify your BBQ with 35% off (BBQ Brand Name) grills today!
  • Stock up on skincare essentials this Memorial Day | 20% Off!

2. Focus on audience segmentation

Segmentation plays a vital role in the success of your business. If done properly, it can boost your sales. 

And when it comes to Memorial Day, you can tailor your sender list based on the location. Why? Because it’s not a universal holiday. 

So, this should be a US-only campaign.

Although Memorial Day is a time to honor fallen service members, you can still offer special discounts to the military veterans and their families.

You may feel bad about not sending something similar to your non-US customers. Don’t worry. Hinting at the start of summer in your promotional emails is a great alternative. You can likely employ the same images and CTAs.

3. Bring in that summer vibe

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of summer? Vacation, right! So, kickstart the summer and make your Memorial Day emails shine bright with a summer collection or an exclusive offer.

To craft the perfect email, highlight everything summer is famous for—warm weather, chilled bear, pool parties, ice cream, baseball games, weekend getaways, and more.

Different summer elements to highlight in your Memorial Day emails

So, grab your best marketing strategies, bring in that summer vibe, and show your customers how they can have the best summer season with your products.

4. Entice patriotism

Don’t have any products related to summer? 

Then choose the patriotic way while approaching your clients. As a business, you should express that you value the sacrifices of those who died serving the country. 

You can go the extra mile to entice patriotism in your Memorial Day emails by including symbols like flags, states map, White House, eagles, etc. You can also have red, white, and blue colors in your email design to match the theme of this day.

Pro tip

Don’t forget to go for a somber patriotic tone in your Memorial Day email campaigns because an essential part of this day is to pay tribute to fallen US military personnel.

5. Highlight family and friends' time

It’s a long weekend, and most Americans get together with family and friends to celebrate Memorial Day. Evoke togetherness, party preparations, and everything related to that in your Memorial Day emails.

Food is also something that brings people together, as people tend to meet for lunch or dinner during this time. So, focusing on friends and family gatherings might be a sweet spot for your food business.

6. Offer flashy discounts and deals

Many people take advantage of sales and promotions when it comes to special days. There are a few flashy discounts and deals you can offer your customers in your Memorial Day emails.

  • Free shipping effectively motivates customers to purchase which drives those extra sales.
  • Giving away free gifts with online purchases will grab customers' attention, eventually boosting revenue.
  • Percentage-based offers are one of the most common ways to provide your customers with awesome discounts. Choose a wise percentage to increase purchase motivation.
  • Another type of discount is threshold offers. It is only given when a customer reaches a certain cart amount. For example, buy for $50 and get 10% off. These offers encourage people to spend more to unlock that promotion, increasing your overall sales.

7. Plan your campaigns in advance

It’s not good to leave things to the last minute. If you want to sell products specifically for use over Memorial Day weekend, you’d need to plan your email campaigns in advance. So, people can order and have the product arrive in time before leaving for weekend trips.

Planning your campaigns 7-10 days in advance is a good pick. It leaves enough room for post purchases and follow-up emails.

This is how you can plan your Memorial Day email campaigns:

  • Send a Memorial Day email with a discount a week before to catch the early bird shoppers.
  • Send a reminder email 2 days before Memorial Day to remind the customers about the flashy sales and discounts.
  • On Memorial Day, it’s considered a best practice to send non-promotional emails to your subscribers because of the somber theme of the holiday.
  • Send a last chance email a day after the holiday to remind your subscribers that your sale is ending soon.

8. Make your emails mobile responsive

A lot of people will be traveling over the weekend. They’ll not have time to open emails on their desktop. So, it’s crucial to make your emails mobile responsive for readability and engagement.

For that, consider the below useful tips:

  • Use Unlayer’s user-friendly and mobile-responsive Memorial Day email templates.
  • Use low-resolution images because they load even with limited internet connectivity.
  • Use alt text in case images don’t load.
  • Use live text instead of text embedded in graphics. Live text is readable by voice assistant as well. It helps make the email accessible to differently-abled folks.

Memorial Day Email Templates That Convert

Striking Designs. Responsive Format. White-Labeled.
Email Templates

6 Best Examples to Heat up Your Memorial Day Email Campaigns

Composing Memorial Day email campaigns is a daunting task. But there’s nothing to worry about. We’ll walk you through some of the best examples to give you some inspiration.

Create your typical Memorial Day email

This email from Haggar Clothing flaunts everything a typical Memorial Day email offers. The use of red, white, and blue colors and the mention of savings is clever yet straightforward.

The overall email design makes it stand out in their subscribers’ inboxes. The star and colors give off a simplistic feel to the email and reinforce the brand’s image.

If you’re still wondering what your own emails will look like, then this is a good example to take inspiration from.

Example of best Memorial Day email from Haggar Clothing

Kickstart the summer

Native exactly knows how to kickstart the summer with their products. Instead of directly discounting products in their store, they’ve opted to require customers to enter a coupon code, ‘MEMORIAL20.' 

This might seem like extra work for your subscribers but sending coupon codes makes them feel like they are getting an exclusive discount. This gives them a gentle nudge to click through to your store and begin adding items to their carts.

 Memorial Day email example from Native

Announce awesome sales

This Loft email campaign hits all the right notes for the Memorial Day sale.

Long weekends are perfect for getting outdoors, firing up the barbecue, going to the beach, and buying new clothes for your summer wardrobe.

Loft has tailored their email campaign along those lines while perfectly representing the start of summer with an announcement of 60% off.

Memorial Day email example from Loft with awesome sale announcement

Give extra discounts

It’s no secret that people love discounts, and this ModCloth email campaign gives an extra 30%, 20%, and 15% off to chill out on the long weekends. It hits just the right note with its context and exclusivity, nudging the customers to spend more to avail that extra discount.

Memorial Day email example from ModCloth with extra discounts

Offer free shipping

Alex and Ani play well in terms of their Memorial Day email campaign by highlighting free shipping as the offer.

It definitely is a powerful offer, considering shipping costs are the leading cause of online shopping cart abandonment.

So, why not offer free shipping to your customers and make the most of Memorial Day sales.

Memorial Day email example from Alex and Ani offering free shipping

Send a heartwarming message

There’s nothing better than sending a heartwarming message on Memorial Day. Instead of promoting sales, Vineyard Vines tapped into the real essence of the holiday.

These sorts of email campaigns strengthen your brand image and create a positive impression with your customers in the longer run.

Heartwarming Memorial Day email example from Vineyard Vines

Design Excellent Memorial Day Emails With Unlayer

Now that you’ve got your hands on plenty of ideas and inspiration, it’s time to go about crafting your very own Memorial Day campaign.

And we know that you might’ve been looking for the best Memorial Day email templates. Below are a few email templates to kick start your design process.

Easy-to-use Memorial Day email templates from Unlayer
Get these templates

You can customize these pre-designed templates as per your choice with Unlayer’s user-friendly drag and drop editor. Insert merge tags and save custom-designed blocks to use later in the future, without the help of any professional designer.

Once you’re done designing, you can export your beautiful emails to your favorite email service providers like Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact, etc.

So, start designing your Memorial Day emails already!


Many companies use holidays and celebrations as excellent opportunities to send promotions and increase sales. However, the competitive market makes it difficult to stand out from the crowd.

This guide has laid out helpful strategies and examples to step up your email game during Memorial Day.

Now, it’s time for you to produce the best Memorial Day emails!


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