Mesan Ali

Mesan is a content writer at Unlayer. He is a researcher by nature, digging up new technologies in his free time—also a fitness enthusiast who loves to play and watch football.

Blog Posts

AI in Marketing: Benefits, Challenges, Use Cases And More

The use of AI in marketing is rising by the day. Read all about including AI in your marketing campaigns, along with benefits and challenges, in this blog.

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10 Types of SaaS Emails Explained With Examples

Read all about different types of SaaS emails with examples and tips to boost conversions for your SaaS email marketing campaigns.

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5 Stunning Shipping Confirmation Email Examples + Tips

In this blog, you’ll find the best shipping confirmation email examples. And learn best practices to create shipping confirmation emails that stand out.

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User Onboarding Emails Explained - Key Practices & Examples

Onboarding emails help enhance customer experience of your business. In this guide, find best examples & practices to help craft amazing onboarding emails.

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🏈 A Huddle of the Best Super Bowl Email Examples [+ Tips]

Super Bowl emails are vital to drive engagement for the big occasion. This article brings you best practices and examples to launch your Super Bowl campaign.

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Email Marketing vs. SEO: Which Will Work for Your Business?

This guide on email marketing vs SEO brings you a detailed comparison on both strategies. Learn how both stand against each other for every feature they offer.

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Background Images in Emails: A Complete Guide + Examples

Background images can help drive engagement for your emails in a unique way. Learn all about background images in emails in this 7-minute guide.

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Notification Emails: View Types, Tips and Examples in 9 Mins

Learn all about notification emails in this guide. Find the best tips and practices to design notification emails with high engagement rates.

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