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The Best Easter Email Examples (+Tips and Free Templates)

Saffa Faisal

Bunnies, chocolate eggs, and family lunches. Does this sound familiar? You guessed it, we’re talking about Easter 🐰.

As marketers, Easter should get you excited to create some attention-worthy email campaigns. Not only is it one of the biggest holidays celebrated worldwide, but it provides an opportunity to make some crazy revenue. 

In 2023, 81% of Americans celebrated Easter with their loved ones. And more than 50% of the 20% not celebrating will still shop from Easter-related sales. These numbers are super impressive if I say so myself. 

To help you make the most of this event, I’ve curated this article of successful Easter email examples, helpful tips, and free email templates that you can copy.

6 Easter Email Examples Worthy of Attention

Ready to look at some egg-citing Easter email examples? The following emails have been carefully handpicked because they feature a killer email design and an impressive email copy. 

Prepare to be inspired ✨. 

1. Easter egg hunt - Boden

Easter email example from Boden

No kidding, but this email is putting me in the mood to celebrate. The email background features different Easter elements, and the headline is broken into different color blocks, catching the reader’s attention right away. 

With this email, the fine folks at Boden have created excitement by inviting their subscribers to participate in an egg hunt. One smart strategy that they’ve used is to maximize their traffic and engagement across multiple channels; email, website, and Pinterest. 

2. Easter discount offer - Forever 21 

Easter email example from Forever 21

A fun GIF never goes wrong. If you look closely, you’d see that Forever 21 has played all the right cards by:

  • offering an irresistible offer communicated through fewer yet actionable words, 
  • adding a single, powerful call to action button
  • and including one exciting visual element, i.e., the Easter eggs GIF. 

3. Helpful guides - Tattly 

Easter email example from Tattly

Classy, simple, and effective is what comes to my mind when we look at this Easter email example from Tattly. 

Unlike others who offer sales during this event, Tattly aimed to boost the value their subscribers receive by providing a DIY Easter guide. This no-sales approach is highly effective since it shows that brands care for their customers' knowledge instead of forcing a sale at each given possibility. 

4. Easter promotion - Cracker Barrel

Easter email example from Cracker Barrel‍

This promotional email from Cracker Barrel is complete genius. Easter is incomplete without a family lunch, but not everyone likes to or finds the time to crack up a feast for God knows how many people. 

Cracker Barrel ended this problem by offering a feast that can be delivered to their customers’ houses. The tempting feature image and carefully chosen words like ‘homestyle’ prove to be an overall impressive offer. 

5. Easter greeting - Vineyard Vines 

Easter email example from Vineyard Vines

You can play it easy by sending an Easter greeting email. Mind you, easy doesn’t mean it won’t work. By sending a personalized Easter wish, Vineyard Vines proved that it's not a fictitious entity but very much a humanistic brand. 

This feel-good email offers promotional elements as well. The free delivery preheader and elaborate email header offer opportunities to convert. 

6. Easter free shipping -

Easter free shipping email example from

Who doesn't love free shipping, right? It's like a little gift that makes shopping online even more enjoyable, especially during a festive season like Easter.

That’s exactly what has done by highlighting the free shipping offer along with a countdown timer, which is highly likely to appeal to recipients and encourage them to make a purchase.

Golden Tips for Creating Successful Easter Email Campaigns

You’ve seen the best Easter email examples, but how can you replicate them? Easy, follow the below tips for creating successful Easter emails.  

Make your subject lines Easter-centric

How many emails do you think an average person receives daily? 10? 15, maybe? The number is more than 100 emails. Yikes, that’s a lot of emails to stand out from. 

Easter is a once-in-a-year holiday. So you have a limited time to wow your audience and boost your revenue. But how do you do that? Well, you start with the email’s subject line. 

You might already be aware of subject line best practices, like keeping them short, including emojis and numbers, and avoiding clickbait. For Easter emails, you must keep these tips in mind while highlighting the Easter element in them. 

The following are some attention-grabbing email subject lines you can copy for your Easter campaign: 

The hunt for the best deals is on! 😎

Hop to it! Our Easter sale is ending soon

The Easter Bunny is coming…

Eggsactly what you need this Easter 🐇

The Easter Bunny has something special for you this year!

Chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, and egg hunts – oh my!

What are you cooking for Easter? X recipe recommendations.

Your favorite place to eat is open on Easter 🥳

The Bunny's got nothing on me

LAST CHANCE to get a free Easter egg!

🐰Easter Bunny says: “Buy one, get one free!”

Happy Rabbit Season!

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Show Easter celebrations 

One thing you might’ve noticed in the email examples shared above is that all of them scream Easter. Be it through colorful eggs, rabbits, or a family feast, just one look at these emails is enough to get you in the holiday spirit. 

Your email design for Easter must include relevant elements associated with the holiday. I would suggest you limit their usage to two per email, but if you choose to include more than that, be careful because you don’t want your email to look like a festive vomit (sorry, not sorry). 

Add gamification elements 

I don’t know about you, but Easter games are the best thing about this holiday. From egg hunts to egg and spoon races, everyone looks forward to some healthy competition and cool prizes. 

You can recreate this excitement by adding gamification elements to your Easter emails. Invite people to find Easter eggs across your website, emails, and social media, or let them spin a wheel to win some amazing discounts. 

Games in emails stand out from the crowd and create a buzz, encouraging your audience to talk and participate in them. 

Use Easter email templates

Marketing during Easter is a big deal. If your emails are not exciting to look at, you’ll fail to benefit from this holiday. Take my advice and use Easter email templates

Did you know that 76% of brands use HTML templates to design their emails? This is because they end the need to hire a designer and developer and let you design beautiful emails in a matter of minutes. 

Easter Email Templates That Convert Crazy

Attractive Designs. Responsive Format. White-Labeled.
Email Templates

Send multiple Easter emails 

Sending a single Easter email won’t do. You must send at least three emails if you wish to make the most of this event. 

Your first email should announce your Easter sale or quiz and should be sent at the start of the Easter weekend. Your second email should be sent on Easter day and can be a wish coupled with a reminder to shop from your sale. The third email should be sent on Easter Monday, which acts as a last chance email to win from your promotion. 

Sneak in a seasonal sale 

The total spending during Easter 2023 was $24 billion. This means that people are in the mood to shop, and you should benefit from this generous consumer spending. 

Include a limited-time sale in your Easter email and promote the same through a great visual design and a persuasive email copy

Even if your brand doesn’t belong to the food and decorative industries, you can still confidently promote your products/services. 65% of people plan to purchase gifts to give to their loved ones. Make their choice easier by offering tempting discounts and promoting them heavily through emails.

Move past clichés 

Get egg-cited, chick me out, keep calm, and carrot on - do any of these sound familiar? 

Easter brings with it its fair share of puns. While we’re pro-puns but too many of them can appear cringey. It’s best to keep their usage to a maximum of two per email. 

Also, don’t use the same generic puns that you can easily find on search engines. Get your creativity flowing and come up with puns that your audience will genuinely enjoy. 

Free Easter Email Templates to Copy Now

Now you know the top tips for designing killer Easter emails. But where do you practice all this newly learned information? Easy, choose from the below free templates and start customizing them right away. And, oh, did we mention they’re completely free? 

Template 1 

Promotion Easter email template from Unlayer
Get this template

If you have an ecommerce store, then this email template is for you. The Easter-centric featured image, and attractive headline instantly gets the reader excited. You can also show multiple product images with this template, and the personalized CTA button beneath them is great for boosting conversions. 

Template 2 

Egg hunt Easter email template from Unlayer
Get this template

Talk about a fun Easter email template. 

This template announces the egg hunt with an attractive image that features a cute bunny and the sought-after egg. The minimal yet actionable copy lets your subscribers take action straight away instead of getting confused by reading a lengthy email. 

Template 3

Promotion Easter email template from Unlayer
Get this template

This template should be your first choice if you have launched a limited-time Easter sale. The countdown timer is enough to create FOMO and prompt an impulsive purchase. We’re also fans of the color-blocking sections that make the email design easier to consume. 


Ready to celebrate with a fun Easter email design? This article gave you the top Easter email examples and tips to let you design fun-looking emails. And the cherry on top, use the free templates to woo your subscribers without spending a penny yourself.


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